Saturday, September 30, 2006

Shopping for Hari Raya..., a Nightmare. We bought the girls their traditional dresses, Daddy had bought a nice light blue baju melayu but thus far that was it. We had yet to buy:

1. My baju (since no tailor will even look at your material if you send to them now);
2. Hubby's kain sampin;Johan's baju melayu (kain sampin dah beli)
3. Gifts for Mom In Law, Mom, Aunties and Opah;
4. Gifts for Dadinlaw and Dad- and Daus.

We have yet to:

1. Change money for Raya
2. Get angpow packets
3. Get Raya cookies (not a single kueh bought) - I know hubby is against the idea however, I don't think I can get away with not buying any cookies- At least, my favourite of all times, BAHULU (or as the kids use to call it, Kueh Bulu) And what about biscuit Cornflakes Auntie Dah?? She makes the yummiest cornflakes biscuit since I remember ( I have a memory at age of 10, digging into the tin biskut for her biskut) but now she is appraching 50 and I am still hoping she makes them - tak guna punya anak sedara...bukan nak buat untuk auntie ek??

(Oh yes M, is this a good time to get your friend's karipap mini tu??(or sardin twists or what was it called?- btw I will give you the broomie tomorrow)

4. Get ketupat! (for the past few years its been mom giving me some to take home to Mom In Law- ketupat daun palas courtesy of MakNgah (thanks Mak Ngah) - can get some more ke mom, this year? Never occured to me (well it has now lah) to buy for HER- but her suppliers are good whereas I don't have any suppliers.

5. Get rendang!! - Rendang usually sorted by Auntie Yot who would nobly come over to Opah's place to cook beef/chicken rendang for my grandma (and mom would cook her own and pass some to her grateful daughter). Each year the routine has been - First morning raya with my parents, then with my opah where all the aunties and kids go to opah's house and in the afternoon- drive home to Kluang.Hubby and I agreed that while my opah is still with us, we should spend every Raya morning with her. I hope the inlaws dont mind...Allready I've given up going to my dad's kampung which was what I used to do every year up to the age of 24- ie when I got married. I used to have so much fun- I guess the equivalent of Muar to my husband. Now no time. Dad boring jugak as he would be kid-less in Kampung - orang tua je ..since most kids have their own family, own in laws etc. Maybe we should have a raya do the weekend after raya.

So! At 9 this morning, we drove into Jalan TAR..I would not go otherwise but I figured 9 am should be ok .oh yes, tomorrow Jalan Melayu (near Masjid India) will be closed the entire day. This must be to allow ppl to shop to their hearts' content. In all the time I worked at old firm, which was just behind Jalan TAR, I never felt like going there! This notwithstanding that it's common knowledge that you can get kueh, clothes, materials, praying things, really really cheap(well cheaper lah than your local stores). However this year despite earlier protestations I felt compelled to go there for Johan's baju melayu and my own baju raya.

We parked at Sogo- which was having 70% SALE, PEOPLE!!! Sorry- yes, Hubby wanted to just shop in the store but I can always come back so we went to the shops on the Jalan TAR- got into one of those arcades (a real fire hazard, by the way). Aiyaaaa...after 30 minutes, my eyes were stinging and I was tired. Dahlia and Johan were with us so we had to buy them food, drinks and listen to their opinions about everthing we looked at. The elder 3 had tuition and mengaji and we promised them that we'd take them out after their mengaji, at 12. Sophia was NOT happy, as evidenced by the many many calls we received ..Toksah lah berangan nak temberang, as she would ask to speak to her sister and the sister would tell her loudly and with delight - "Sophia! We are in SOOOGO- KL SOOOOOGO" in a sing-songy way, "Daddy bought us laSAAAgna" .. !

At THREE PM, we were back in Sogo. Had bought everything, except?? MY bajuraya and Johan's bajumelayu- the things that we wanted in the first place. I re-discovered just how fussy hubby can be when buying things- we must have looked at about 20 kain sampin and he had booked 4 and made us walk up and down to check which one had the better workmanship and asking my opinion at each stage - almost always being met with "Yeah I think you should get it" for every one - not because I was fed up of browsing, but because all of them did look nice.I apologised to the pakcik and makcik who looked resigned to hear "We'll come back." In the end he settled for one and the girl there must have been trained in Mc Donalds before because she kept pushing other products to us -"Sejadah taknak kak? Tudung ke? Kain pelikat taknak?" . Mc D train their staff to do that with the food , I was once told by Zu. (we worked the tills at one point of our lives, so we'd always have a skill to fall back on if lawyering and accountinging do not work out ha ha ha)

