Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Its going to be that kind of week , I'm sure. This is my last week here and every one is popping their head in to remind me of the things Im supposed to do.I have a timetable of how Im going to resolve matters and have been steadily ticking off the list this week but it doesnot help to have ppl hound me for it. And my clients!!! All of a sudden a 1001 questions which they have not thought of before, have become paramount. As if, with me leaving they will no longer be ok. I have to go to blardie Shah Alam tomorrow pulak for a meeting at 4 , which is completely unnecessary. We have tried to get them to come over here, god knows I could do without leaving the office, but nooooo...ok thenIm going to whack you with the bill. Did I mention that my billable rates is 550 per hour?? I'm sure going to miss being able to say that once I've left.

I wanted to tell u about the weekend we had. Hmm do I have the time. Ok condensed :

Sunday, mom finally took me and family to see OPAH and ATOK TEH in PUCHONG. My brother pun pergi but he came later and came alone. The last time I visited Opah teh's house, or actually seen her, was 10 years ago. It must have been because my husband has not met them yet!!! It was really really really good to get reunited, and opah teh has aged....They tore down their old house that I remembered, wooden kampung style with the anjung in front. There's a rumah batu instead. Takpalah...anyways . Met with Uncle Awin, Uncle Kamal's wife, the kids, and Zizah. We went because Uncle Kamal's son , a 16 year old lad (hah!!! I cant believe that, Uncle Kamal was the naughtiest one with looks like a hindu bolliwood actor) who had an operation to his head. Poor guy..but he looked chirpy enough.. And Uncle Kamal takda haritu..sayang.

OPah being Opah, semua benda dia hidangkan, kalau boleh nasi pun dia nak jamu. We ate 2 jenis kueh, and roti and kari ayam which opah had cooked for us. Atok Teh ashik call himself Pak teh ..agaknya I look so old kot?? He did not age at ALL. Opah looked tired a bit. We rushed home at about 6.20 sebab nak kena pergi wedding colleague at ShangriLa. Will blog later.

Monday, June 26, 2006


I am generally pissed off at the world today. Will blog when mood better.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Analysis of couples in cars..

Every morning I drive to work with Mr Hubby. Ok he drives me to work. I find it very interesting to observe the couples that drive together. Ok firstly there are several types of vehicles and passengers in the morning:
1. Singles or those who can afford 2 cars (or really can't be bothered to car pool)- this makes up a majority of the cars. They would either be men concentrating on how to cut the queue of traffic, men who, having just cut in infront of you, try to pretend he can't really see you, or men, who's cross after you cut in in front of them. Of course, women drivers are more aggressive in this case, especially those in Kancil. Don't know why but everytime a car which, after a nanosecond of signalling, comes in front of you, its always a kancil, driven by a woman with a determined expression. Go figure.

2. Vans sending kids to school, or men to work. The quality of the vans differ from really scruffy full of men in t shirts, half asleep, or with women, bertudung and middle aged (just from market?). Also the posh buses for the international school's kids. Other vans would have kids with horrors, their heads half stuck out the windows.

3. Lorries. Now, why do we let lorries on the road during peak hours pray tell???If they carry heavy stuff and you happen to get stuck behind them you will spend delightful hour praying that no wooden plank/cable is going to jump off their lorry into your car.

4. Cars with family in them. Sometimes, moms or dads only, driving their (unsupervised and unseatbelted) kids to school. If this was UK the police would be having a field day with summons for car seats etc.

5.Cars with couples. Men driving, or sometimes, very rarely though, women driving men. I drove hubby to work once, because he had to mark question papers.
I think I can guess the nature of their relationship from the way they behave:

1. Talking animatedly, the woman talking and the man laughing: they are NOT married. He's giving her a lift, or they are courting.He's wanting to give her more than a lift, hence he's laughing and not killing her for talking in his car.

2. The woman is talking and the man staring silently ahead: They are married allright. She's reminding him of things to do and bills to pay. He's thinking of the football scores. Married for about um..5 years.

