Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Demam at home

2 down with fever . Sara and Johan. Must be going around, heard their cousins pun demam. SOphia and Dahlia has followed dad to dentist . Sophia wants to go to clinic private and told daddy not to take her to the government one. But sorry dear. Just hope dad doesn't leave them by themselves, no matter how much he trusts his nurses!

Semalam played futsal again. I was so not fit. Plus these girls are pro ok, know how to dribble ball etc. whereas I would only kick membuta. Badan sakit..hips rasa macam nak tanggal....kids all came. Actually didnt think I was going because did not bring my kit, then told hubby I want to go watch, then he told me he was going home to get my kit..wah so nice..why is he being so nice? he he he

Weekend very hectic. Or was it? Or was it because I was maidless for the weekend? Dad and mom informed us of the taksirah at Uncle A's house. We thought we'd skip it and went to do other things. Then on the way back we just decided to take the route that passes the Uncle's house. This was because of my sudden desire to see Mindef camp where I spent about 3 years of my life .. I showed them the sports hall, (very very badly need maintenance) and wanted to drive through the camp but the guard (the ARMED) guard, said no, and anyway the roads have changed. Oh well. It was really nice because I have always had ample space to play around the house, biji saga forms a BIG part of my childhood, and here we are raising our kids in itti bitty houses. Ok exaggeration.

So there I was driving along, then suddenly very near Uncle A's house, then I said, eh dont lah go near if you dont intend to singgah. Then my husband said no, their house follows the other road. Guess what, he was wrong. We ended smack in front of the Uncle's house, and 2 aunties saw us so ALL of us went down and pretended that we wanted to singgah all along he he he.Bukan apa, tak dress up, thats why...but nice to meet all my uncles and aunties and also my cousins who live in Jeddah (they are back for 3 weeks-don't speak a word of english or malay)

ok at work now, better go off....tara...

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