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Dilemma of a diva

Friends are there to listen to you and bounce off ideas and help you solve dilemmas.

I am lucky to have a very close group of friends who I can rely on to give me sound advice and support.

Disclaimer: I have a lot to be grateful for and every time I think I have a problem I realise that it's probably going to seem like so mengada -ngada to some. 

My current problem or dilemma is whether I should go to that job interview or not.

I left the other firm because it had a culture that I didn't think I could be part of. They were very professional and very good but perhaps not too hung up on  being warm and friendly and cuddly, things which I value. Since I am going to be with the office for 8 hours a day I want to like the environment.

Anyway suddenly I received a job offer from this company. This very nice guy said he really needs help, and I would be perfect for the job. I was excited because he was excited! He has many things he wants to get done. It is corporate work, he needs me…

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