Thursday, August 10, 2006


How does one deal with stress? I would like to tell you I am cool under stress, but unfortunately I am not. I have just gotten off the phone with the most nitpicking people . I told them that this issue is no longer legal, its commercial. Just tell me and I'll write what you want. BENGANG.

The other day this lady was stressed out because her spouse didnt pick up her calls from 4 onwards and this lady was left wondering what time is he coming to get her ni, and then decided to cabut to his work place at around 7, only to discover , getting off the cab at the place where he parks their car, that, when she got to the car, her keys are not in her bag (he has taken them) and then she sat down to wait for him for another hour, at the parking place, outside on the curb, in front of the flats, until it was dark, and all the time getting "you have reached voice mail of xxxx" when she tried to call. Slowly burning (slowly??) she decided to hail another cab straight home. He called at around NINE pm from teh office, asking her where she is. This, dear men everywhere, is a BIG BOO BOO. First, answer your calls, and secondly, never keep a lady waiting. The excuse was lost track of time. Ye ke...jangan jangan dating or what?

Well. thought about sulking, or at least not talking but that will be ikut hati. To maintain harmony, decided to forgive, but reminded this spouse that this is a major boo boo which cannnot be rectified by a sorry. OR even a very sorry.

Thinking of selling this car, and getting another car, which I will use . Problem cannot trade in car, value very very low. Anyone wants a 5 year old Serena for RM58 k?

On the projek pengswastaan, the PC hospital has called the Husband's boss and showed him around, and on that basis they are very excited and confident that they will get the job. I dont have any comments. The hospital looks very very impressive though.Why are the lights on every nite by the way? There is no one there..!

Ok ..still here at 7.04 pm.

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