Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend Break

Eh Eh lamaaanye tak update..oh streamyx di mana kah kau...I tried dial up, but its soooo slow. Can't upload or download anything.

Ok the notable bloggable stuff which happened are:
1. Went to watch Wangi jadi Saksi- a theatrical play by U WEi and acted out by Vaneeda Imran adn Rahim Razali and Khir Rahman. In the new theatre at Dewan Bahasa Pustaka. Husband slept through some parts of the show. It was very good but a bit wordy.. but a twist in the plot of Hang Jebat vs Hang Tuah. Was Hang Jebat a traitor to the state or a fearless warrior? Ala ala Is hang jebat a terrorist or a freedom fighter? All depends on which side of the fence you are. Ie if you go to Reuters, the news report on Israel vs Lebanon would be more on the suffering and less on the DIE you Israelites DIE, but in Malaysia, etc its more on who is at fault and Americans and UK should stop suppporting Israel.. In the Times oNline pulak, more on "Hisbolah is evil, Syria, Iran and Jordan too". It occured to me that I never knew the main reason for this war- is it property? Ie gift of land to the jews all those years ago resented by the Arabs? How is it that we hate them automatically? How come my passport says that I cant visit Israel? Could it be that the government has killed, displaced, maimed etc fellow Muslims? And compounded over the years? And both parties are as bad as each other and now do not even know how to begin to resolve issues. Why is it down to ISlam vs every one else? What the??

Ahem! I was going to tell you about what we did last week. Sorry Digress. Had dinner and desert (or was it the other way round) with S and Z and M. Wonderful as always, Bakerzin although I think I overdid it as my tummy testified the next day....Thanks S for the lift.

Weekend..Saturday attended a traditional membuai and marhaban for BJ's son..He's an adorable 2 month old hunk and we love him and we want a baby waaaaaahhh.. Ahem again. I never had this with any of my five kids. She had a very nice buai at one end of the room, and a group of ladies singing their prayers and good wishes for the child. It brought tears to my (and hers!) eyes. Maybe we should have another baby just to do this ha ha ha. Nice to meet up with all the old friends there.

Then, quiet day as Hubby tebas rumput kat some golf club. Ha ha ha
I am apparently a very lovable mommy but the kids want me to be less garang. This is the report I get from the kids. Ha ha..(ada review ok, dont pray pray). Ada ke they say I dont do anything. Daddy takes them grocery shopping, Kak MInah cooks, and Mummy does nothing except work. Haaa?? Rasa macam Im a father pulak. role reversal. Hello..who checks your homework, read to you, sleep with you etc remind you to pray remind you to bathe, basically spoil all the fun for you?? Mummy lar....See, mothers are soooo unappreciated.

In the car I would interrupt their games or singing with a request that they recite their surah..greeted by Ahhhh??? Groans and moans all around. Dahlia would be instantly tired, Sophia would say "everytime we go on a road trip you always do this" etc. I preached to them yesterday on the way to the beach, " Kids, Allah is the greatest,we are all like Ants in Bugs life" . "You mean we have sticky chemical in our butts??" said Sara. Er..yes,point totally lost.

Anyways Sara is asking who created Allah? And I launched into a speech about Qul huallah, he has no father and no mother and no one created him. Dahlia spoke to the sister (Sophia ke?) He's an orphan? Sigh... never mind, keep on trying.

I also want them to NOT be racist and want them to have friends from all races, like me and their dad. So I asked them do you know anyone that is not malay. Nadine told me one of her best friends is Indian. Sara said she knows some one who may be not Malay. Her name was "Sara Farhanna" - half malay half australian. Ha ha ha hah....tak paham concept. I told them to punch anyone who said Indians are dirty, or anything derogatory about other races. This is the age lah for them to get all these ideas.

They enjoyed the beach- we went to Bagan Lalang- highly recommended. At 12.30 air tengah surut so we had 2 acres of beach. clean and with a boombox playing veryloudly rasa very festive. I needed that break. Hubby left again for dinner somewhere else.

Ok 9.06 am now....time to do work....tara...

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work@home mom said...

"mothers are soooo unappreciated"..hmm..
l.drummer & l.princess once said " nenek pandai masak" (nenek = hubby's mom). "wan pandai jahit baju" (wan = my mom)....mommy..mmmmmmmmm (panjang betul their mmmm)..then they asked me.." mommy pandai apa ek? :-(

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