Monday, July 03, 2006

Football fever

..has gripped this lady! Ha ha ha! I knew something was wrong when I found myself screeching when England was out, and can you believe that Brazil is ALSO out? Were they bribed? The way they played it certainly looked it. The French had such flair! And England- well they can't ever take penalty can they....chian. I tuned into Radio 1 just now and they joked that if they print Wayne Rooney's stamp, we can send him off as many times as we want! Ha ha..that's the English for you, always taking the mickey off themselves. I am truly astounded at the way the nationalities' quirk help them win- for eg isn't it just typically German- for you to analyse the way how each Argentinian player have taken their penalty shootout for the last 2 years???? It drives home this message that I can take home to the new place- prepare prepare prepare.

Anyways. First thing first - HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMELIA! My kids were waiting since morning to go to see their cousin..who is 9 today...Nine dah..I still have her picure with her big eyes at 1 year old! In the end we went in late evening. I spent the entire day at the office working and packing - I thought it was going to be a half hour thing. But I had 8 boxes, 1 plant, 2 coffee cups, various pictures, and pressies from colleagues. Tried to pry my (full) name off the door but I think I'll leave it for them to give me. Found entire documents which my secretary swore to me is not around. Aparah. Now got so much rubbish in the living room. I got to find the time to sort it out!! Will be at home until next Monday but girls have booked me as driver for the next week. Also husband has taken leave to sort out many many MANY things. I need a laptop, fast!! Got to return the office's one and want a laptop bigger than the current lifebook. I've gotten used to a big one now. (gee that sounds slightly off he he he). Wednesday got a lunch appointment with the girls at Hard Rock with one of the partners. Hmm must have been that luncheon, I have never spoken to this partner before!

Whats been up with the kids- hmm, Sara has invoiced me for massaging my feet- something she does really really well, and now has done an advertisment for her massaging services- head, face, hands , feet. Murah je from RM0.50 only. Bargain really. Then I told them I also pay if they do chores, so now when I come back they will tell me of the chores they have done. No, doing homework is not a chore I would pay for, I know its a chore, but not what I'd pay for ha ha ha..

Took them all to the salon yesterday. So now they look a bit neater. Jojo went to the barber with daddy and us girls went to the next door salon. half way through Jojo came into the salon, and a minute later an Indian man came in as if looking for someone, followed by one panicked Husband, who had fallen asleep in the barber's chair and did not realise that the son had left the shop.nasib baik only next door!! Dangerous!!!! Remind me next time to keep Johan with us...daddy always sleep at barbers.Dahlia likes her short hair, Sophia had her thick hair layered a bit, Nadine had about an inch taken off her loooooong hair, and sara is looking so much better with her shorter hair. Mummy suffered torture at the lady's hands when she tidied up eyebrows. So painful one....

Last nite went to see parents. Bro, pregnant wife, yana and a very very cheeky yasser, were there as well, Mom cooked her famous mi hailam (jangan jeles...). Bro told me how his daughter got 30 out of 40 in class after the exams (she's in year 1) and seemed proud when asked how she feels compared to her friend's result of 13. She said she's better because she got more . ha ha ha. Also on the day that she was supposed to have both Maths and Science tests, she told her mom that there were no mahts and science tests, only English , Ha ha ha both subjects are taught in english now, she's not wrong!

Izan's wedding is only a week met up with Zu to sort out the details on the bridesmaids dresses and hairband.Izan's parents are powerhouses, the organisation must be horrendous. I'm just thinking ahead of my four daughters..... and one son! We'll try to give them a nice wedding, whatever the budget ha ha ha...
Sigh..back to that...husband is in 2 minds again.. Place 1 has told him to please wait while they sort out their at least until the end of the year, and place 2 is there. He's leaning towards place 1. Me, I'm keeping mum.

Kids are now fast asleep. I'm going to finish amending an agreement for a (former) client. Taraaa

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