Congratulations Izan and Husin

They are wed!! Yay!! Sorry lama tak update..was (still am) struggling to empty this laptop . Oh I will miss you ...
Izan's do started with a family meeting on Thursday night, which I could not make it to because of a huge sty in my eye which made it all go red and itchy. By next morning it had reduced enough for me to go see the berkhatam ceremony. I was so priveleged to watch this as I don't normally get a chance to. Izreen's do, I miss sebab kerja. Izan recited the quran, in front of a roomful of ppl- I guess after that she can handle anything, he he. And after that got marhaban which involved a lot of singing (like gospel kot) praising our great Rasullullah saw. I had brought Jojo and in the end joined Uncle to put the telur pindang in the bekas, in the kitchen, as the ladies continued to sing. Note to self, dont bring kids unless you don't mind having to chase after him, or you would too end up in the kitchen he he he. Anyways, rushed home to send kids 2 and 3 to school, oh by the way since we took the week off, the kids forgot how to get on their school bus. It was us sending them and picking them up the entire week. I enjoyed it though and as some evenings it rained, I was glad to be able to spare them the wet and I'm sure, funky smelling bus ride home. So on Friday I rushed home and sent them to school. On Friday afternoon took out the dress that I planned to wear. The tailor must have been blind to me or else really believed my plans to lose weight as the dress was very small. I took it to tailor to alter. After begging and promising to send every other dress to them to do, I got our 2 tailors to agree to enlarge the thing. One of them told me, after this, cannot alter clothes, must alter body. Hmmmm??? These are the women who made the kids' green baju- they were all dressed alike, and I had spent a lot of time, sewing tiny ribbons on to their collar so that they match the other deco of Izan's house. I wonder if Nadine minds dressing alike, so far, no complaints. Maybe next wedding, I'll order different style, or different materials. It's just so much easier to buy 14 metre of one fabric, rather than 3 metres of 4 different types of fabric.
Satuday dawned, of course, the father is away at the hospital , on call rupanya....
[got to go, sat, will blog later]


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