3. The woman is applying make up- the man is talking. Married (NO unmarried woman would apply make up in front of a man ok) . About...what 7 years?

4. The man is talking and the woman is quiet. Sorry, never seen this.

5. The woman is sleeping. So MARRIED. about 25 years.

6. Neither woman or man is talking, instead, they sit like zombies . Er..yup. married too. 25 and a half years.

Me and hubby? Probably no 2. he he he...


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kids' World Cup

My kids pun take part in the World Cup. They played passing the ball to each other and Johan is the goalie. Johan would catch the ball, clasp it to his chest and then roll on the ground..like real je..he he he. Or else he would extend his hand and hit the ball away, and then jump backwards...
better go..office now. chat later.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Kids were having a gala time today, taking all their toys out of the storage room and planning their garage sales. Then they got very excited seing all those toys that they have not seen for ages. I got excited too and wish we dont have to put them back. I told them no, we can't have a garage sale tomorrow because garage sales have to be advertised, and pricetags have to be made. Plus a lot of the stuff are very good items and baby stuff I'd rather hang on to or give to family then sell. I have loads of rubbish I can offload if only I knew how, how about so many pairs of shoes? ??

Hubby and I had made a tent out of our bedsheets and were talking underneath the sheet (hey when you have 5 noisy kids you need a sanctuary) - not to say that our peace and quiet was not interrupted like a bazillion times, anyways one of the times was by Sophia , who tapped and what did we see...she had stuffed 2 of the balls she found today as boobs...ha ha ha!!! it was the most hilarious sight . Or so I thought until dahlia came up with 2 boobs and 2 extra balls on her bum!! Well these girls thought it was a riot and kept adding more and more balls so they look really really funny, I called it off and told them to stop it. A few minutes ago Jojo gave me some balls to put under MY blouse and when I said no, he said "oh is it because you already HAVE boobs?" Where do they learn words like that??

Downstairs is a complete warzone, well it looks like TOys r Us are having a yardsale. Sigh..I don't think the maid will relish stuffing it back to the store room.What's up with her today? she seems a bit put out...I'll ask her tomorrow. Is it because for once we are not out all day on a Saturday??

Jojo has JUST gone to sleep..poor baby he has a fever... he knows it too..he keeps telling me he is "not feeling good" ...Nadine is so excited about her camping that she is sleeping in her sleeping bag.

Tomorrow is Father's Day! The father is fast asleep next to his girls and the son.. We (ie I) were reminiscing about how "we" started..after all , we knew each other for a couple of years before he made his move..what was his thoughts? what prompted his move? I've been curious since forever, as before we got together, I knew him to be a man about town and he's someone I dont really talk to but always hear about..ie he's gone here, he's organising this and that...EVERYTime I ask him, he'd swear that his first thought when he saw me was "Wow who is that gorgeous girl??" and all the time he was thinking how to approach me. Hah!! I so do not believe that..to think that he would take 3 years between us meeting and us getting together? Hmm....on second thoughts...ha ha ha! I told him, hope you won't leave me when you are rich but if you leave me, I'm coming with you...ha ha ha ha..!!Joke ! Joke!! You know, once in Adelaide I heard him tell a friend that when he was first interested in me, he got me to organise a kids' games at the famous Nottingham Sports Carnival to check out my maternal instict.Oho!! I think that was true..as I remember he did come to see me personally to organise that. Hey I was 21 and fat and I exude maternal instict? It must have been the wide hips..ha ha ha..

It's funny that when we were friends who knew that he and I are going to be parents to five very noisy and happy children.? (for most times lah) Dahlia is really funny today..she knows the lyrics of You're beautiful and its strange when such lyrics come out of a 6 year old. Sara has inherited all my disgusting fondness for licking butter, eating heapful of Milo, licking condensed milk. I can't really tell her off since I love all those stuff too. I don't think my kids are goodlooking but I think Sara has a certain beauty. Its her eyes..She and Jojo has my dad's droopy eyes. Sophia has her dad's eyes..Wide. Everyone has big eyes.

