Thursday, August 17, 2006

the Weekend we went back to Kluang

Below is a report which I did (offline) on our weekend in Kluang....sorry panjang sikit

Waking up was so difficult today. Wished can take MC. But I needed to sort out some agreements, and Husband had a heavy clinic. Nadine woke us up, all ready, to ask her daddy to send her to school. Straight after that, Husband came back at quarter to 8 to resume sleep- never before done! I was snoring away right up to quarter to 9!!!! Reached the office at half past nine!

It was a tiring weekend- on Friday, despite our best intentions to leave KL for Kluang early, we finally made it out around 11pm. The delay was caused because we had to run a few errands first…. sent the maid home lah (sent her to my mom’s at least she can help out, but mom sent Maid to maid’s uncle’s house the next day), had to isi minyak lah …etc ..then stopped to buy all sort of junks to keep the kids happy- then stopped again to go to the toilet lah..finally reached Air Keroh around one in the morning..which was the final stop for mummy to go to the loo. On coming out, caught daddy snoring while waiting for mummy. Mummy decided to drive .Daddy in his machoness, initially refused, but let me drive “to the next stop only”. In the end I DROVE ALL THE WAY TO KLUANG, wokay. He he he.. Wah terror or what. First time driving all the way to Kluang and some more, driving through thick fog. Visibility was reduced to 20 metres in some of the places…Perasan in UK kejap…of course, some kiasu Singaporean drivers insisted on speeding despite the fog ..! Actually I ni takda lah berani sangat…everytime take over lori kena bismillah dulu he he he…..

Finally arrived around 3 am (ye lah slow lah driving sebab fog) and was greeted by Mom in Law (MIL) who insisted that we (have a wild guess what she wanted us to do at 3 am?) have dinner/early breakfast …Under the excuse of having to put the kids to sleep, I went straight to bed. I think Husband ate and sat to chat with his parents. Its been a while since we came home for no reason, ie to see them . Just for the record it was my idea although if you ask Husband he is convinced he thought of it himself – now that’s a skill, ok he he he….

Anyways….Saturday had a long lie in (ie after subuh still sleeping ) in the front room which was usually reserved for Sis In Law (woi! Best wacakaplu….! He he he) Kids went to sleep in the other room which we always occupy. That was the theory lar …in the morning, all the kids, save for the eldest, are in our room! So now we had TWO ROOMS to clean up!

Nice leisurely morning cooking breakfast, and using long forgotten skills of er..stirring the food in the pan ha ha ha….and then chatting with in laws. My parents in laws are the coolest ever. Can talk about anything. Ada gossip tergempar mengenai masyarakat di situ dan wang…tapi my DIL agreed not to take further action…..dont prey prey with my DIL ok…he is very berani in menegakkan keadilan ok…

Later in the morning, kids wanted to see pics of their dad when he was young, so out came the old family albums. (Minah Songeh, our husbands were so handsome when they were younger! (ok, ,much handsomer than now lar) )

Although, I noticed, mine was such a poser..Sikit sikit posing …letak tangan bawah dagulah, pandang jauh lah…with his specs hitam ke ..lens hitam?? All of them, broody look…cehwah..nasib baik I didn’t meet him then sure I would have thought what a perasan guy this person is he he he..It looked like Epa was closer to the siblings than my Husband, (since my husband was busy posing kan haa ha ha) but that’s in the pix lar…There were pictures of them and their cousins masa Raya. wah it was obvious that they had so much fun growing up..Atok look the same and Mak Long looks ….GARANG! The effect is muted now lah..he he he he…Uncle Fuad looking so strong,. Uncle Yaya , looking almost like Dato K he he he…and Uncle Mail –tak banyak berubah. An, Noni, Izreen , Izhar, Izan (dah bini orang daaa), Niza and Lin (so slim lah you!)

Then there were various pics of Husband’s family going on a family holidays- they look like us as we are now, man. With abah holding botol susu Ati (yes the one getting married this December) and Faiz posing with his friends…(Faiz had this trademark grin and in all the pictures looked so likable! Nak jadi bapak orang dah kau ek) . One picture had MIL surrounded in the water by her children, and one picture had Nor crying . Ada satu lagi picture kelakar with Paiz macam nak nangis and Nor bulat mata nak tahan nangis he he ..apahal lah tu agaknye…? My MIL is the true superwoman as she looked like she was having fun also and not suffering or being harassed!

Then there were also the pictures that we sent to them from the UK..alamak look so young….thanks to “Facercise” book of my sister in law, I now can tell you precisely what has changed with us to make us look that much older ….Husband has jowls now, and a pounch… nose looks bigger, eyelids are drooping a bit… and I have definitely gained 10 kg, hair is thinner, and basically everything is not as per 10 years ago lar…Waaaaaa…I looked so nice before (eh wah perasan), and can I please have that hairstyle again?? There is this picture of me with Nadine , standing next to a very slim, no specs Zu..(Zu, you looked so good without glasses) By the way did you realise that Camelia is clone of Nor when she was smaller?????

Hmm on the hair, I had a fringe, and I think, despite all the hairdressers telling me not to grow a fringe, I will insist on it.

