Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend Break

Eh Eh lamaaanye tak update..oh streamyx di mana kah kau...I tried dial up, but its soooo slow. Can't upload or download anything.

Ok the notable bloggable stuff which happened are:
1. Went to watch Wangi jadi Saksi- a theatrical play by U WEi and acted out by Vaneeda Imran adn Rahim Razali and Khir Rahman. In the new theatre at Dewan Bahasa Pustaka. Husband slept through some parts of the show. It was very good but a bit wordy.. but a twist in the plot of Hang Jebat vs Hang Tuah. Was Hang Jebat a traitor to the state or a fearless warrior? Ala ala Is hang jebat a terrorist or a freedom fighter? All depends on which side of the fence you are. Ie if you go to Reuters, the news report on Israel vs Lebanon would be more on the suffering and less on the DIE you Israelites DIE, but in Malaysia, etc its more on who is at fault and Americans and UK should stop suppporting Israel.. In the Times oNline pulak, more on "Hisbolah is evil, Syria, Iran and Jordan too". It occured to me that I never knew the main reason for this war- is it property? Ie gift of land to the jews all those years ago resented by the Arabs? How is it that we hate them automatically? How come my passport says that I cant visit Israel? Could it be that the government has killed, displaced, maimed etc fellow Muslims? And compounded over the years? And both parties are as bad as each other and now do not even know how to begin to resolve issues. Why is it down to ISlam vs every one else? What the??

Ahem! I was going to tell you about what we did last week. Sorry Digress. Had dinner and desert (or was it the other way round) with S and Z and M. Wonderful as always, Bakerzin although I think I overdid it as my tummy testified the next day....Thanks S for the lift.

Weekend..Saturday attended a traditional membuai and marhaban for BJ's son..He's an adorable 2 month old hunk and we love him and we want a baby waaaaaahhh.. Ahem again. I never had this with any of my five kids. She had a very nice buai at one end of the room, and a group of ladies singing their prayers and good wishes for the child. It brought tears to my (and hers!) eyes. Maybe we should have another baby just to do this ha ha ha. Nice to meet up with all the old friends there.

Then, quiet day as Hubby tebas rumput kat some golf club. Ha ha ha
I am apparently a very lovable mommy but the kids want me to be less garang. This is the report I get from the kids. Ha ha..(ada review ok, dont pray pray). Ada ke they say I dont do anything. Daddy takes them grocery shopping, Kak MInah cooks, and Mummy does nothing except work. Haaa?? Rasa macam Im a father pulak. role reversal. Hello..who checks your homework, read to you, sleep with you etc remind you to pray remind you to bathe, basically spoil all the fun for you?? Mummy lar....See, mothers are soooo unappreciated.

In the car I would interrupt their games or singing with a request that they recite their surah..greeted by Ahhhh??? Groans and moans all around. Dahlia would be instantly tired, Sophia would say "everytime we go on a road trip you always do this" etc. I preached to them yesterday on the way to the beach, " Kids, Allah is the greatest,we are all like Ants in Bugs life" . "You mean we have sticky chemical in our butts??" said Sara. Er..yes,point totally lost.

Anyways Sara is asking who created Allah? And I launched into a speech about Qul huallah, he has no father and no mother and no one created him. Dahlia spoke to the sister (Sophia ke?) He's an orphan? Sigh... never mind, keep on trying.

I also want them to NOT be racist and want them to have friends from all races, like me and their dad. So I asked them do you know anyone that is not malay. Nadine told me one of her best friends is Indian. Sara said she knows some one who may be not Malay. Her name was "Sara Farhanna" - half malay half australian. Ha ha ha hah....tak paham concept. I told them to punch anyone who said Indians are dirty, or anything derogatory about other races. This is the age lah for them to get all these ideas.

They enjoyed the beach- we went to Bagan Lalang- highly recommended. At 12.30 air tengah surut so we had 2 acres of beach. clean and with a boombox playing veryloudly rasa very festive. I needed that break. Hubby left again for dinner somewhere else.

Ok 9.06 am now....time to do work....tara...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

its been SEVEN DAYS since my last blog!! Well, now that I had to return the old office's laptop i am patah kaki. Own laptop has acted up and needs to be repaired. I hate it when fujitsu ppl tell me its an old model. As if I should now chuck it out. Its the only model I got what. Are you telling me that Fujitsu pcs only last 3-4 years?? Is that it?? Hubby also now realises how much work he does at home . So on the look out for a cheapish laptop. Malaslah nak hutang hutang lagi..