As we had to go through Sogo to get to the car, might as well kan,like, check the sales. By now it was FULL of people. The world and his wife, lah, as they say. Yaaaa rabbi..... I must have missed some girl genes at birth because I totally did not feel able or willing to jump in with the crowd, and when my 2 kids sat on the floor I wanted to join them , ha ha ha. I could not really concentrate and after a while, Hubby took the kids for lunch and left me alone at the ladies department..As a result I found a very nice baju kurung in the shade that I wanted and in the style that does not make me look FAT. In the eyes of SOGO and that shamelessly frank mall, I Setan, I am officially LARGE. I can kiss "M" goodbye. BUT! Only according to Malaysia's size- MS READ was having a sale and I also found a Ms Read top which, thankfully, affirmed that I was still a SIZE 12 - the size I was in UK (ok it was stretch fabric but what is your point). I liked it so much that I took off the price tag and wore it there and then (oh by the way NEVER take off the price tag it freaks the sales girls out- you should walk to them with the price tag sticking out of your blouse and get them to cut for you, if ever you feel the need to wear your clothing apparel there and then). Waaaah shopping alone was good, I think it's not that I don't like to shop, it's that I don't like to shop with hubby and kids. I shopped with Janice the other day (after a gap of some 10 years of not shopping with a girl- last one was Zu, kan?) and it was great fun - we ignored each other while we went to search for our stuff , I had time to try on stuff (and discovered that women should always try their bra before buying and you may not be the size you were all those years ago- 32- 34-36, all that refer to how thick your body is, not how chesty you are and believe me I am thicker now) and every 10 mins or so we'd resurface to check each other's purchases and then when we were both ready we paid and head for coffee at Dome! It was fun! I also remember how girls love to egg each other to buy stuff and spend money ha ha ha- "buy lah it looks really nice, alaaaah whats RM400?" Ha ha ah- which was partly why I ended up with a load of frilly items that I dont normally buy.But will, from now on, buy.

Day not ended yet- went home to be met with the wails of no 1, 2 and 3 (actually no 3 je, no 1 and 2 too cool to wail , but no 1 did remind that we were gone SIX HOURS). Sembahyang Zohor and Asar, then got ready to go again, except daddy was knocked out! Could not wake the guy!

At long last around 6 he finally left with no 1,2 and 3 to shop for their day clothes- they wanted to choose their own tops - hope he's not too carefree - we have not even started October, boss!! (Gaji dapat awal tak for October?)

10 p.m- girls and daddy not back yet. (I think if I had taken them the shopping would be done in under one hour- see, like, buy)


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Age defying shampoo??

You know you are old when , upon seing a product called "Age defying shampoo", you no longer laugh or feel the urge to write to newspaper about the obsession with age and beauty and youth that this society has, and instead, you start contemplating buying it!

I bought it. Age defying shampoo and don't forget, age defying leave in conditioner. Ye lah., if I use one but not the other, My age might not be fully "defied"(???).

And yes, the society is too obsessed with age and beauty. Is it because of my husband that I do this, in which case its ok I guess? Er, of course it is! :-)

Men can be vain too. Loads of product out there for men. Some men have nicer nails than women- my nails have gone to pot anyway. And I don't care! Am I less cultured or maybe less classy? (or less moneyed?)

Let me go dry my age defying hair now. (its no longer light brown by the way)

Rich Garden

Yesterday lunchtime I indulged in a little pain and pleasure- ok stop that you dirty minded ppl ha ha its actually REFLEXOLOGY. Went to this place very near my office, with a colleague - RM30 for 30 mins. Pricey but what do you expect from Bukit Bintang.

Anyway it was painful and I had to tell the ladies to take it down a bit. Went with my colleague and she pun sakit .. She asked the lady massaging her foot whether the fact that she was experiencing pain meant she was suffering from anything. The lady told us that its all a load of BULL ha ha, dont believe anyone who says that, we are not doctors ha ha ha ...and she related a story about a man who called for a masseuse at Rich Garden Hotel and was given a story of doom and gloom and got him so worried that he actually developed the symptoms later on. Peninglah I pikir mana ada Rich Garden Hotel???

RUpanye...Ritz Carlton.....

ha ha ha ha!
Children are really the voice of your conscience, I have discovered. Yesterday I drove home alone and at about 7.40p.m, hubby who had been in theatre all day, called to say he is taking the LRT home and can I pick him up in about 20 minutes. To tell you the truth I was feeling really really tired, I had forgotten to take my usual cup of caffeine the morning before and had felt the effect the entire day, so I was more sluggish than usual. Driving out after having dinner was not what I felt like doing, so I considered aloud whether I could get Daddy to get a cab. Daughter no 1 looked at me sadly and said, "ambik lah daddy- he always pick YOU up!". True, he always appear at LRT stations when I wait for him there- the cost of cabs to my house from the LRT station does not make it worthwhile taking the LRT in the first place- so, suitably chastised, I went to get daddy....As I was reversing the car, dahlia and sophia kept muttering from the back "Please don't crash the car, please don't crash the car". I said what do you mean I crash teh car? And Dahlia said "Daddy's a good driver". Sophia the diplomat jumped in and said "Mummy's a good driver too!". Dahlia kept quiet for a while and said "Errr yeah. But please don't crash the car.." Sheesh- you bang into the gate ONCE and they dont let you forget it. So I said "Ok, if you don't like the way I'm driving maybe you don't want to come with me to get daddy.." (Saje je lah) and quickly they both said "you're a GOOD driver mummy!". Johan also echoed "You're a good driver Mummy". But then he added " But not all the time". Ha ha ha..

When we arrived at the LRT station, daddy was no where to be found. Unlike Mummy, who would wait by the side of the road for daddy to appear and spring to action whenever any vehicle remotely resembling our car comes in sight (which is a lot when you start looking!), Daddy was actually nowhere to be found, and after a while I saw him walked down from the Wangsa Maju shops- daddy was browsing! Tu lah difference nye between us!

