Friday, June 23, 2006

Analysis of couples in cars..

Every morning I drive to work with Mr Hubby. Ok he drives me to work. I find it very interesting to observe the couples that drive together. Ok firstly there are several types of vehicles and passengers in the morning:
1. Singles or those who can afford 2 cars (or really can't be bothered to car pool)- this makes up a majority of the cars. They would either be men concentrating on how to cut the queue of traffic, men who, having just cut in infront of you, try to pretend he can't really see you, or men, who's cross after you cut in in front of them. Of course, women drivers are more aggressive in this case, especially those in Kancil. Don't know why but everytime a car which, after a nanosecond of signalling, comes in front of you, its always a kancil, driven by a woman with a determined expression. Go figure.

2. Vans sending kids to school, or men to work. The quality of the vans differ from really scruffy full of men in t shirts, half asleep, or with women, bertudung and middle aged (just from market?). Also the posh buses for the international school's kids. Other vans would have kids with horrors, their heads half stuck out the windows.

3. Lorries. Now, why do we let lorries on the road during peak hours pray tell???If they carry heavy stuff and you happen to get stuck behind them you will spend delightful hour praying that no wooden plank/cable is going to jump off their lorry into your car.

4. Cars with family in them. Sometimes, moms or dads only, driving their (unsupervised and unseatbelted) kids to school. If this was UK the police would be having a field day with summons for car seats etc.

5.Cars with couples. Men driving, or sometimes, very rarely though, women driving men. I drove hubby to work once, because he had to mark question papers.
I think I can guess the nature of their relationship from the way they behave:

1. Talking animatedly, the woman talking and the man laughing: they are NOT married. He's giving her a lift, or they are courting.He's wanting to give her more than a lift, hence he's laughing and not killing her for talking in his car.

2. The woman is talking and the man staring silently ahead: They are married allright. She's reminding him of things to do and bills to pay. He's thinking of the football scores. Married for about um..5 years.

3. The woman is applying make up- the man is talking. Married (NO unmarried woman would apply make up in front of a man ok) . About...what 7 years?

4. The man is talking and the woman is quiet. Sorry, never seen this.

5. The woman is sleeping. So MARRIED. about 25 years.

6. Neither woman or man is talking, instead, they sit like zombies . Er..yup. married too. 25 and a half years.

Me and hubby? Probably no 2. he he he...


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