Biscuit has gone- the cat- semalam we sent him away to a restaurant. The kids blessed this sending away since they wanted to keep another new kitten who has found its way to our house - mystery- she turned up one day and now wont leave. She's gray and white and look quite decent. Maid kept chucking this cat out. I dont think she's going to succeed, Kids have called her "Whiskers". I told kids, if you want to keep her, must send the big ones away (send ok, not throw) and they all agreed. But Sophia cried. Semalam one of them peed on the cds collection - in the cupboard!! Cant be pleasant that. Hubby thinks that cat has irritable bowel syndrome.

Hubby and I were counting our blessings this morning. If we have problems, thats what we do. As in, you think you have problems, at least you are not Hani mohsein or Tajudin Ramli! Poor Hani ...Poor daughter of his!!!!! I cant help to shed a tear ...shian. to watch the father collapse and breathe his last. tu lah ,dont run to catch a flight....I was thinking , if say a doctor was on the scene, could he have been saved?? Should he pinch his fingers like all those emails tell you to do when you are having a heart attack? Hubby said no, once you have a heart attack you have 4 minutes before major shut down. I wont tell you what he said to that pinching fingers thing.. ha ha ha.


OK lah dah lapan setengah. NIVI HOW ARE YOU, BY THE WAY. I have not talked to my friend for ages....hope she had a good break.

Settling down at new office.Have got a regularish lunch kaki- they dont go to lunch in a big group . Must get used to that.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Oh for times gone by...

I read this email about a gay malay guy tying the knot with an english guy and their civil partnership has been registered in teh Times announcement. mr AGB Jantan. Hes probably Mr Abdul Ghani Bin Jantan. ada gambar sekali..

Alamak merisaukan ......I will not comment sebab nanti contentious suffice to say that with the way the world is developing now, I want to go back to the 70s can ah, or at least the 80s...lets pick the year...1978..

I was in Melaka, darjah 4. Dad got posted there. WE lived in a loooongg house, there were three of us, youngest brother was 1. NOw hes a registrar in Ireland. And he's not the youngest. I remember sharing a room with brother no 2 and everyday after school I'd come back adn hang the uniform up. Every weekend I had to wash my shoes. NO maid hence my mom is such a superwoman. Huge tree at the back of hte house under which I would just sit and daydream. At one point ada that buai made out of tyre which we played on. Ada member India- (HImalata where are you) and member cina sorang. every afternoon would ask mom if its ok to play with them , and then walk to their house. Melaka (Kem terendak) was very shady and very sleepy and I loved it there. One memory is waiting to watch Superman and having to take a nap before. Now imposing same rules on kids...I sold our daun gajus to teacher...nak jual RM1 ada gak teacher yang bargain for 50 sen..alahai dengan budak darjah 4 kasi can je lah..favourite game at that time is main tikam tikam and then that 7 sticks- habih duit je...

I think those were such happy times..


sharing a room .... cannot blogggg not during office time anyways....Read about this girl in France who is fired for blogging (apparently its called "dooced"). She calls herself le petite anglaise, and she has a daughter, little tadpole, and the father is called mr frog. she writes really well, and is very interesting in her description of her office . No one gets named, but apparently she was not so kind - ye lah blog pun macam diary any reference to office and work right now will be very very very charitable ha ha ha

work- getting more comfortable. ok lah have to share a room. ok lah no secretary, ok lah no one to make me coffee, ok no one to print anything for me, but there is more pay, and a chance to make things better.

Kids- Dahlia demam. Izan's wedding went well...the bride and groom nampak tension and I was thinking, gone are the days that the bride and groom relax while the others do the work. NOw the pengantin sekali pikir about what to do ...with a seven foot trail for example. ha ha ha..Flower kids, ok sebab dah pernah buat, and the flowers that zu and I sewed on their dresses menjadi jugak..go to minah's blog to see the pix..

Sara cried yesterday asking us to sign a form, hubby rushed home at 5 to give her the form , sekali tengok, form is only to enter a FASHION COMPETITION..laaaa...Sophia is not interested in joining, she said she will cheer for Sara. Sara will be wearing the batik baju kurung she wore for U Faiz's wedding.

