Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cameron HIghlands from the Faisal Family- Day 1

We had looked forward to this trip for 2 weeks. I booked 3 rooms with the Equatorial hotel with Berjaya Vacation Club (have to pay only 60 bucks as we are members of the vacation club) and then a week later they told me sorry the apartment's fully booked- que? Bila pulak I book apartment? Anyway when they realised that I wanted the HOTEL (because my email saying please book me the hotel room was probably vague), the HOTEL was of course fully booked. Under threat of mutiny from not only MY Kids but Epa and Zu's children as well, I had to look for another alternative. Entah apa ada kat Cameron Highlands that weekend but most places were full. Finally booked a 2 bedroom apartment at the Strawberry Park Resort. Incidentally I've always wanted to go there. My last memory of Cameron was going there with my family in my late teens - with Zuriati, funnily enough. We got so bored that we walked along the lonely roads to check out the bungalows- sheesh now that I think back, I'm sure that was a dangerous thing to do! And we did drool over Strawberry Park Resort apartments which looked quite nice. Oh! actually during one of our trips home, when we were still UK residents, we did go to Cameron Highlands. Hubby, Dad and Uncle played golf. Hmm no wonder I don't remember that trip.

Anyway I tell you near DIVORCE ok this trip. Hubby had set time to go at 5 am. However the night before we went to Midvalley mega mall, and then saw M at the BSC and by the time we got back it was really late. At 4.40 am the phone rang and a rather annoyed sis in law said you can't really be serious that you wanted to go at 5?? In the end we got out of the house at 6.20 am. Hubby took soooo long choosing the VCD to watch in the car lah, putting on his shoes lah...I was freaking out as I do NOT want to be the one who is late. My sis in law has this perception that we are (or rather hubby is) always late - hmm wonder where she got this from?? He he he! MY Husband was not going to be late THIS Time.

Off we go to send the Maid, then off we go to meet them up at Tapah. Sekali tiba tiba, Hubby stopped at Rawang, ostensibly to let the kids go to the loo, and to stretch his legs. 20 mins later I, waiting in the car, wondered what the heck was taking so long and I was sooo conscious of the people waiting for us at Tapah! They were having BREAKFAST ok. I had packed sandwiches just to avoid this, so I boring MY mind there is a race to meet my personal deadline ok, ie I do NOT want to keep them waiting. So..I rushed them into the car...& more grumbling in the car with my husband saying apa ni, kan holiday relaks lah..but I could only relax once I get Epa and Zu in my sight. True enough they were allready there when we got there. Kalau Amazing Race dah kalah terok dah!

Ok, once we got together and set off to SImpang Pulai the mood was a bit more relaxed. We stopped at this garden centre on the way to Cameron Highlands, and I managed to get conned out of RM15 buying some toys for them..alah takpalah takut boring pun. When we were about to go out, Johan said" mummy I dont have any slippers." Paused. "or shoes either". Waaa??

We let him out bare foot ! Then we drove up through what must be the dirtiest part of CH, ie the vegetable patches- the rubbish bins, the huts the attap zink - etc it was just unsightly.After a bit, we came to this Butterfly farm - loads of buses so this must be a major stop. My son the barefoot boy pun turun. I had a slight tummy problem so I thought I'd stay in but they took SO long in there I decided to go out and I was glad I did! Best jugak the butterfly farm and it was not just butterflies! And the flowers which were growing wild were so beautiful there- and so HUGE!

Finally, decided to go off to the hotel and then get lunch. Mission no 1 is to find Johan shoes! COuld not see any stall selling any other thing that is not strawberry related!!!

Then we arrived at the hotel...ok lah 3 bedroom, one big master bedroom with a double bed and dresser with window facing the hills, then a smaller bedroom with double bed with window facing the car park (we took that one- i takut pandang hutan thanks) . And another single room for Nadine and Sara. Zu had brought mats, quilts (we brought 2) and a little wendy house.

Bestlah , ada verandah pandang hills- which Epa used to smoke out off ha ha, but the view was soo nice, After KL kan, watching an eagle(??) Ye ke bukan I tau pun. some bird lah circle over the treetops.

Makan kat this Market Square. Budak budak makan roti canai - a menu to be repeated again and again -kemaruk ke apa our kids ni. Got Johan some cheapo shoes- ok lah for the trip.

Then went to Tanah Rata. Hujannnnnnn..dalam hujan tu posing kat Olde Smokehouse inn.. cehwah berangan sat lah kat UK. (After that sume orang demam ha ha). My daughter Sophia ada toilet crisis pulak so stop at this hotel to "yak yak". Sigh.
She asked me when we were going to get to Cameron HIghlands. I said we were already there! She said i thought Cameron HIghlands was supposed to be FUN? This is just a!!
Sorry Sophia....!

Then dah puas legar legar we went back to the apartment. Kids had a bath (only one bathroom!) and dah settle in depan Astro- Pacifier was on!. Hubbies pun dah comfortable with Epa depan tv and Epi terbongkam kat katil. Zu and I wanted to get dinner - and hubbies wanted to go out later with kids and us for dinner. You must be kidding! We could not face taking kids out in the rain again so in the end Zu and I went to the Jim Thomson restaurant and tapau the nasi goreng and nasi istimewa and mihoon ( we were given 100 bucks voucher to spend). Enough, amazingly.

Day 1 ended with scaredy cat me sleeping with Johan on the couch depan tv, and then it got tooo uncomfortable and I scooted to the bedroom at 3 am!

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