Monday, July 10, 2006

Kids at Izan'sWedding- curi from Izreen's

My babies at Izan's wedding! Of course, all pix of the gorgeous bride, her gorgeous sister and mom and their men, and the entire ceremony can be found at thanks Izreen!
And thanks for coming over just now, and going with me to pick up kak minah..that was so sweet. Epi was telling me when he found out that you drove me to get maid back, "why did you do that, you don't need Kak Minah". I said " I have 5 kids, my inlaws are here,I want to prepare breakfast , my husband left the house at 7 and came back at 2 , and I may not NEED her (since I am the superwoman after all eh)but I sure as hell want her here". We sent her back last nite as she had to pass somethin to her cousin who was going back home to Indonesia. She had just a weekend off the week before. I was ready to get her at 9 am , but husband told me to wait for him to get her at a decent hour as "she is probably not awake yet". My husband was more concerned about the MAID getting rest- I was so going to kill him. Hello!!!!!!
But , all issues are resolved, and Izreen, thanks for driving me to get Minah back.


izreen fara said...

no probs kaklong - you know you can always call me if you need anything!!

Hariz & Nurin said...

I read about u losing all your previous post. Well, there's a way to backup all your post (current one la ). Login to your dashboard, go to setting, then email. Key in your email into the BlogSend Address column and then save setting. Whenever u publish, Blogger will send a copy to that email address. U can register with gmail and used it to backup everything.

Anonymous said...

Spotted a pic of you on izreens page ! Kids look lovely as well i like green ! -am I the only anon who leaves comments on your page ?-

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