Johan is getting funnier- semalam he found a few paper clips, and came to me saying "MUmmy, look at THESE babies" ...waaaaa sudah pandai....

Sekarang sebok CT and DK..sudah lah tu....boring boring. If someone wants to marry a thrice(?) married nearly 5 decades old, itu namanye cinta..I was listening to her song today and one of the lyrics is she is bercinta, tiada siapa dapat menghalangi nya. Tu dia, ok. Im sure she'll be happy and will definitely ensure she is going to be happy (or at least pretend happy). The ex wife will probably say..haaa just wait ...

Met the old colleagues semalam for dinner. Missed them lah.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Kids at Izan'sWedding- curi from Izreen's

My babies at Izan's wedding! Of course, all pix of the gorgeous bride, her gorgeous sister and mom and their men, and the entire ceremony can be found at thanks Izreen!
And thanks for coming over just now, and going with me to pick up kak minah..that was so sweet. Epi was telling me when he found out that you drove me to get maid back, "why did you do that, you don't need Kak Minah". I said " I have 5 kids, my inlaws are here,I want to prepare breakfast , my husband left the house at 7 and came back at 2 , and I may not NEED her (since I am the superwoman after all eh)but I sure as hell want her here". We sent her back last nite as she had to pass somethin to her cousin who was going back home to Indonesia. She had just a weekend off the week before. I was ready to get her at 9 am , but husband told me to wait for him to get her at a decent hour as "she is probably not awake yet". My husband was more concerned about the MAID getting rest- I was so going to kill him. Hello!!!!!!
But , all issues are resolved, and Izreen, thanks for driving me to get Minah back.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Congratulations Izan and Husin

They are wed!! Yay!! Sorry lama tak update..was (still am) struggling to empty this laptop . Oh I will miss you ...
Izan's do started with a family meeting on Thursday night, which I could not make it to because of a huge sty in my eye which made it all go red and itchy. By next morning it had reduced enough for me to go see the berkhatam ceremony. I was so priveleged to watch this as I don't normally get a chance to. Izreen's do, I miss sebab kerja. Izan recited the quran, in front of a roomful of ppl- I guess after that she can handle anything, he he. And after that got marhaban which involved a lot of singing (like gospel kot) praising our great Rasullullah saw. I had brought Jojo and in the end joined Uncle to put the telur pindang in the bekas, in the kitchen, as the ladies continued to sing. Note to self, dont bring kids unless you don't mind having to chase after him, or you would too end up in the kitchen he he he. Anyways, rushed home to send kids 2 and 3 to school, oh by the way since we took the week off, the kids forgot how to get on their school bus. It was us sending them and picking them up the entire week. I enjoyed it though and as some evenings it rained, I was glad to be able to spare them the wet and I'm sure, funky smelling bus ride home. So on Friday I rushed home and sent them to school. On Friday afternoon took out the dress that I planned to wear. The tailor must have been blind to me or else really believed my plans to lose weight as the dress was very small. I took it to tailor to alter. After begging and promising to send every other dress to them to do, I got our 2 tailors to agree to enlarge the thing. One of them told me, after this, cannot alter clothes, must alter body. Hmmmm??? These are the women who made the kids' green baju- they were all dressed alike, and I had spent a lot of time, sewing tiny ribbons on to their collar so that they match the other deco of Izan's house. I wonder if Nadine minds dressing alike, so far, no complaints. Maybe next wedding, I'll order different style, or different materials. It's just so much easier to buy 14 metre of one fabric, rather than 3 metres of 4 different types of fabric.
Satuday dawned, of course, the father is away at the hospital , on call rupanya....
[got to go, sat, will blog later]

