Thursday, August 17, 2006


Dahlia is showing signs of becoming a very good accountant. She has been asking us for this and that lately, and because we have come back so late we just nodded our head. Well, today, kena bambu by her. She called me at work and said "Mummy! you said you will buy me water colour, you said you will buy me glue, you said you will pay my school for the chocolate factory trip..BUT YOU WERE LYING! Hmmph..."

Then shortly after that, she called again and said "Is this Pizza Hut Special Delivery??" and then Jojo and Dahlia cracked up. This must be because their daddy likes to answer their calls with "The number you are calling is driving and cannot talk..toooooooottttt". Daddy is such a big kid with them.

Nadine is going through her exams now. Sara and Sophia just finished theirs last week. Results are trickling in..Sara is still poor in her BM..sigh..What to do now? I need a one to one tutor ke? I allready have a 3 to 1 tutor...if I send Sara to regimented tuition she will be even more lost. She is only 8 ...I dont want her to go for tuition for marks, but I want her to understand text and enjoy the language.

Maths pun careless. Ada ke 9-6 is 15. That was sophia by the way. Still in the 90s lah but you'd have thought its 100% for standard 1 maths.

Oh well, I guess they will sort themselves out soon...The driver over at my new firm has 4 kids , 3 of whom are in University. I dont mind if my daughters are not lawyers/doctors . As long as they are someone beneficial to the society and respected by society ! Kekadang respect means being less than financially healthy. But kadang kadang financially healthy means emotionally unhealthy. So camne... blog entah biler.....

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