Saturday, June 17, 2006

Nadine is coming home

The first nite my daughter is away on camping..We went to send her yesterday and stayed until the bus pulled away, and then somehow ended up following the bus. However 10 minutes into the drive, common sense kicked in and I turned back.And johan promptly cried as he wanted to follow his sister.It was not exactly a good day for camping -it was raining very heavily. 16 teachers for 80 kids ..and the teacher in charge was surrounded by the moms wanting to know whether they have a proper place to sleep etc. Poor teacher was looking harrassed. I wished her good luck.

Now going to get her. Johan has developed a fever and is sleeping now.

Mom and Dad popped in. Daddy on call and came home at 2 pm and immediately slept on the sofa. New neighbour's son had a wedding today and we didnt go because daddy was asleep plus we lost the card. When we found it it was too late, I think I will just bagi present. Strange the new neighbour's son had always brought his fiance to the house before and I always thought , when I see her the next morning going to work with him , that she is his wife.

So anyways. Who am I to comment. Sebok nyeeee....GTG..

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