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 2 of cuti

Wah I am well on the way of getting fatter by the end of this week. Tidur lambat, makan all the time, tak jaga... no exercise. Husband and I have established a sort of routine whereby he sends the kids to school, I do work on the laptop, he comes home and takes over staring at the laptop while I sew tiny tiny flowers on the dresses for the wedding, or make the flowers etc, and then he picks the kids up and I get to go and blog. Today we got to go to Felda Perdana for some foodtasting. Sedap. daging masak hitam, ayam masak briyani, sweet and sour fish, acar masak, apa lagi huh..anyway it was all delicious. Husband could not resist, when someone asked what fish it was, to say, siakap senohong gelama ikan DORY.. ha ha ha..joke .Met up with the groom's mom and dad and sister and even Mak Z arrived. I ate so much of daging I had an instant headache. Nadine came along too. Then went off to ToysrUS to get Dahlia her blooming Bubble gum stick. She saw this about 4 months ago and she has been nagging me to get it for her and I said no as I don't buy them chewing gum, but she said she wanted it as her "birthday" present so I had to go and get it lah. Anyway I've been promising this so long , that she tells me I'm lying. All the time "u always tell me u will buy but you don't". Issshhh mulut. semalam we went out to get some ribbons stuff for their baju kurung, and we left them at home, we told them that we were going to get some needles. About 10 mins later after we are all done, we decided to go deliver Izan's wedding card to my aunt. On the way there I got a call from Ms Dahlia who told me "Mummy, you are only buying needles right. that should not take so long right?" Sheesh. Anyways today Dahlia discovered that just because she has been hankering after something for a long time does not mean that that something is nice. She hated the bubble gum thingy in the end and gave it very generously to her sisters, who of course erupted in an indignant chorus when, coming into the car from school, they saw the bubble gum. "you went to TOYSRUS???!!!!"

Anyways I'm getting ahead of myself . After the lunch we got call from dad saying mom is unwell. Rushed to mom's and she is having fever . Stayed until we had to go get the girls from school. Mom is not herself and spent some time massaging her. Dad was telling me that we should do a data base about our family so that there would not be any problem telling the relatives if something were to happen to anyone. It got me thinking, if there is a death in the family what do you do? Who do you call? Do you call the masjid? or police?

Anyways. Dinner time. Later, coffee bean with a mom who, after 2 months of confinement, need adult company!I know what you mean, love.

I love my kids to pieces, they are so funny. Like today, since they know dad is sending them to school they can go a bit later , and when dad yelled, Sophia rushed to do her bag. Before I started to say anything, Dahlia said "you should have done it yesterday Sophia", in a smug way. Hmm boss betul lah. She SO reminds me of someone he he he. Sophia is complaining that the "penolong" (assistant monitor) has forced her to sit next to her. If she moves, this penolong will follow her and Sophia is getting annoyed. Dahlia said assertively, "Just tell her "NO", Sophia". Nadine said Dahlia is sure to be a pengawas disiplin when she is in school. I think so too.

Kids are mengaji with the dad. We conned them and told them Ustaz is on the way so they are all decked in their tudung and baju kurung. Then, Ustaz Daddy came down the stairs. he he far the dad has not lost his cool. Of course his girls are not taking him seriously. There is a stuffed tiger sitting amongs them. Apa, watch guard ke??

Did I tell you that the 8 boxes are now down to 3 ?? The rest are rubbish I took home. Tomorrow ada lunchdate. Wonder how M and Cumulo are now. Cumulo, the pink thing I bought from you, is ok , dont worry.

Ok, tara...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Football fever

..has gripped this lady! Ha ha ha! I knew something was wrong when I found myself screeching when England was out, and can you believe that Brazil is ALSO out? Were they bribed? The way they played it certainly looked it. The French had such flair! And England- well they can't ever take penalty can they....chian. I tuned into Radio 1 just now and they joked that if they print Wayne Rooney's stamp, we can send him off as many times as we want! Ha ha..that's the English for you, always taking the mickey off themselves. I am truly astounded at the way the nationalities' quirk help them win- for eg isn't it just typically German- for you to analyse the way how each Argentinian player have taken their penalty shootout for the last 2 years???? It drives home this message that I can take home to the new place- prepare prepare prepare.

