Monday, August 21, 2006

Quiet Day

At the office...the deal that saw me playing despatch, clerk and typist all in one last week seems to be finally over...and today I had time to surf the net ...baca pasal Siti kawin

Kids are definitely bored back home...Astro is on the blink? Funny I just paid the bill and I don't think it was raining.

Last weekend was a family weekend for us. We painted the house, as mentioned earlier, with the 5 kids sharing 2 rollers. Don't la look too closely at the quality of the wall ok, but suffice to say that all the drawings are gone. I kept falling asleep , after painting a bit of wall, terlelap.. bila bangun the kids and the dad had turned out that they walked all the way to the park (ok about 10 mins je)..I can't picture it, my HUbby with 5 .sure orang ingat dia jangan nanti ada minah minah pandang, ala ala Siti ..ha ha ha ha

Spoke to Nivi this weekend..mentioned to her that I want to stop working soon so I can concentrate on the kids but somehow with the changing world maybe I should not lose this security. She said something very sensible. I can't sacrifice my time with the kids just because I'm worried that my husband will play around. Betol gak...ha ha ha

I am worried about the values in KL...the values which , my friend was shocked to discover when she returned home to Mumbai, that the 2 cities share....ppl are more shallow, tengok je lah SIti kawin, lavish lavish. But biar le..rezeki dia....

Went to a wedding on Sunday. My opah sedara's daughter- mommy's cousin. Masa tulah baru nak jumpa all my aunties yang laaaaaaama tak jumpa...teruknye I ni!Yang bestnye semua live so close by.

Kids are adorable yesterday. Sophia and Dahlia has taken Guest's bedroom and plastered their names over the door. I should be glad right. Then last nite Sophia came over to see me in the middle of the nite and instead of hugging her and asking her to go back to her room, I told her to sleep with me. She said, Nadine said we can't sleep with you anymore coz we're big. babies are big. Anyway I told her she can if she wants to. so she spent the nite with us. Dahlia still come over everynite. NO wonder I never feel like I have nights are interrupted.

Asked hubby whether he wants no 6. Sophia said we must have him, he's called Ahmad Hakim. Or , Muhammad Hakim, when I pointed out that Johan is a Muhammad. Dah ada nama. macam just waiting to arrive je. Should I? Should we? 5 is enough right? Anyway could be a Helena instead. (one last name that I tak sempat nak bagi)

My colleague at work who is trying for a child, said "some people have to STOP themselves getting pregnant"...kesian.. I take it for granted je.

Well. chances are probably our family is is the time to watch them grow...what the heck am I doing here then??


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