Friday, September 01, 2006

The Week that was

Siti got married.
My daughter thinks Datuk K is the Prime MInister
Also she told me Datuk K is Siti's husband and when I asked siapa siti, Sophia, all the three girls (Nadine, Sara and Sophia) said scornfully: Siti is the famous singer!!

Had an impromptu get together at my Opah's house.)(Forgive me if this has been blogged before!) Mom and Dad and Bro came also, Bro's car got stuck kat flood and had to be towed back ha ha think that that could have been my fate as I was driving the van alone that day, through the flood but I redah je...he he he.It was really nice to meet up with my Opah, Auntie Yot and Uncle and their daughter , studying medicine in Russia god help her. Got a glimpse of my opah's interesting life...she is the first born of the second wife of a pakistani/northern indian man, who came over to make his fortune, and she remembered her mom fetching the first childless wife over to Tanjung Malim so that they can live together, and she remembered being co-brought up with the other mother. Also. the Atok has another wife with whom they have 6 kids. After the atok died, his wife and my opah's mom, married again and had 2 kids. And these 6(from my opah's siblings) and 6 from the other family and 2 from the other family, are all tak?? Apparently dah ada family tree dah...Anyone out there with a Lal Mohammad as a patriach???

Have not blogged in a while, tak da mood lar....also the laptop acts up at home , once the streamyx is on, the laptop refuses to open sites, even though the connectionis on...called up TMNet and they start to give me instructions such as "pull all wires off the modem" and then I'll go "er..which one is the modem??" and yell for hubby...he he he. Sorry blur.Daughters are more techsavvy..Changed the dad's ringtone to"Daddy please pick up the phone, pick it up.." he he he..Dad came home saying, eh please change this ring tone can ah. See? even the daddy pun tak reti how to change the ringtones! He he he

Had a tahlil yesterday...oh yes, Selamat Merdeka. Tahlil kat Rombau tapi Husband on call so in the end stayed at home...until 5 and then jalan jalan takda tujuan...purely cause the kids were bored..In the end pi tengok Uncle Rahman kat DU.Uncle Rahman getting better although slight discomfort..And Uncle Rahman took us and Mak M to Jake's . The brave man, took all 5 kids with him in his big car..(and now SOphia wants a big car too he he). Mak M sakit kaki, kesian...hope you get better soon Mak M! The kids loved Jakes...ordered macam pro..bukanlah I nak anak I jakun ..but takut anak i tak reti susah nanti....They are so fond of hotels lah I guess. Jangan biasakan.he he ..

Have succumbed to Nadine and got STARWORLD.(tapi wonder where she gets her values from???) .ok ...for her birthday lar..tapi tah apa apa entah...berapa kali nak tunjuk ROCKSTAR dahh.... and Oprah was talking about gay ppl ie..when did you know you were gay?? of the guys said the mom was blaming herself, and he said in the end, its not ABOUT you mom! Ok..but im a mom too and I so know where she is coming from.

Ok all the time Im worrying about the values they have..although I think they'll be allright.They are soo cute nowadays as they are talking to each other. The youngest is mature enough to join in the conversation and they are soo noisy. Husband said he loved this time. Im always telling them to ssssshush! I think they love the dad more lar..he he he ..girls do that i think. Im very close to my dad.

Jojo is noticing girls!!! What is he, 4?? He said to me "Mummy that beautiful girl was looking at me" . I turned and there were this family sitting at the table next to us at Jake's. the mom, and the daugter. So I asked him , which one, the mommy or the kid? and he said " the mommy" Amboit!!! Go for older girls! Oh well, at least I can say he's healthy at 4, takda lah nak pakai purse or what. NAUZUBILLAH!!!!!!!

Hari tu this Uncle belanja Lakeclub dinner- Orchid Room. Anyway these were my dad's old armforces ppl buddies and we were invited as Hubby had treated the wife..Ok if you are reading this, Auntie - I DO NOT LIKE you putting your hands on my husband's shoulder and thighs when you wanted to ask him something. Also to my husband , you are not nailed to the chair and please get up . I was having a pleasant time, there were 3 couples (our dad's age) and then I saw this woman talking to my husband and basically draping all over him. Eh my mom pun never do that ok...i tak suka, regardless of how old she is or what was the intention. The husband was looking at them,tau. SO tak manis. I instantly got up,walked to him, told my husband, I need the loo. He said I'll come with you. and he totally did not get why I was hitting him with my handbag after that etc etc he he he..Am I too jealous???? I see this space around my husband that no one else sees and I get very stressed when I see any other woman (that I hardly know!) get in that space! WE are NOT getting in touch with this auntie ever again. He he he....I think she got it that I was PISSED OFF.

Eh eh melalut lar....

Kids went to theatre the other day, mula mula Nadine, but then the bus kosong as most kids tak turn up so we sent off the other 2 ...And took Dahlia and Jojo boating at Titiwangsa...ok lah ! Bestnye ..agaknye macam tu lah feeling orang yang ada 2 anak je ek??? Mummy and Daddy pedalling and Jojo and Daya at the back, Then we makan and went to wait for Nadine and Sara and Sophia...lenguh gak kaki den...

Tuesday ada orang nak datang dinner....D and his wife..Mamat tu sms me bila nak belanja lunch, while waiting for his wife to come out of clinic...- tak kena marah ke? Husband told me toksah layan but he is my the end I jemput dia and family terus datang rumah on his birthday for dinner (adake ajak lunch on his birthday). Bukan I perasan but decorum ler kenalah jaga...

Ok ok I got to finish my work..tata....

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Anonymous said...

Hey What a treat and a pleasant surprise to read a very long post ! looks liek the old sheila's back. Next time u go and and put your hands and go close to her husband then wait for the drama.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...