Thursday, September 28, 2006

Age defying shampoo??

You know you are old when , upon seing a product called "Age defying shampoo", you no longer laugh or feel the urge to write to newspaper about the obsession with age and beauty and youth that this society has, and instead, you start contemplating buying it!

I bought it. Age defying shampoo and don't forget, age defying leave in conditioner. Ye lah., if I use one but not the other, My age might not be fully "defied"(???).

And yes, the society is too obsessed with age and beauty. Is it because of my husband that I do this, in which case its ok I guess? Er, of course it is! :-)

Men can be vain too. Loads of product out there for men. Some men have nicer nails than women- my nails have gone to pot anyway. And I don't care! Am I less cultured or maybe less classy? (or less moneyed?)

Let me go dry my age defying hair now. (its no longer light brown by the way)

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