Anyways. First thing first - HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMELIA! My kids were waiting since morning to go to see their cousin..who is 9 today...Nine dah..I still have her picure with her big eyes at 1 year old! In the end we went in late evening. I spent the entire day at the office working and packing - I thought it was going to be a half hour thing. But I had 8 boxes, 1 plant, 2 coffee cups, various pictures, and pressies from colleagues. Tried to pry my (full) name off the door but I think I'll leave it for them to give me. Found entire documents which my secretary swore to me is not around. Aparah. Now got so much rubbish in the living room. I got to find the time to sort it out!! Will be at home until next Monday but girls have booked me as driver for the next week. Also husband has taken leave to sort out many many MANY things. I need a laptop, fast!! Got to return the office's one and want a laptop bigger than the current lifebook. I've gotten used to a big one now. (gee that sounds slightly off he he he). Wednesday got a lunch appointment with the girls at Hard Rock with one of the partners. Hmm must have been that luncheon, I have never spoken to this partner before!

Whats been up with the kids- hmm, Sara has invoiced me for massaging my feet- something she does really really well, and now has done an advertisment for her massaging services- head, face, hands , feet. Murah je from RM0.50 only. Bargain really. Then I told them I also pay if they do chores, so now when I come back they will tell me of the chores they have done. No, doing homework is not a chore I would pay for, I know its a chore, but not what I'd pay for ha ha ha..

Took them all to the salon yesterday. So now they look a bit neater. Jojo went to the barber with daddy and us girls went to the next door salon. half way through Jojo came into the salon, and a minute later an Indian man came in as if looking for someone, followed by one panicked Husband, who had fallen asleep in the barber's chair and did not realise that the son had left the shop.nasib baik only next door!! Dangerous!!!! Remind me next time to keep Johan with us...daddy always sleep at barbers.Dahlia likes her short hair, Sophia had her thick hair layered a bit, Nadine had about an inch taken off her loooooong hair, and sara is looking so much better with her shorter hair. Mummy suffered torture at the lady's hands when she tidied up eyebrows. So painful one....

Last nite went to see parents. Bro, pregnant wife, yana and a very very cheeky yasser, were there as well, Mom cooked her famous mi hailam (jangan jeles...). Bro told me how his daughter got 30 out of 40 in class after the exams (she's in year 1) and seemed proud when asked how she feels compared to her friend's result of 13. She said she's better because she got more . ha ha ha. Also on the day that she was supposed to have both Maths and Science tests, she told her mom that there were no mahts and science tests, only English , Ha ha ha both subjects are taught in english now, she's not wrong!

Izan's wedding is only a week met up with Zu to sort out the details on the bridesmaids dresses and hairband.Izan's parents are powerhouses, the organisation must be horrendous. I'm just thinking ahead of my four daughters..... and one son! We'll try to give them a nice wedding, whatever the budget ha ha ha...
Sigh..back to that...husband is in 2 minds again.. Place 1 has told him to please wait while they sort out their at least until the end of the year, and place 2 is there. He's leaning towards place 1. Me, I'm keeping mum.

Kids are now fast asleep. I'm going to finish amending an agreement for a (former) client. Taraaa

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Last Day 2

So back to the lunch yesterday, it turned out so well! The secretaries pulled through and got the roti jala, 2 types of sweet porridge, several types of kueh, lepat pisang, keria, ketayap, popia, karipap. Jess got the accompaniments to the nasi lemak. The spread filled the entire table and the girls even got table cloth. When I arrived at about 11.30, they were busy setting the table in the conference room. I even got to send an email before they called me to tell that it was time, the partners are there and where was I. I rushed down but not before a colleague HA called me in to her room, and gave me a really nice bracelet of pearls. I did not expect that at all..!

Then, we rushed down and the partners were indeedthere. The head of department for conveyancing and litigation AND my department. It was so nice. Then they started to trickle in. Most famous question, who cooked. My answer- Mui husband. haa haa. Well, he did make the custard trifle, the quiche and the potato salad. Joe, who went to Uni with me testified to another partner, that he used to go to my husband's house to look for food as he was known for his cooking. Mr G, head of liti, said "who else is leaving?" ha ha Bec, who is resigning to do her masters in the UK, will have to "match up" he said. RV said the room was where it began (ie he interviewed me there) and where it ended..which was sad.. SAS said to everyone that my resignation letter read more like an application letter, ie how I was happy there etc. Well, I was. Save for the money bit. And they could do with a bit more training . (Now they are implementing a talk a week thingy- ceh I should have stuck around). SH the partner in front of whom I cried,(remember that??) wished me luck and said I'll be happy there. I said I hoped so, He said "don't rely on hope" and I said "i'll make sure of it then". Don’t rely on hope?? Can’t he not take things literally ??? Sometimes talking to lawyers is painful. I asked Amer what are you doing now (I meant workload) and he said "eating". Bloody lawyers.

