Wednesday ramblings

Gaji oh gaji...mengapa kah lambat sangat nak masuk..Why cant we get paid weekly? I'm feeling the pinch since we decided to stop using all forms of credit card whatsoever.Yesterday had Inagiku with Saiful..thanks Pol! My brother is a riot. Did I tell you that I used to hate his guts?? I used to fight with him all the time, and when he went off to Terendak I was the happiest girl ever. And whenever parents went over to visit him I would actually get upset! It was no secret that he was the favourite of the 2 of us when we were younger. He never argued back when he was scolded by mom, unlike me who would sulk for the entire day. Actually Sara, my 2nd daughter, is his clone ok. She is so pathetically eager to please me when I tell her off.
I think Saiful and I got along when I left for UK. So moral of the story, send kids away if you want them to get along ha ha ha..or maybe there is some truth in that.

Husband has expressed his hitherto unknown wish for his children to go to Uppingham for their 6th Forms. Helloooo satu tahun some 40,000 POUND sterling kot.But I don't mind, if we can afford it. So, primary and secondary, sekolah agama, then, upper sixth form, terus UK..waaah terkejut beruk nanti.

I do not want any of my daughters to go to boarding school until they are at least 15. Imagine Harry Porter style where 11 year olds are sent to school. Actually here pun, form 1tu kan barely 13 year olds...But for those who enjoyed their upbringing there memang seronok bangat lar....they have friends, routine, and masa tak terbuang..But I am very upset that Dahlia and Sophia has left my side to go into their own room , apa lagi if they go to boarding school...

And talking of these 2 girls, they dragged us into their room yesterday and listed out their wish list. which includes a fridge. What the heck do you want a fridge for, Daya and Sophia? Mummy pun takda fridge in the room. Apparently they want to be able to snack etc without going downstairs. precisely the reason why this fridge shall never be..I don't want them isolated in their rooms. As it is pun Nadine and Sara are always in their room yakking away. Apa yang banyak nak cerita tu? Its kind of ironic. mummmy loves to talk so created 4 girls to chat to. Ha ha ha..Boy will get his own room tu, I will decorate the office into his room (ie the annex to our bedroom) ..I will miss them though...I do miss them. Occassionally I get Nadine to give a biiig hug. Oh yes she has complained of pains in her chest...waaaa puberty signs allready?? GOD, she is only 10. Not fair..can I have my baby back?? I told her no more meleset with your uncles or with your dad even, not manis....and now have towatch decorum and jaga diri...

The world is a funny ada talk on sexual harrasment (at least no more Siti discussion) and some men called in to say that women dresses sexily ie own fault. Then women called back to slam the men. Aiya..this is my view ok. Men, just because a woman is semi naked, nampak pusat etc , please curb your basic urges and tell yourself that she is not really inviting you to molest her. Women, please understand that men will get the basic urges, and just like you would close your gate of your expensive (or biasa) house , please take similar precaution with yourself in do have the right to dress however you like, but please use the brain god denied the men, and be defensive. You also have the right to dangle the handbag, or wear loads of gold chains, or even not put in grills or locks on your house. When the pencuri or snatch thief come , rasalah bahananye.


Anonymous said…
I love your stories from home !

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