Then the four kids who came along got a pleasant surprise - we took them to Jaya Jusco- which by the way was having a sale! We looked for light blue baju kurung for Eid as well as for Lana's wedding at home, which is apparently blue theme- if you change I will be stuck, Lana! Amazingly we found quite nice baju kurung- I now have to deal with the likelihood of bumping into other kids wearing the same baju kurung! Also got them some disney character pajamas - mummy very very seldom go baju shopping and now I remember why- broke the bank to buy for 5 kids! Izreen, by the way are you still looking for baby clothes? Isetan is also having a sale now. I know because all of a sudden a lot of people told me they were coming my office's way (not to see me but to go the Isetan presale) oh to be single and with money..!

Anyway I am glad that we have sorted out the baju kurung and baju melayu part although somepart of me (the woman part) tells me I should actually go shopping some more - at Jalan TAR perhaps. But the thought of wading through the raya crowd!!! Noooo thanks. Kueh pun I think Im going to buy ready made ie chips more!! Hubby suggested we deviate from normal practise of buying and he actually think we should just buy biscuit off the shelf, I did disagree - adake nak serve butter cookies for raya ..but when I found out that the shortage of sugar has caused the cookies price to soar- RM45 for 100 biji of biskut !! I'm beginning to see the appeal of what Hubby suggested...

It IS so hard to get sugar nowadays..what's wrong I wonder- we had to go to three shops to get three packets!And that was first thing in the morning too. Takpa lah ..diabetes is way on the high in M'sia.

Talking of diabetes, my opah Tam is still in hospital - Bilik 12 wad 14 ok ..and she is due to go back anytime soon, except she has a fever and some bedsores and doctors want to keep her in for observation. I bet she is bored out of her skull. I would be too. She now has to watch the other foot and keep it covered all the time , the first foot went from a nick on the toe to a full blown wet gangrene of half a foot..! Good thing now is she no longer has to worry about that leg ha ha ha (eeeh jahat nye I )

Ok lah the kids are sahuring now while I am doing this. I ate just now (milo and roti) . I do not notice any weight loss or even weight shift since starting puasa. Could it be the sudden high intake of kuih muih??


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Just back from KLCC

Today is the last day before Puasa. Nadine however has developed a fever. But fortunately for her she developed this fever at the tail end of our day at KLCC. We thought we'd take them where they wanted to go ie KLCC, to have lunch at Chillis- but at 2.45 the queue was soo long still! They asked us to come back in 40 minutes. Off we went to get pretzels at Aunt Annes and then they wanted Hot chocolates at Starbucks- RM70 for hot chocs and coffee???! I made the girl tell me what the bill meant- ok sorry jakun. Then walked around the children's section in ISetan where we discovered 50% does not mean anything when the starting price is RM300! (For a pair of JEANS?? So who's Kenzo anyway?) Fifi, please save all those lovely pounds- raising kids and dressing them aint gonna be cheap. Then we wanted to go catch a movie- no movie suitable for kids at the mo. I popped in a record shop to get them a HIgh School Musical DVD- RM99!!! Are you sure??? The kid said to me- ini lah harga import kak. So nice of him to phrase it that way when I'm sure he meant - ini lah harga barang LEGAL kak. Not counterfeit. I think I'll rip it off the net somehow lah. And the singalong thingy was RM50.

Then we walked to the KL Convention Centre which meant passing through KFC , which reminded the kids that they were actually hungry. Wah not easy to get a table!! tempted to say loudly how some ppl should GET UP and LEAVE once they finish a meal. I think Hubby scared this girl sitting at a table for 6 into leaving and changing to a table for 2- er makes sense I guess when she is actually just waiting for her boyfriend?

While waiting for the dad to bring back deep fried and deeply unhealthy food, we played "Who Am I?" ie "Who Am I, I have a long neck and I-" (I would never get to finish the question as the kids would guess first!). Its fun lah playing with the. JoJo pun nak main the only thing is , he would say first and then figure out with the rest of us just who the heck he wanted to be- ie, "Who Am I? I have 6 heads and 3 legs and I go ROAR" and then we would all guess and in the end he'd say "Alien" . Invariably that would be Jojo's contribution. Tried teaching them how to play charades but they drew the letters in the= air ie- H,A, V, E - mana aci!

Finally finally finally went off to the home expo exhibition. So many ppl. Do I really need a jacuzzi-wooden flooring-lamps that look like disco balls- filter; although the water filter is a good idea. For RM1850, they place a water filter outside your home, which would filter the water before it gets into the house. Some really yucky pictures of what the water in your tank looks like were also thrown in. Yeeeeeeauch. Really tempted. But RM1850?

Didn't finish touring as Nadine looked miserable so off we went home- KLCC was FULL of young girls and boys about 15 plus smoking, cuddling, and being really er..western? I said to my husband- Please tell me they are Singaporean! Cause it's really scary if those were our youth- what happenned?

Got me thinking about this moral police. MOrality is a very sensitive thingy for us to impose on society in general. You would get ppl crying breach of freedom, big brother society etc. I guess its what ppl find appropriate. Used to be that ppl holding hands in public is not acceptable I guess but now, its no big deal. Nor is it a big deal to see young kids all over each other -ok for those who were with me and Hubby while we were courting- shut up. Now that Im old, I m a prude. I've earned the right to be a hypocrite.

Ok I would have to finish the tea plantation story in a minute- I just found out that Zu has not blogged about her experience there either.

