Friday, July 21, 2006


sharing a room .... cannot blogggg not during office time anyways....Read about this girl in France who is fired for blogging (apparently its called "dooced"). She calls herself le petite anglaise, and she has a daughter, little tadpole, and the father is called mr frog. she writes really well, and is very interesting in her description of her office . No one gets named, but apparently she was not so kind - ye lah blog pun macam diary any reference to office and work right now will be very very very charitable ha ha ha

work- getting more comfortable. ok lah have to share a room. ok lah no secretary, ok lah no one to make me coffee, ok no one to print anything for me, but there is more pay, and a chance to make things better.

Kids- Dahlia demam. Izan's wedding went well...the bride and groom nampak tension and I was thinking, gone are the days that the bride and groom relax while the others do the work. NOw the pengantin sekali pikir about what to do ...with a seven foot trail for example. ha ha ha..Flower kids, ok sebab dah pernah buat, and the flowers that zu and I sewed on their dresses menjadi jugak..go to minah's blog to see the pix..

Sara cried yesterday asking us to sign a form, hubby rushed home at 5 to give her the form , sekali tengok, form is only to enter a FASHION COMPETITION..laaaa...Sophia is not interested in joining, she said she will cheer for Sara. Sara will be wearing the batik baju kurung she wore for U Faiz's wedding.

Johan is getting funnier- semalam he found a few paper clips, and came to me saying "MUmmy, look at THESE babies" ...waaaaa sudah pandai....

Sekarang sebok CT and DK..sudah lah tu....boring boring. If someone wants to marry a thrice(?) married nearly 5 decades old, itu namanye cinta..I was listening to her song today and one of the lyrics is she is bercinta, tiada siapa dapat menghalangi nya. Tu dia, ok. Im sure she'll be happy and will definitely ensure she is going to be happy (or at least pretend happy). The ex wife will probably say..haaa just wait ...

Met the old colleagues semalam for dinner. Missed them lah.


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