Thursday, August 10, 2006

Welcome back Shah

My brother from Japan is back . I have yet to see him,though.Other cousins have seen him but own sister has yet to! Would have gone to see him last nite but heard he went out to dinner with other cousins. What to do, in demand...

Complaint of lack of attention to spouse. This may be a bit private to be posted here? But gist of the matter is that spouse has been very very busy this last week. Even when he's with me, he'd be answering phone calls. So trying to make time to have dinner/tea together. Yesterday i said would you like to go for a drink tomorrow? and he said yes. And then I said, now can you ask me the same question. He laughed but he did it anyways- so I can tell you, he has asked me out. Ha ha ha...pathetic ke? Its very important to keep romance alive.

Kids are normal- demam dah reda. I bought Nadine a lovely teddy bear necklace and showed it to the others, telling them its a secret. Yesterday morning I got a call from Dahlia saying "mooooommmm, jojo has told nadine that her birthday present is a teddy bear necklace" And I heard her telling all sorts of lies to Nadine about the necklace ha ha

Dahlia is the financial controller or general controller of the family. The other nite I was on the way back home, and I was talking to each and every one of them. Dahlia was busy watching tv and didnt want to talk to me. Then I was telling Jojo that im going to have dinner with Daddy. JOjo immediately announced to everyone "Daddy is taking mummy to dinner!" The next instant, Dahlia came on the phone, and said "Is it true that daddy is taking you to dinner??" Ha ha ha..

Work...sigh what can i say. Semalam I was faxing stuff . Faxing stuff i tell you. See how action I am. I am moaning because I had to worry about faxing to 5 numbers. Er, isnt this the clerk's job? Chewah...kill me now I am too big for my head. ha ha ha...

Was interviewed by AstroRia the otherday- probably wont go in the tv since it was so crap. It was about medical check ups, ie when did I last have one. I had lunch with my ex colleagues semalam and I was telling them this and they said I should have said, "My husband is a doctor, I get checked up every nite" ha ha ha ha

ok ok ok bye bye

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