Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Last Day 2

So back to the lunch yesterday, it turned out so well! The secretaries pulled through and got the roti jala, 2 types of sweet porridge, several types of kueh, lepat pisang, keria, ketayap, popia, karipap. Jess got the accompaniments to the nasi lemak. The spread filled the entire table and the girls even got table cloth. When I arrived at about 11.30, they were busy setting the table in the conference room. I even got to send an email before they called me to tell that it was time, the partners are there and where was I. I rushed down but not before a colleague HA called me in to her room, and gave me a really nice bracelet of pearls. I did not expect that at all..!

Then, we rushed down and the partners were indeedthere. The head of department for conveyancing and litigation AND my department. It was so nice. Then they started to trickle in. Most famous question, who cooked. My answer- Mui husband. haa haa. Well, he did make the custard trifle, the quiche and the potato salad. Joe, who went to Uni with me testified to another partner, that he used to go to my husband's house to look for food as he was known for his cooking. Mr G, head of liti, said "who else is leaving?" ha ha Bec, who is resigning to do her masters in the UK, will have to "match up" he said. RV said the room was where it began (ie he interviewed me there) and where it ended..which was sad.. SAS said to everyone that my resignation letter read more like an application letter, ie how I was happy there etc. Well, I was. Save for the money bit. And they could do with a bit more training . (Now they are implementing a talk a week thingy- ceh I should have stuck around). SH the partner in front of whom I cried,(remember that??) wished me luck and said I'll be happy there. I said I hoped so, He said "don't rely on hope" and I said "i'll make sure of it then". Don’t rely on hope?? Can’t he not take things literally ??? Sometimes talking to lawyers is painful. I asked Amer what are you doing now (I meant workload) and he said "eating". Bloody lawyers.

They said (I joked actually) that the next party was going to be a "Welcome back sorry it didnt work out party". Ha ha ha...Mood was congenial, food was aplenty, conversation continuous so I was happy. Made a speech.I got to say bye bye to everyone personally (as they would come over to tell me they were leaving, as if this was my house ha ha).Got another present from my secretary together with 3 others- a beautiful piece of material. Bila dia beli ni? Apparently one of them had gone to Johor and bought the material. Really nice blue songket lookalike piece! Kak Ita who was supposed to go get her husband who was discharged from hospital, made him wait, so that she could help out. He he he..

We left the food up to 4 pm, and by the time I came down at 4, everything was GONE!! All the staff had come to tapau. Even AMA's cake (chocolate banana from Secret Recipe) -which I had said I wanted to bring home a piece, was gone! Never mind lah, I'm glad they cleared it. The secretaries were joking around, working together, cleaning up the place, and they were actually getting along! One of them had told me that she hoped the other departments can see that they are working together and basically redeem themselves in the eyes of others. Well, I think there was no doubt of that, I sang their praises to all and sundry (except I didn't say who cooked what).

I told everyone I was coming back on Monday so there were no goodbyes yet or mintak maaf. This is closure for me, I can't just leave something like that. I said to someone, must go out with a bang ha ha .. It was my first place of practice and it meant something to me.

Then after 6 they took me to...RedBox Sogo. Fantastic! No fancy dinner, just pure singing karaoke. he he he...from 7 to 11. 10 or 11 of us in a room. Melalakking. My husband joined later. We sang lagu Hail and Uji menanti nasi minyak, Bec's (ie Shakira) sang Suci dalam debu. Jan and KH her fiance pun datang. What a fantastic fabulous voice he had . Macam professional singer, dengan dengung dengung nye. Jan pun sedap and walaupun she's chinese, she sang menghitung hari and other malay songs. One thing about my group of friends, they are very muhibah,a very healthy mix of indians and chinese and malays - the racial harmony is taken for granted. I don't even think about it. Until its not there. 4 hours of karaoke went whizzing by.

Then they gave me a present! A very very nice, pearl necklace (they know me huh) and earrrings- going to get my ears pierced soon , ok guys. And they made me a scrap book of pictures and everyone wrote on it and it was JUST the perfect pressie for me- orang lain sure rasa macam sentimentel sangat. Not me. So personal and it is really touching to realise what you mean to people. All the times you go through life feeling depressed, or wishing that you were more this or more that, and all this time there are people who thought that you were fine just as you are, or even draw strength from you. Well, at least I don’t have to wonder whether they like me ..he he he..I sat in a corner far away to read the scrap book as it was emotional for me.

Ok, enough with the emotional. Football had begun. Me, never having watched a single game of the World cup, first sat quietly and by the time it went to half time, with no goals scored, Germany was missing so many chances- I was yelling with the rest of them. Argentina and Germany. Well I wanted Argentina to win as they were the underdogs (were they?) and they played so much better, but at the same time I thought kesian the Germans if they lose in front of their presidents etc. So I cheered for both. But when it went to Penalty it was clear that the Germans were going to win because they had the better goalkeeper! The Argentinian's goalkeeper looked so scared. Anyways, I thought it was such a beautiful game, the way they played. I wonder if we Malaysians can play like that and if not, why not? I guess we don't have stamina. Why non Malays tak suka main bola? Or do they? I just have this idea that only malays or indians play. Do you realise that football is the only game where men show emotion everyother minute, when men don’t mind being kicked, hit etc , they can get up and play again and in fact if they are still slightly injured they still play ,as opposed to when they are at home- I'm sure these same men would moan that they were dying after a slight cold, to their wives. I rasa the Germans showed such a strength of spirit and actually the Argentinians too. The pace of game did not slow down at all despite going into extra time . Kalau kita, would we have given up allready? Or start to walk around the field in a malas way?

See, never take me to football, I become an immediate commentator. Serbegeth singh pun kalah..

Got home at 2. am.

Great last day.

7 days of free time to look forward to.(but still have to finish some work for old firm)


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