They said (I joked actually) that the next party was going to be a "Welcome back sorry it didnt work out party". Ha ha ha...Mood was congenial, food was aplenty, conversation continuous so I was happy. Made a speech.I got to say bye bye to everyone personally (as they would come over to tell me they were leaving, as if this was my house ha ha).Got another present from my secretary together with 3 others- a beautiful piece of material. Bila dia beli ni? Apparently one of them had gone to Johor and bought the material. Really nice blue songket lookalike piece! Kak Ita who was supposed to go get her husband who was discharged from hospital, made him wait, so that she could help out. He he he..

We left the food up to 4 pm, and by the time I came down at 4, everything was GONE!! All the staff had come to tapau. Even AMA's cake (chocolate banana from Secret Recipe) -which I had said I wanted to bring home a piece, was gone! Never mind lah, I'm glad they cleared it. The secretaries were joking around, working together, cleaning up the place, and they were actually getting along! One of them had told me that she hoped the other departments can see that they are working together and basically redeem themselves in the eyes of others. Well, I think there was no doubt of that, I sang their praises to all and sundry (except I didn't say who cooked what).

I told everyone I was coming back on Monday so there were no goodbyes yet or mintak maaf. This is closure for me, I can't just leave something like that. I said to someone, must go out with a bang ha ha .. It was my first place of practice and it meant something to me.

Then after 6 they took me to...RedBox Sogo. Fantastic! No fancy dinner, just pure singing karaoke. he he he...from 7 to 11. 10 or 11 of us in a room. Melalakking. My husband joined later. We sang lagu Hail and Uji menanti nasi minyak, Bec's (ie Shakira) sang Suci dalam debu. Jan and KH her fiance pun datang. What a fantastic fabulous voice he had . Macam professional singer, dengan dengung dengung nye. Jan pun sedap and walaupun she's chinese, she sang menghitung hari and other malay songs. One thing about my group of friends, they are very muhibah,a very healthy mix of indians and chinese and malays - the racial harmony is taken for granted. I don't even think about it. Until its not there. 4 hours of karaoke went whizzing by.

Then they gave me a present! A very very nice, pearl necklace (they know me huh) and earrrings- going to get my ears pierced soon , ok guys. And they made me a scrap book of pictures and everyone wrote on it and it was JUST the perfect pressie for me- orang lain sure rasa macam sentimentel sangat. Not me. So personal and it is really touching to realise what you mean to people. All the times you go through life feeling depressed, or wishing that you were more this or more that, and all this time there are people who thought that you were fine just as you are, or even draw strength from you. Well, at least I don’t have to wonder whether they like me ..he he he..I sat in a corner far away to read the scrap book as it was emotional for me.

Ok, enough with the emotional. Football had begun. Me, never having watched a single game of the World cup, first sat quietly and by the time it went to half time, with no goals scored, Germany was missing so many chances- I was yelling with the rest of them. Argentina and Germany. Well I wanted Argentina to win as they were the underdogs (were they?) and they played so much better, but at the same time I thought kesian the Germans if they lose in front of their presidents etc. So I cheered for both. But when it went to Penalty it was clear that the Germans were going to win because they had the better goalkeeper! The Argentinian's goalkeeper looked so scared. Anyways, I thought it was such a beautiful game, the way they played. I wonder if we Malaysians can play like that and if not, why not? I guess we don't have stamina. Why non Malays tak suka main bola? Or do they? I just have this idea that only malays or indians play. Do you realise that football is the only game where men show emotion everyother minute, when men don’t mind being kicked, hit etc , they can get up and play again and in fact if they are still slightly injured they still play ,as opposed to when they are at home- I'm sure these same men would moan that they were dying after a slight cold, to their wives. I rasa the Germans showed such a strength of spirit and actually the Argentinians too. The pace of game did not slow down at all despite going into extra time . Kalau kita, would we have given up allready? Or start to walk around the field in a malas way?

See, never take me to football, I become an immediate commentator. Serbegeth singh pun kalah..

Got home at 2. am.

Great last day.

7 days of free time to look forward to.(but still have to finish some work for old firm)


Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...