Cameron Highlands Day 2

Woke up, ate bread and jam , bread and chocolate sandwich, leftover rice and meehoon and even cereal. Tip for those who want to go to Strawberry Park Resort Apartment, need to bring groceries if you have kids or even an extra hungry spouse.

We checked out terus. Which involved cleaning up and also putting the many many stuff in the bag and into thecar. As I was reversing the car there was this IDIOT who came up the hill and somehow failed to see a BIG SERENA reversing and then he honked me!!! I was fuming mad!!! Hey , mate, buta ke or what?????

Check out time- Very embarrassing moment when they asked where the third towel is. Ha ha ha. I saw it in the laundry bag earlier actually and I left it there. It was wet and I thought thats probably one of ours - or not, who cares. But they asked us publicly and I had to go and check and hubby found it and had to return it! Maluuuunyeer but i do think I should next time take a dry towel if betul lah nak curi.Rasa like criminal.

We went to the strawberry farm - or rather the pick-your-own-strawberry cum adventure in the forest cum jungle trekking farm. They should warn ppl especially if you have kids that they were going to take us down a steep set of stairs, to the terraced farm where they grow strawberries on multi level boards,even beyond the first level of farm and into the back. And the strawberry come out of the compost bags! Strange, i recalled strawberry picking in chester involving a lot of bending down and popping strawberries . We took one kilo worth (RM40!) Not too bad if you think of it as a theme park. Our kids were so sporting, The world's most adorable girl, Tina, pun naik turun bukit. Johan pun cool je. They had to cross a slim plank over a river at one point (ok not river lah, stream) but still! I was sure I was going to fall. ha ha ha. Epa disappeared. I was told he was taken even deeper into the farm, to the juciest strawberries. The farm has tarpaulin roof by the way so protected lah even if it rained (and Im sure it did)

Then we went off to Sungai Palas Tea Plantation. My car carried Tina consistently throughout the weekend, and my daughter Dahlia refused to come wiht us. So macam exchange programme lah. It was so much fun being with Tina she was such a pleasant non moody child!

Ok, later. Now have to take kids to KLCC for last outing before puasa.

Cameron HIghlands from the Faisal Family- Day 1

We had looked forward to this trip for 2 weeks. I booked 3 rooms with the Equatorial hotel with Berjaya Vacation Club (have to pay only 60 bucks as we are members of the vacation club) and then a week later they told me sorry the apartment's fully booked- que? Bila pulak I book apartment? Anyway when they realised that I wanted the HOTEL (because my email saying please book me the hotel room was probably vague), the HOTEL was of course fully booked. Under threat of mutiny from not only MY Kids but Epa and Zu's children as well, I had to look for another alternative. Entah apa ada kat Cameron Highlands that weekend but most places were full. Finally booked a 2 bedroom apartment at the Strawberry Park Resort. Incidentally I've always wanted to go there. My last memory of Cameron was going there with my family in my late teens - with Zuriati, funnily enough. We got so bored that we walked along the lonely roads to check out the bungalows- sheesh now that I think back, I'm sure that was a dangerous thing to do! And we did drool over Strawberry Park Resort apartments which looked quite nice. Oh! actually during one of our trips home, when we were still UK residents, we did go to Cameron Highlands. Hubby, Dad and Uncle played golf. Hmm no wonder I don't remember that trip.

Anyway I tell you near DIVORCE ok this trip. Hubby had set time to go at 5 am. However the night before we went to Midvalley mega mall, and then saw M at the BSC and by the time we got back it was really late. At 4.40 am the phone rang and a rather annoyed sis in law said you can't really be serious that you wanted to go at 5?? In the end we got out of the house at 6.20 am. Hubby took soooo long choosing the VCD to watch in the car lah, putting on his shoes lah...I was freaking out as I do NOT want to be the one who is late. My sis in law has this perception that we are (or rather hubby is) always late - hmm wonder where she got this from?? He he he! MY Husband was not going to be late THIS Time.

Off we go to send the Maid, then off we go to meet them up at Tapah. Sekali tiba tiba, Hubby stopped at Rawang, ostensibly to let the kids go to the loo, and to stretch his legs. 20 mins later I, waiting in the car, wondered what the heck was taking so long and I was sooo conscious of the people waiting for us at Tapah! They were having BREAKFAST ok. I had packed sandwiches just to avoid this, so I boring MY mind there is a race to meet my personal deadline ok, ie I do NOT want to keep them waiting. So..I rushed them into the car...& more grumbling in the car with my husband saying apa ni, kan holiday relaks lah..but I could only relax once I get Epa and Zu in my sight. True enough they were allready there when we got there. Kalau Amazing Race dah kalah terok dah!

Ok, once we got together and set off to SImpang Pulai the mood was a bit more relaxed. We stopped at this garden centre on the way to Cameron Highlands, and I managed to get conned out of RM15 buying some toys for them..alah takpalah takut boring pun. When we were about to go out, Johan said" mummy I dont have any slippers." Paused. "or shoes either". Waaa??

We let him out bare foot ! Then we drove up through what must be the dirtiest part of CH, ie the vegetable patches- the rubbish bins, the huts the attap zink - etc it was just unsightly.After a bit, we came to this Butterfly farm - loads of buses so this must be a major stop. My son the barefoot boy pun turun. I had a slight tummy problem so I thought I'd stay in but they took SO long in there I decided to go out and I was glad I did! Best jugak the butterfly farm and it was not just butterflies! And the flowers which were growing wild were so beautiful there- and so HUGE!

