Thursday, July 27, 2006

its been SEVEN DAYS since my last blog!! Well, now that I had to return the old office's laptop i am patah kaki. Own laptop has acted up and needs to be repaired. I hate it when fujitsu ppl tell me its an old model. As if I should now chuck it out. Its the only model I got what. Are you telling me that Fujitsu pcs only last 3-4 years?? Is that it?? Hubby also now realises how much work he does at home . So on the look out for a cheapish laptop. Malaslah nak hutang hutang lagi..

Biscuit has gone- the cat- semalam we sent him away to a restaurant. The kids blessed this sending away since they wanted to keep another new kitten who has found its way to our house - mystery- she turned up one day and now wont leave. She's gray and white and look quite decent. Maid kept chucking this cat out. I dont think she's going to succeed, Kids have called her "Whiskers". I told kids, if you want to keep her, must send the big ones away (send ok, not throw) and they all agreed. But Sophia cried. Semalam one of them peed on the cds collection - in the cupboard!! Cant be pleasant that. Hubby thinks that cat has irritable bowel syndrome.

Hubby and I were counting our blessings this morning. If we have problems, thats what we do. As in, you think you have problems, at least you are not Hani mohsein or Tajudin Ramli! Poor Hani ...Poor daughter of his!!!!! I cant help to shed a tear ...shian. to watch the father collapse and breathe his last. tu lah ,dont run to catch a flight....I was thinking , if say a doctor was on the scene, could he have been saved?? Should he pinch his fingers like all those emails tell you to do when you are having a heart attack? Hubby said no, once you have a heart attack you have 4 minutes before major shut down. I wont tell you what he said to that pinching fingers thing.. ha ha ha.


OK lah dah lapan setengah. NIVI HOW ARE YOU, BY THE WAY. I have not talked to my friend for ages....hope she had a good break.

Settling down at new office.Have got a regularish lunch kaki- they dont go to lunch in a big group . Must get used to that.


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