Eh better stop rambling. I actually have to wait in line to use my own laptop...Now they are asleep I can blog in peace...Can't think of any social event I want to comment other than Pak Lah and Dr M??? Or the fact that MPPJ thinks RM7.5 m is justifiable as expense to declare itself a city?

We have lost the Astro remote..what do you do?? When its at channel 83, you need to press the R button to change the channel....So how?? I switched the power off. It worked.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Nadine is coming home

The first nite my daughter is away on camping..We went to send her yesterday and stayed until the bus pulled away, and then somehow ended up following the bus. However 10 minutes into the drive, common sense kicked in and I turned back.And johan promptly cried as he wanted to follow his sister.It was not exactly a good day for camping -it was raining very heavily. 16 teachers for 80 kids ..and the teacher in charge was surrounded by the moms wanting to know whether they have a proper place to sleep etc. Poor teacher was looking harrassed. I wished her good luck.

Now going to get her. Johan has developed a fever and is sleeping now.

Mom and Dad popped in. Daddy on call and came home at 2 pm and immediately slept on the sofa. New neighbour's son had a wedding today and we didnt go because daddy was asleep plus we lost the card. When we found it it was too late, I think I will just bagi present. Strange the new neighbour's son had always brought his fiance to the house before and I always thought , when I see her the next morning going to work with him , that she is his wife.

So anyways. Who am I to comment. Sebok nyeeee....GTG..

Friday, June 16, 2006

Camping trip

Nadine is going camping today. Its a one night thing at rawang. Address: kem motivasi, rawang. What the heck? I'm staying at home as daddy will be in theatre all day and I would need to see her off. Apparently there is a bus to take her. She'll be back by tomorrow evening. Last night they went shopping for sleeping bags , new sneakers etc. Hope she'll be okay. Don't really feel like letting my baby go but I guess have no choice.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup has reached my home

The last few days have seen dad zonked out at 8 pm, and awake by 1 am, having dinner at 2 am, me missing my Nanny programme and Jojo also awake. So I guess thats the World Cup effect eh.

Eldest and no 3 going to the dentist today. Eldest is pontenging school to do so but she is the one who keeps reminding the ever so busy daddy that her gigi has problems. Mummy is silent as mummy's gigi also got LOTS of problems which may involve crowning root canalling etc but mummy has a bigger problem ie fear of the dentist...! Sophia is also going to the dentist and she seems very chirpy. None of the kids seem to have inherited my fear of dentists...I remember when I was 6, I was sooo scared that I hid in the big drain at the army clinic. Another time, I slapped the dentist, because he was prodding my mouth - I had a taring in the middle of my roof of the mouth. This was all in Labuan, Sabah. A dentist had to promise me a bar of chocolate if I opened my mouth. A bar of chocolate?? Bet he'd give the same bar to have me shut up now eh ha ha ha..

Boy was I accident prone then, I remember winning the 6th place in a race (yesss...athletic even then ha ha) and getting a keropok udang packet, and in my rush to open it, used the biggest sharpest knife mom had, and slicing across 2 of my fingers in the process and having it stitched in Labuan..poor mom. No wonder God gave me all these children...so I know what it feels like he he he...

Back to the 2 girls going to the dentist..I hope they will be ok..Daddy is LEAVING them ALONE at the clinic while he attends to HIS patients!!! Yikes! Hope thats ok.
He said they should be safe as the clinic is small and well contained and they know his children. I have given my handphone to Nadine. I mean you can never be too careful with the kids!!
Better go and do work now.....

teething probs

Yikes got teething problem.
first I forgot which account I used to open this, and when I went there was no blog and nothing for me to post. ?? Then I got the blog address wrong.
Anyways I have remembered the password etc so should be better .

Fresh New Start

To commemorate my fresh new start at the new place at the end of the month and also because Im too dumb to change the url at the old blogsite..here is the new blog.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...