Finally, decided to go off to the hotel and then get lunch. Mission no 1 is to find Johan shoes! COuld not see any stall selling any other thing that is not strawberry related!!!

Then we arrived at the hotel...ok lah 3 bedroom, one big master bedroom with a double bed and dresser with window facing the hills, then a smaller bedroom with double bed with window facing the car park (we took that one- i takut pandang hutan thanks) . And another single room for Nadine and Sara. Zu had brought mats, quilts (we brought 2) and a little wendy house.

Bestlah , ada verandah pandang hills- which Epa used to smoke out off ha ha, but the view was soo nice, After KL kan, watching an eagle(??) Ye ke bukan I tau pun. some bird lah circle over the treetops.

Makan kat this Market Square. Budak budak makan roti canai - a menu to be repeated again and again -kemaruk ke apa our kids ni. Got Johan some cheapo shoes- ok lah for the trip.

Then went to Tanah Rata. Hujannnnnnn..dalam hujan tu posing kat Olde Smokehouse inn.. cehwah berangan sat lah kat UK. (After that sume orang demam ha ha). My daughter Sophia ada toilet crisis pulak so stop at this hotel to "yak yak". Sigh.
She asked me when we were going to get to Cameron HIghlands. I said we were already there! She said i thought Cameron HIghlands was supposed to be FUN? This is just a!!
Sorry Sophia....!

Then dah puas legar legar we went back to the apartment. Kids had a bath (only one bathroom!) and dah settle in depan Astro- Pacifier was on!. Hubbies pun dah comfortable with Epa depan tv and Epi terbongkam kat katil. Zu and I wanted to get dinner - and hubbies wanted to go out later with kids and us for dinner. You must be kidding! We could not face taking kids out in the rain again so in the end Zu and I went to the Jim Thomson restaurant and tapau the nasi goreng and nasi istimewa and mihoon ( we were given 100 bucks voucher to spend). Enough, amazingly.

Day 1 ended with scaredy cat me sleeping with Johan on the couch depan tv, and then it got tooo uncomfortable and I scooted to the bedroom at 3 am!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Johan's first day at school

Last Tuesday Johan got up very early and Dahlia announced that Johan wants to go to school. So we got him dressed in Dahlia's t-shirt and then we sent them off to school. Johan was serious je. We left him there. I called the school 3 times.

Spoke to the teacher. Teacher told me that he has weak motor skills , and he told the teacher that he does not know his Alphabet but actually he does, and he can write his own name. (thanks to moi ha ha ) and that he is of course not as accomplished as the others in his class who has had 9 months head start ( fault)

When he came back I asked him how he liked it. Apparently his class is outside and he got bored. His friend is Sophia (Another girl) who "speaks like us" . ??YOu mean she speaks English?? Yes. tengok tu my son is sooo sharifahamani in the making.

Dahlia complained that he always looked for her and he was "annoying me". I told her that it was her job to look after Johan. Dahlia and Jojo has a relationship that others dont have, ie big sister and bro and they are very close. Usually people typically have 2 kids, perhaps a girl and a boy- and Dahlia and Johan act just like that because the other 3 goes to big school.

Wednesday he could not wake up in time so tak pergi.

Thursday he went and he learnt a new song. He said he liked it. But he got bored having to sit all the time.

Today Friday there is a birthday party- when I left for work they were both sleeping. I called home and found out that they took the van to school as there is a birthday party today.

My son is soooo big now....teachers tell me that he is very mature for his age. No tears etc. WEll, I had left the choice of going to school to him kan, for a change. So he is going because he wants to go. He does NOT have poor motor skills. Harrumph.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Work so Far

Hello there! Sorry tak update for a long time...busy.

This is my blog for my work:

And I thought banking was boring.

Since I came on this new place, I’ve done two files only. For the past 3 weeks or so I have been doing ONE file. It was supposedly concluded by 31 August 2006 and I think boss gave because he thinks it’s supposed to be simple – after all we’re talking about someone with NO banking experience here. Anyway it turned out not to be simple, and involve a LOT of issues dealing with the Municipal council and the land office and now I know that the people at the land office are KINGS ok. Everything is up to their whims and fancies. Did you know that if you have a vacant lot and have not been given any bills for assessment from the council you cannot assume that you do not need to pay? I’ve been asking for a receipt of the assessment from the Company and it was only last Friday that they told me that they do not have any building therefore they do not need to pay. I yang tak tau ni accept jelah without asking for any letters to verify this. On Monday my colleague told me that they may need to get the confirmation from the council to say that, otherwise the application to charge that particular land to my client, may be rejected by the Land Office in Shah Alam. I feel that I should have known this earlier, but apparently each land office has its own peculiarities! Ada ke? How to do work like this? So I called the land office ppl who told me that they will accept the presentation of charge even though there is no letter of confirmation from the council. But to be safe, I wrote to the Council to say can you please give the confirmation and I called several times and at my maybe 8th call, someone said ok, you pick me up and I will go and inspect that Land with you. So Company and I went (company only supposed to go but the guy who is superkiasu from the Company wants me to go). So off I went to council and then Cheras to do a site inspection – for the first time ever.

