Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dim Sum at Starhill

My auntie, jokingly or otherwise, asked me to belanja her dimsum at Starhill. Off I went to the bank to withdraw a small treasure, anticipating that this lunch is going to cost me arm and leg. Auntie made me wait 1 hour, and I told her that I was going off as I had a meeting at half 2. She arrived at half 2. How can I leave her as she is allready there?? Auntie is married to Somebody and maybe forgot how the little people live- you know, the one running the risk of getting fired if late. As it was I heard boss was frantically looking for me. However I used to stay with her in the UK and therefore was close to her (more like little sister). Her Husband, is absolutely scary ok. ha ha ha. He's not Somebody for no reason...! Anyway Dimsum is pleasantly not as expensive as I thought, with 4 items coming up to 50 bucks. So now Im walking around with that treasure of mine ha ha ha. Auntie has 6 kids (7, but 1 passed away) so is actually my inspiration ha ha ..When I went over to the UK, as I mentioned I stayed with her,she just had a baby and I was chief baby sitter. In my mind I helped a lot but I was probably useless. Ha ha ha..But her way of raising Baby, was very casual and I kinda followed that Baby slept in bed with us etc.

Oklah can recommend dimsum at Starhill- i had barbecued ayam pau, prawn fried with almods (yum), steamed prawns and some other dish. Poor Auntie, I rushed her like mad. He he he...apa nak buat kita kuli....he he he

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