Takziah kepada Kak Noriah and Family....

We heard the saddest news on Saturday that Abang Jeman, Hubby's cousin's (on dad's side) husband, had passed on at 6 p.m that day...Hubby was JUST asking him to go to hospital the Sunday before, and he had refused , wanting to wait for schoolholidays to start before coming to KL. As soon as he arrived in KL, and as soon as he arrived at his sis in law's place, he collapsed and passed on, just like that. Hubby (and all of us, maid included and if you count the paw prints, cats included) was painting the house that day , and only later discovered that he had 14 missed calls, all from the family.

We both felt very very bad..this was a vibrant , 50 year old ex army, whose concerns for his family, wife, and daughter sitting for UPSR, overrode the concerns about own health. Men, please, dont be macho...go and get that check up...go and get that thing checked....apa nak takut.. I told Hubby there was no guarantee that if he had come back with us on Monday, he would have made it...Hubby felt extra bad as he had made all the arrangements and 2 consultants at 2 different hospitals are waiting to see this man. Ini lah nak katakan ....ajal.. Hubby rushed to the apartment, after making some calls about getting a private ambulance- RM1000 ok, from KL to Kluang. Mencekik darah. Nasib baik lah, in the end he went home with army transportation. Hubby said family subdued and calm..I think its shock and more worried about the procedures , ie police reports, burial tomorrow. I could not sleep at all that nite!

To Kak N, and kids, tabahkan diri...I can't imagine losing Hubby when kids are still in school and very much need the father...how do you go on, although I don't doubt that we can indeed go on. I am now harrassing Hubby to go get medical check up. For a consultant he has no idea what HIS cholesterol level is...tsk tsk tsk.

This really make you appreciate your loved ones....tell him/her/them that you love them...sekian terimakasih...


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