Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cameron Highlands Day 2

Woke up, ate bread and jam , bread and chocolate sandwich, leftover rice and meehoon and even cereal. Tip for those who want to go to Strawberry Park Resort Apartment, need to bring groceries if you have kids or even an extra hungry spouse.

We checked out terus. Which involved cleaning up and also putting the many many stuff in the bag and into thecar. As I was reversing the car there was this IDIOT who came up the hill and somehow failed to see a BIG SERENA reversing and then he honked me!!! I was fuming mad!!! Hey , mate, buta ke or what?????

Check out time- Very embarrassing moment when they asked where the third towel is. Ha ha ha. I saw it in the laundry bag earlier actually and I left it there. It was wet and I thought thats probably one of ours - or not, who cares. But they asked us publicly and I had to go and check and hubby found it and had to return it! Maluuuunyeer but i do think I should next time take a dry towel if betul lah nak curi.Rasa like criminal.

We went to the strawberry farm - or rather the pick-your-own-strawberry cum adventure in the forest cum jungle trekking farm. They should warn ppl especially if you have kids that they were going to take us down a steep set of stairs, to the terraced farm where they grow strawberries on multi level boards,even beyond the first level of farm and into the back. And the strawberry come out of the compost bags! Strange, i recalled strawberry picking in chester involving a lot of bending down and popping strawberries . We took one kilo worth (RM40!) Not too bad if you think of it as a theme park. Our kids were so sporting, The world's most adorable girl, Tina, pun naik turun bukit. Johan pun cool je. They had to cross a slim plank over a river at one point (ok not river lah, stream) but still! I was sure I was going to fall. ha ha ha. Epa disappeared. I was told he was taken even deeper into the farm, to the juciest strawberries. The farm has tarpaulin roof by the way so protected lah even if it rained (and Im sure it did)

Then we went off to Sungai Palas Tea Plantation. My car carried Tina consistently throughout the weekend, and my daughter Dahlia refused to come wiht us. So macam exchange programme lah. It was so much fun being with Tina she was such a pleasant non moody child!

Ok, later. Now have to take kids to KLCC for last outing before puasa.

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