Oh for times gone by...

I read this email about a gay malay guy tying the knot with an english guy and their civil partnership has been registered in teh Times announcement. mr AGB Jantan. Hes probably Mr Abdul Ghani Bin Jantan. ada gambar sekali..

Alamak merisaukan ......I will not comment sebab nanti contentious suffice to say that with the way the world is developing now, I want to go back to the 70s can ah, or at least the 80s...lets pick the year...1978..

I was in Melaka, darjah 4. Dad got posted there. WE lived in a loooongg house, there were three of us, youngest brother was 1. NOw hes a registrar in Ireland. And he's not the youngest. I remember sharing a room with brother no 2 and everyday after school I'd come back adn hang the uniform up. Every weekend I had to wash my shoes. NO maid hence my mom is such a superwoman. Huge tree at the back of hte house under which I would just sit and daydream. At one point ada that buai made out of tyre which we played on. Ada member India- (HImalata where are you) and member cina sorang. every afternoon would ask mom if its ok to play with them , and then walk to their house. Melaka (Kem terendak) was very shady and very sleepy and I loved it there. One memory is waiting to watch Superman and having to take a nap before. Now imposing same rules on kids...I sold our daun gajus to teacher...nak jual RM1 ada gak teacher yang bargain for 50 sen..alahai dengan budak darjah 4 kasi can je lah..favourite game at that time is main tikam tikam and then that 7 sticks- habih duit je...

I think those were such happy times..


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