Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 2 of cuti

Wah I am well on the way of getting fatter by the end of this week. Tidur lambat, makan all the time, tak jaga... no exercise. Husband and I have established a sort of routine whereby he sends the kids to school, I do work on the laptop, he comes home and takes over staring at the laptop while I sew tiny tiny flowers on the dresses for the wedding, or make the flowers etc, and then he picks the kids up and I get to go and blog. Today we got to go to Felda Perdana for some foodtasting. Sedap. daging masak hitam, ayam masak briyani, sweet and sour fish, acar masak, apa lagi huh..anyway it was all delicious. Husband could not resist, when someone asked what fish it was, to say, siakap senohong gelama ikan DORY.. ha ha ha..joke .Met up with the groom's mom and dad and sister and even Mak Z arrived. I ate so much of daging I had an instant headache. Nadine came along too. Then went off to ToysrUS to get Dahlia her blooming Bubble gum stick. She saw this about 4 months ago and she has been nagging me to get it for her and I said no as I don't buy them chewing gum, but she said she wanted it as her "birthday" present so I had to go and get it lah. Anyway I've been promising this so long , that she tells me I'm lying. All the time "u always tell me u will buy but you don't". Issshhh mulut. semalam we went out to get some ribbons stuff for their baju kurung, and we left them at home, we told them that we were going to get some needles. About 10 mins later after we are all done, we decided to go deliver Izan's wedding card to my aunt. On the way there I got a call from Ms Dahlia who told me "Mummy, you are only buying needles right. that should not take so long right?" Sheesh. Anyways today Dahlia discovered that just because she has been hankering after something for a long time does not mean that that something is nice. She hated the bubble gum thingy in the end and gave it very generously to her sisters, who of course erupted in an indignant chorus when, coming into the car from school, they saw the bubble gum. "you went to TOYSRUS???!!!!"

Anyways I'm getting ahead of myself . After the lunch we got call from dad saying mom is unwell. Rushed to mom's and she is having fever . Stayed until we had to go get the girls from school. Mom is not herself and spent some time massaging her. Dad was telling me that we should do a data base about our family so that there would not be any problem telling the relatives if something were to happen to anyone. It got me thinking, if there is a death in the family what do you do? Who do you call? Do you call the masjid? or police?

Anyways. Dinner time. Later, coffee bean with a mom who, after 2 months of confinement, need adult company!I know what you mean, love.

I love my kids to pieces, they are so funny. Like today, since they know dad is sending them to school they can go a bit later , and when dad yelled, Sophia rushed to do her bag. Before I started to say anything, Dahlia said "you should have done it yesterday Sophia", in a smug way. Hmm boss betul lah. She SO reminds me of someone he he he. Sophia is complaining that the "penolong" (assistant monitor) has forced her to sit next to her. If she moves, this penolong will follow her and Sophia is getting annoyed. Dahlia said assertively, "Just tell her "NO", Sophia". Nadine said Dahlia is sure to be a pengawas disiplin when she is in school. I think so too.

Kids are mengaji with the dad. We conned them and told them Ustaz is on the way so they are all decked in their tudung and baju kurung. Then, Ustaz Daddy came down the stairs. he he he..so far the dad has not lost his cool. Of course his girls are not taking him seriously. There is a stuffed tiger sitting amongs them. Apa, watch guard ke??

Did I tell you that the 8 boxes are now down to 3 ?? The rest are rubbish I took home. Tomorrow ada lunchdate. Wonder how M and Cumulo are now. Cumulo, the pink thing I bought from you, is ok , dont worry.

Ok, tara...

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