I tell you.. this file- nasib baik lah I have no other file otherwise I would so not be able to do what I have been doing for this file: I have been a dispatch person, I have been a stamping office person. I have inspected a site ! Accounts matter pun I kena- I was given a cheque on Friday at 4 pm for the documents to be stamped on Monday. Then I was informed that the office policy is to clear the cheque before I can go and stamp. Then I ask Company, if you want to stamp it today, please give me a bank draft- and kena marah dengan the borrower – well he complained to my partner that why did I accept the cheque? (I was listening and the Company did not know that I was listening). Boss said to me, its his fault as we had asked for the money like 2 weeks ago and why didn’t pay? Anyway I could not resist calling him back and tell him , is it my fault that you choose to pay me by cheque or what, and how do I know that he will not give me bank draft? Ok, I will next time advise all my clients to issue bank draft.

I had to wait TWO HOURS at their office for the bank draft , finally came at 4 and meaning I cannot go for stamping then. And then when I took bank draft to office, I was told that the bank draft will be rejected by the Stamp Office because its made out to “Collector of Stamp Duty” instead of “THE collector of Stamp Duty”….aiyah I cannot handle this anal thingy lah……and the stamp office person told me if he goes sure kena reject and buang masa je. Some more , after I stamp, I have to wait for the Stamp Office to endorse the Charge document with something to say that the duty has been paid on the principal document- and that will take about a week !!

The next morning, I went to Wangsa Maju to the Stamp Office . By some miracle and as God is Great- I got everything stamped , the bank draft was accepted no drama, and the endorsement took TEN MINUTES …easy lah!!! Ha ha ha ..terror lah , tak payah beg pun.

Anyway tu pun the Company tak berterimakasih. Now heard that my charge is rejected by the Land office because takda the assessment letter- damn it . And my client wants me to call up the pengarah council – er you call sendiri I dah call the orang bawah ..if you want me to pull strings, you do it lah!!!

LAte evening......

Do you know what the boy who went to the land office told me?? That he thinks its not smooth the way I do this file, and the way I talk to the client. What the heck??? And he said if I go to the Land office what work does he do?? Is he worried about the money he can claim for travelling?? Aiyahhh upset I. I kept quiet. I KEPT QUIET can you believe it?? Now Im upset that I kept quiet. Sheeesh so soft what a wimp. But this guy has an attitude prob sikit..but he still is the guy you ask for help.Halloooo this file very funny also lar....

the Next Day..21.9.2006

Company, me , and maybank went to the council . Took council guy for breakfast. I think the company gave a present, you know what i mean?? A lot of good it got us because he still could not get the letter signed for us to take home, he asked us to wait he will fax it over...And I waited at the office lar and here the client, the BOrrower all harrassed me to call this guy and to present the charge today today and the clerk (who was rude to me) said after 2.30 he cannot allready. In the end the letter came 2.45, I was allready out having lunch with my auntie Kak Ogy and then I asked partner what to do, shall we just try? And partner said ok, and I left instruction to my roommate's secretary to get this clerk to go allready whatever you want to say. I didnt want to pull rank but now I have to lah. The secretary very nice , she really made an effort to help me while I was stuffing my face eating dimsum at Starhill. Cantik muka I harini, go out to lunch 2.30 and come back 3.30 and when I came back bumped into boss at the stairs and buat deq je. he he he

Anyway I heard from my kiasu client who tak sabar sabar call me, call the clerk, call the land office ppl, that the charge was presented! Yahooooo!!!

So now dah lah saga is over....I will tell you all about my cameron highlands trip and johan pi skolah and others ....

Friday, September 08, 2006


I love radio era..esp Saiful Apek. He's hilarious! Today he sang "Dialembab" ha ha ha, ripping off "Dealova". Suara sebijik...! He's talented.. Dulu penyapu sampah je...sekarang dah FOFULAR. My children pun love to watch him.. "Gitu Gitu Apek" or "Agen 016" ..they dont need to understand what is being said.

(Although I hope they do! I dont want them to ever feel the need to declare that they sound stupid if they speak in Malay karang...)

Had breakfast today at the fourth floor...with former colleague's husband..karang miss lunch

Ok Im babbling purely because I have no idea what it was that I wanted to blog about. Could it be my restaurant lunches so far- Tuesday, free lunch at Naab, Wednesday, went to Moussandra, Thursday went to Eden at Chulan I am in the office people and not going to eat. I tell you, spoilt for choice. Naab was ok, had some mixed kebab, rather dry. Saved the briani rice for husband and fed him in the car in the evening. Moussandra was the best, had 4 tapas, fried crabs and cilantro sauce, terung masak sambal (well I forgot the mediterranean name, sorry), udang masak tomato (ada nama glemer, sorry) and satu lagi apa ah- roti sapu dengan tomato buah and olive oil. Shedaap. This place really, kalau nak shopping memang boleh..yesterday was the launching of Louis Vuitton.

But Im not that kind lar..jakun and tak berminat sesangat la . duit takda pun betol gak but I think I just don't go sangat for the designer goods. One or two ok kot.

Opah Tam.
Ok, now I remember what I wanted to blab about. My opah tam..kena take her leg off , kesian.. I am more traumatised than her at the moment. Opah macam dazed je... Supposed to be done yesterday but GH tak cukup resources, ada one or 2 emergency so terus kena postpone. Tu lah, pleeease lah upgrade kan GH tu. Aircond ke, (although in First Class tu terlampau lah sejuk pulak). I have informed everyone in my phone list about her , bukan nak suruh visit, tapi saja sebagai servis percuma...he he he.