Then we went to see Abang Jeman who is unwell. He has heart failure and is quite breathless when we saw him. Tu dia I have just broadcast his situation to everyone. You all pretend lah you don’t know ok if you see him…..He is summoned to GH by virtue of the Doc Husband and his faithful assistant ie moi (im sure abang Jeman pun nyampah – I yang ask so many questions). Ye lah Husband tau black and white je…you come to hospital now or else. It was so weird that while we were at their house, MedikTV was on, showing a surgery on breast cancer and breast removal…eeeyuck is that what my husband do ke…..

Then off to the most important thing of all….visit anak Majan!! We arrived at his inlaws’ place and Majan had already prepared 2 tupperware full of keropok..yesss he knows his nieces well. All attacked first Uncle M, then the keropok . Majan very sportingly layaned them. His parents in law were there too.

Fahim is absolutely beautiful…when we arrived he was nursing. Lamanye…last last habis but he refused to open his eyes!! Kacau lah kot mana, he will not open his eyes , ada lah kerut kerut annoyed when we touched his nose, tickled his eyebrows etc but for a short while only. We were informed that Mr Fahim Boss likes to sleep during the day and then wake up at 12 until 2 am.. demanding that his parents play with him. Hmm maybe his dad likes to sleep during the day too? Hmmm…if babies follow fathers then the babies will either be very bookish, or going to sleep during meals, or will disappear without telling the mommies etc etc he he he.

Just before we outstayed our welcome we left for MIL’s place. DIL had been gardening the entire day and had cleared the patch in front of the house for the khemah to go. Ati is getting a fancy khemah this time. Husband bought 15 durians for RM10 so we ate that for dinner – and then semua terduduk kenyang.Johan pun hantu durian rupanye… Kids were happy with Astro and lets play explore Nenek’s house. Nenek had a lot of UPSR books to give away – some ada nama budak lain lar..Nenek tak bagi balik ke buku Nenek??

The presence of monster mossies were a successful deterrent to staying outside too long. Now Nadine looks like she has chicken pox. I need to find a lotion/cream to reduce the marks. At night we watched Tiada Rahsia and MIL and DIL and I kutuk Siti Nurhaliza together…thanks Siti he he…

Next morning I woke up at NINE ok…sumpah tak guna punye menantu…just could not believe how tired I was….I guess because the entire night was peppered by various kids coming in from the other room. Breakfast was mihoon goreng . Soon after we had to leave for Rembau. Cousin of dad was getting married. We left but not before re-stocking the DVD at the local DVD store. Then at 1.30 pm,realised that I had left my glasses at MIL’s so back we went. MIL was having lunch and she said she was just thinking how hungry her son must be, and how he should have eaten lunch before he left ..tu lah dia , power or not, a mother’s thoughts….in the end Husband did have lunch at his home before we left finally for Rembau……

Rembau at 3. Wedding dah habis but people were still outside….went over to the house (next to my late grandparent’s house) , who are the descendants of my grandmom’s sister. All the sisters have houses next to each other, in one row. The grandmothers may have gone, but the children remain…and it’s my intention /aim to get everyone’s name down for future reference. I don’t want my kids to not know their cousins…as it turned out Sophia is in the same class as one of my cousin’s sons! Izad’s grandmother’s grandmother, is Sophia’s grandfather’s mom’s sister. (Get it?)
Ie. My grandma’s sister, is this child’s great grandmother.

I met up with Dani and his brothers. When we were small, apparently we hated each other. Everytime we meet the parents would tell us that. I remember one period of my life when everytime I came home for Raya the 4 boys would too, so all the Sudin-Jeliah branch of the family and their branch of the families would just jalan to the surrounding houses, which anyway are our relatives. In fact everyone I saw at my kampong, was my relative somehow. What a thought! Nowadays Raya would just be us congregating in one house. Or else visiting own mom’s house and then MIL’s house. I would like to do the “tour” again, but not sure who else remains in the kampong.

Dani’s dad was very close to my father and my uncles. He recently passed away after being doused by hot oil…..Anyway Dani is now a married man with 3 kids, and his brother Razlan (who really liked my friend R) is a married man with also 3 kids. At one time Dani rapat gak dengan I- this was at the time when he was doing ITM and I was doing A Levels nearby , and being my “nephew” (pangkat lah) he came over quite often. IN addition he was the school mate of MinahSongeh! Was he a gangster at MRSM, Zu?? He did write a few times when I left for UK but then we lost touch. When we met at the wedding they were still as mean to me as ever. Hmph. Ada ke dia kata I takda Astro tu yang banyak anak ..cis.I met the wives and kids- very nice people.

Dani and his brother Rithaudeen are my neighbours here it seems! Coincidence or what! What is even more incredible is that Rithaudeen’s son and Sophia are actually classmates!

We did not stay long in the kampong…all the uncles were working…mowing lawn , going over to the kebun, and generally lamenting the fact that the new generation are not so rajin in helping them…who said, my Johan was having a fun time raking leaves etc. The pool is emerald green in colour! Husband would help but we had to rush off, had to go get Minah etc …We had a hot shower before we left though, which was a good thing as the kids all went straight to bed when we arrived, at 9 p.m!

Hence me waking up on Monday morning ….with a deep desire to go back to sleep….

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