Sunday, June 18, 2006


Kids were having a gala time today, taking all their toys out of the storage room and planning their garage sales. Then they got very excited seing all those toys that they have not seen for ages. I got excited too and wish we dont have to put them back. I told them no, we can't have a garage sale tomorrow because garage sales have to be advertised, and pricetags have to be made. Plus a lot of the stuff are very good items and baby stuff I'd rather hang on to or give to family then sell. I have loads of rubbish I can offload if only I knew how, how about so many pairs of shoes? ??

Hubby and I had made a tent out of our bedsheets and were talking underneath the sheet (hey when you have 5 noisy kids you need a sanctuary) - not to say that our peace and quiet was not interrupted like a bazillion times, anyways one of the times was by Sophia , who tapped and what did we see...she had stuffed 2 of the balls she found today as boobs...ha ha ha!!! it was the most hilarious sight . Or so I thought until dahlia came up with 2 boobs and 2 extra balls on her bum!! Well these girls thought it was a riot and kept adding more and more balls so they look really really funny, I called it off and told them to stop it. A few minutes ago Jojo gave me some balls to put under MY blouse and when I said no, he said "oh is it because you already HAVE boobs?" Where do they learn words like that??

Downstairs is a complete warzone, well it looks like TOys r Us are having a yardsale. Sigh..I don't think the maid will relish stuffing it back to the store room.What's up with her today? she seems a bit put out...I'll ask her tomorrow. Is it because for once we are not out all day on a Saturday??

Jojo has JUST gone to sleep..poor baby he has a fever... he knows it too..he keeps telling me he is "not feeling good" ...Nadine is so excited about her camping that she is sleeping in her sleeping bag.

Tomorrow is Father's Day! The father is fast asleep next to his girls and the son.. We (ie I) were reminiscing about how "we" started..after all , we knew each other for a couple of years before he made his move..what was his thoughts? what prompted his move? I've been curious since forever, as before we got together, I knew him to be a man about town and he's someone I dont really talk to but always hear he's gone here, he's organising this and that...EVERYTime I ask him, he'd swear that his first thought when he saw me was "Wow who is that gorgeous girl??" and all the time he was thinking how to approach me. Hah!! I so do not believe think that he would take 3 years between us meeting and us getting together? Hmm....on second thoughts...ha ha ha! I told him, hope you won't leave me when you are rich but if you leave me, I'm coming with you...ha ha ha ha..!!Joke ! Joke!! You know, once in Adelaide I heard him tell a friend that when he was first interested in me, he got me to organise a kids' games at the famous Nottingham Sports Carnival to check out my maternal instict.Oho!! I think that was I remember he did come to see me personally to organise that. Hey I was 21 and fat and I exude maternal instict? It must have been the wide hips..ha ha ha..

It's funny that when we were friends who knew that he and I are going to be parents to five very noisy and happy children.? (for most times lah) Dahlia is really funny today..she knows the lyrics of You're beautiful and its strange when such lyrics come out of a 6 year old. Sara has inherited all my disgusting fondness for licking butter, eating heapful of Milo, licking condensed milk. I can't really tell her off since I love all those stuff too. I don't think my kids are goodlooking but I think Sara has a certain beauty. Its her eyes..She and Jojo has my dad's droopy eyes. Sophia has her dad's eyes..Wide. Everyone has big eyes.

Eh better stop rambling. I actually have to wait in line to use my own laptop...Now they are asleep I can blog in peace...Can't think of any social event I want to comment other than Pak Lah and Dr M??? Or the fact that MPPJ thinks RM7.5 m is justifiable as expense to declare itself a city?

We have lost the Astro remote..what do you do?? When its at channel 83, you need to press the R button to change the channel....So how?? I switched the power off. It worked.

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