Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup has reached my home

The last few days have seen dad zonked out at 8 pm, and awake by 1 am, having dinner at 2 am, me missing my Nanny programme and Jojo also awake. So I guess thats the World Cup effect eh.

Eldest and no 3 going to the dentist today. Eldest is pontenging school to do so but she is the one who keeps reminding the ever so busy daddy that her gigi has problems. Mummy is silent as mummy's gigi also got LOTS of problems which may involve crowning root canalling etc but mummy has a bigger problem ie fear of the dentist...! Sophia is also going to the dentist and she seems very chirpy. None of the kids seem to have inherited my fear of dentists...I remember when I was 6, I was sooo scared that I hid in the big drain at the army clinic. Another time, I slapped the dentist, because he was prodding my mouth - I had a taring in the middle of my roof of the mouth. This was all in Labuan, Sabah. A dentist had to promise me a bar of chocolate if I opened my mouth. A bar of chocolate?? Bet he'd give the same bar to have me shut up now eh ha ha ha..

Boy was I accident prone then, I remember winning the 6th place in a race (yesss...athletic even then ha ha) and getting a keropok udang packet, and in my rush to open it, used the biggest sharpest knife mom had, and slicing across 2 of my fingers in the process and having it stitched in Labuan..poor mom. No wonder God gave me all these I know what it feels like he he he...

Back to the 2 girls going to the dentist..I hope they will be ok..Daddy is LEAVING them ALONE at the clinic while he attends to HIS patients!!! Yikes! Hope thats ok.
He said they should be safe as the clinic is small and well contained and they know his children. I have given my handphone to Nadine. I mean you can never be too careful with the kids!!
Better go and do work now.....

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