JOhan has informed me that he is ready to go to school. All of a sudden things are clicking and he knows how to write his alphabets. Could it be that Nadine/Sara/Sophia and Dahlia are actually helping him, as I have asked? I'm trying to get the kids to be more responsible by getting them to say, lay the table, or clean the areas.

Oh! Talking about clean the house...aiyooo, really really have learnt a lesson lar... 2 nites ago, we were ter'bongkang"ing (ie splayed about) in front of the TV , with the house looking a bit erm...less than neat. when I heard Mak B and Uncle Mail coming . Clad only in my top bajukurung, (wah dah x rated) I SHOT upstairs to change he he he...Sorry ye Mak B and Uncle M, rumah sungguh tak senonoh...and nothing more than fruits to serve them....whereas whenever we go there we always get first class treatment....I really really have to treat them one day they are indeed very very kind people! Eee, malunye..dengan chair half mustard and half yellow (in the middle of painting the leather chair-again). (Geleng kepala). Mak B and Uncle Mail just returned from teng teng teng..barbecue with Siti..he he

Taking the kids to Cameron HIghlands...they are excited the most sebab nak pergi dengan their cousins...I have to redouble confirm with the Berjaya. Maid kata maybe nak pergi- she can bunk with the kids..maybe can bring some quilts....

Ok lah ...kena kerje....bye bye...

Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend activity

Opah Tam pulak masuk hospital...

My grandmother's sister. My Mom called to say that the Opah wants to see Husband. Gangrene has set in her foot and she has been going to visit the GP only. She has refused to go to the hospitals. Now its quite bad, she wants to see Husband. We were on the way somewhere else. So I said, tell her , go to the hospital and Husband will see her there. He's on call anyway mah. She needed to go to the Hospital , its been 2 weeks. I tell you, Husband was so upset that I did that! (eeeeee malu nye reveal here). We are back to our old loveydovey self now, but I know now (or rather I am reminded) that he is Very Particular about his right to treat patients as and when he chooses, notwithstanding what I say, ie he didnt like that I was directing where he can see her. Simpan dalam hati sampai semalam woooooh.. I learnt that , never challenge a man's ego. You can advise/comment/be bossy and be 150% secure that you ARE right ( I am after all Dahlia's mommy). but gals...never let them feel that you are trying to control them.. he he he he....In any event it worked, Opah Tam went to the hospital.

Opah Tam's foot is black. Husband has decided that he shall NOT be primarily active in treating her, as she requires amputation of the foot and this is a highly emotional issue and its best if he can be detached and provide ancillary support. (ALL his words ok.. not mine..sumpah:-))

Cian Opah..she was put in the 3rd class ward. which is actually the best place as if she goes to thefirst class ward first, she will be left all alone. First class wards at GH are for well people only ok. The nurses leave you pretty much alone, there is no TV, and if you get a single room, you will be left alone with your thoughts...not a good idea if your thoughts are "Im going to have to have my foot cut off". I'd go beserk. Opah was soooo pale. She was terrified. I can't tell her her foot would not be affected. Husband also could not bring self to tell her, although he did show me that if it was his patient it would be below the knee operation..Apparently the foot is quite bad now...She should have been dragged to the hospital...

Kids came along to the ward. Tunjuk kan to the nurses how noisy Prof's kids are, man. They fought to sit on the wheel chair. they wanted to go to the loo. they wanted to drink, to eat to etc etc...They stared at the bandaged foot.

Today have to go back early, since everyone's at home. Tomorrow have called dinner plans with D and wife and kids off. Husband has other plans called I don't like having your ex boyfriend-wannabe in my house ha ha ha (although official reason is no cash to have lavish dinner).Can i be perasan and think its the former one?

Am sitting now in the office..missed lunch.

Kids are well, enjoyed themselves with the mic and the headphone that daddy bought so now my media player has "Sara's news" and "Sophia's Al Iklas" and "Nadine- how do I live". Also, kids love patriotic I also have "Sejahtera Malaysia" and Jalur Gemilang....Ha ha ha..semua perasang jadi newscaster/singer/dj....

We had a birthday thingy for Mom - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! We went over and 7 kids basically had fun blowing the candles. Thanks Sazzli for the HUGE birthday card for Nadine! She loved it. wore the scooby doo badge immediately. She lost her necklace by the way at the pool... Marah lah tapi apa nak buat... We got satay, and then we went to get petrol, and had to pass the house. I saw Johan at the gate, so husband picked him up into the car, When we returned, everyone was soooo angry with us as they thought Johan had wandered off or got kidnapped. I guess I didnt think! But I could not sleep thinking that my son was at the gate,and it was so easy for anyone to grab him.

Ok., its now working time ciou..

Oh! I need to tell you that we had dinner on Friday at Passage thru India. Nice, authentic and not so expensive prices and very nice food. Indians go there. But passage thru India was dark!! You had to walk a while through a tunnel before you reach the noisy room . I thought waah they really mean passage through India eh?

Ok now I gotta go...

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Week that was

Siti got married.
My daughter thinks Datuk K is the Prime MInister
Also she told me Datuk K is Siti's husband and when I asked siapa siti, Sophia, all the three girls (Nadine, Sara and Sophia) said scornfully: Siti is the famous singer!!

