Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Its going to be that kind of week , I'm sure. This is my last week here and every one is popping their head in to remind me of the things Im supposed to do.I have a timetable of how Im going to resolve matters and have been steadily ticking off the list this week but it doesnot help to have ppl hound me for it. And my clients!!! All of a sudden a 1001 questions which they have not thought of before, have become paramount. As if, with me leaving they will no longer be ok. I have to go to blardie Shah Alam tomorrow pulak for a meeting at 4 , which is completely unnecessary. We have tried to get them to come over here, god knows I could do without leaving the office, but nooooo...ok thenIm going to whack you with the bill. Did I mention that my billable rates is 550 per hour?? I'm sure going to miss being able to say that once I've left.

I wanted to tell u about the weekend we had. Hmm do I have the time. Ok condensed :

Sunday, mom finally took me and family to see OPAH and ATOK TEH in PUCHONG. My brother pun pergi but he came later and came alone. The last time I visited Opah teh's house, or actually seen her, was 10 years ago. It must have been because my husband has not met them yet!!! It was really really really good to get reunited, and opah teh has aged....They tore down their old house that I remembered, wooden kampung style with the anjung in front. There's a rumah batu instead. Takpalah...anyways . Met with Uncle Awin, Uncle Kamal's wife, the kids, and Zizah. We went because Uncle Kamal's son , a 16 year old lad (hah!!! I cant believe that, Uncle Kamal was the naughtiest one with looks like a hindu bolliwood actor) who had an operation to his head. Poor guy..but he looked chirpy enough.. And Uncle Kamal takda haritu..sayang.

OPah being Opah, semua benda dia hidangkan, kalau boleh nasi pun dia nak jamu. We ate 2 jenis kueh, and roti and kari ayam which opah had cooked for us. Atok Teh ashik call himself Pak teh ..agaknya I look so old kot?? He did not age at ALL. Opah looked tired a bit. We rushed home at about 6.20 sebab nak kena pergi wedding colleague at ShangriLa. Will blog later.


Fulltime Mom said...

hi, how's the last few days going?

work@home mum said...

hi...tumpang lalu..
how's everything?

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