Had an impromptu get together at my Opah's house.)(Forgive me if this has been blogged before!) Mom and Dad and Bro came also, Bro's car got stuck kat flood and had to be towed back ha ha think that that could have been my fate as I was driving the van alone that day, through the flood but I redah je...he he he.It was really nice to meet up with my Opah, Auntie Yot and Uncle and their daughter , studying medicine in Russia god help her. Got a glimpse of my opah's interesting life...she is the first born of the second wife of a pakistani/northern indian man, who came over to make his fortune, and she remembered her mom fetching the first childless wife over to Tanjung Malim so that they can live together, and she remembered being co-brought up with the other mother. Also. the Atok has another wife with whom they have 6 kids. After the atok died, his wife and my opah's mom, married again and had 2 kids. And these 6(from my opah's siblings) and 6 from the other family and 2 from the other family, are all tak?? Apparently dah ada family tree dah...Anyone out there with a Lal Mohammad as a patriach???

Have not blogged in a while, tak da mood lar....also the laptop acts up at home , once the streamyx is on, the laptop refuses to open sites, even though the connectionis on...called up TMNet and they start to give me instructions such as "pull all wires off the modem" and then I'll go "er..which one is the modem??" and yell for hubby...he he he. Sorry blur.Daughters are more techsavvy..Changed the dad's ringtone to"Daddy please pick up the phone, pick it up.." he he he..Dad came home saying, eh please change this ring tone can ah. See? even the daddy pun tak reti how to change the ringtones! He he he

Had a tahlil yesterday...oh yes, Selamat Merdeka. Tahlil kat Rombau tapi Husband on call so in the end stayed at home...until 5 and then jalan jalan takda tujuan...purely cause the kids were bored..In the end pi tengok Uncle Rahman kat DU.Uncle Rahman getting better although slight discomfort..And Uncle Rahman took us and Mak M to Jake's . The brave man, took all 5 kids with him in his big car..(and now SOphia wants a big car too he he). Mak M sakit kaki, kesian...hope you get better soon Mak M! The kids loved Jakes...ordered macam pro..bukanlah I nak anak I jakun ..but takut anak i tak reti susah nanti....They are so fond of hotels lah I guess. Jangan biasakan.he he ..

Have succumbed to Nadine and got STARWORLD.(tapi wonder where she gets her values from???) .ok ...for her birthday lar..tapi tah apa apa entah...berapa kali nak tunjuk ROCKSTAR dahh.... and Oprah was talking about gay ppl ie..when did you know you were gay?? of the guys said the mom was blaming herself, and he said in the end, its not ABOUT you mom! Ok..but im a mom too and I so know where she is coming from.

Ok all the time Im worrying about the values they have..although I think they'll be allright.They are soo cute nowadays as they are talking to each other. The youngest is mature enough to join in the conversation and they are soo noisy. Husband said he loved this time. Im always telling them to ssssshush! I think they love the dad more lar..he he he ..girls do that i think. Im very close to my dad.

Jojo is noticing girls!!! What is he, 4?? He said to me "Mummy that beautiful girl was looking at me" . I turned and there were this family sitting at the table next to us at Jake's. the mom, and the daugter. So I asked him , which one, the mommy or the kid? and he said " the mommy" Amboit!!! Go for older girls! Oh well, at least I can say he's healthy at 4, takda lah nak pakai purse or what. NAUZUBILLAH!!!!!!!

Hari tu this Uncle belanja Lakeclub dinner- Orchid Room. Anyway these were my dad's old armforces ppl buddies and we were invited as Hubby had treated the wife..Ok if you are reading this, Auntie - I DO NOT LIKE you putting your hands on my husband's shoulder and thighs when you wanted to ask him something. Also to my husband , you are not nailed to the chair and please get up . I was having a pleasant time, there were 3 couples (our dad's age) and then I saw this woman talking to my husband and basically draping all over him. Eh my mom pun never do that ok...i tak suka, regardless of how old she is or what was the intention. The husband was looking at them,tau. SO tak manis. I instantly got up,walked to him, told my husband, I need the loo. He said I'll come with you. and he totally did not get why I was hitting him with my handbag after that etc etc he he he..Am I too jealous???? I see this space around my husband that no one else sees and I get very stressed when I see any other woman (that I hardly know!) get in that space! WE are NOT getting in touch with this auntie ever again. He he he....I think she got it that I was PISSED OFF.

Eh eh melalut lar....

Kids went to theatre the other day, mula mula Nadine, but then the bus kosong as most kids tak turn up so we sent off the other 2 ...And took Dahlia and Jojo boating at Titiwangsa...ok lah ! Bestnye ..agaknye macam tu lah feeling orang yang ada 2 anak je ek??? Mummy and Daddy pedalling and Jojo and Daya at the back, Then we makan and went to wait for Nadine and Sara and Sophia...lenguh gak kaki den...

Tuesday ada orang nak datang dinner....D and his wife..Mamat tu sms me bila nak belanja lunch, while waiting for his wife to come out of clinic...- tak kena marah ke? Husband told me toksah layan but he is my the end I jemput dia and family terus datang rumah on his birthday for dinner (adake ajak lunch on his birthday). Bukan I perasan but decorum ler kenalah jaga...

Ok ok I got to finish my work..tata....

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...