Children are really the voice of your conscience, I have discovered. Yesterday I drove home alone and at about 7.40p.m, hubby who had been in theatre all day, called to say he is taking the LRT home and can I pick him up in about 20 minutes. To tell you the truth I was feeling really really tired, I had forgotten to take my usual cup of caffeine the morning before and had felt the effect the entire day, so I was more sluggish than usual. Driving out after having dinner was not what I felt like doing, so I considered aloud whether I could get Daddy to get a cab. Daughter no 1 looked at me sadly and said, "ambik lah daddy- he always pick YOU up!". True, he always appear at LRT stations when I wait for him there- the cost of cabs to my house from the LRT station does not make it worthwhile taking the LRT in the first place- so, suitably chastised, I went to get daddy....As I was reversing the car, dahlia and sophia kept muttering from the back "Please don't crash the car, please don't crash the car". I said what do you mean I crash teh car? And Dahlia said "Daddy's a good driver". Sophia the diplomat jumped in and said "Mummy's a good driver too!". Dahlia kept quiet for a while and said "Errr yeah. But please don't crash the car.." Sheesh- you bang into the gate ONCE and they dont let you forget it. So I said "Ok, if you don't like the way I'm driving maybe you don't want to come with me to get daddy.." (Saje je lah) and quickly they both said "you're a GOOD driver mummy!". Johan also echoed "You're a good driver Mummy". But then he added " But not all the time". Ha ha ha..

When we arrived at the LRT station, daddy was no where to be found. Unlike Mummy, who would wait by the side of the road for daddy to appear and spring to action whenever any vehicle remotely resembling our car comes in sight (which is a lot when you start looking!), Daddy was actually nowhere to be found, and after a while I saw him walked down from the Wangsa Maju shops- daddy was browsing! Tu lah difference nye between us!

Then the four kids who came along got a pleasant surprise - we took them to Jaya Jusco- which by the way was having a sale! We looked for light blue baju kurung for Eid as well as for Lana's wedding at home, which is apparently blue theme- if you change I will be stuck, Lana! Amazingly we found quite nice baju kurung- I now have to deal with the likelihood of bumping into other kids wearing the same baju kurung! Also got them some disney character pajamas - mummy very very seldom go baju shopping and now I remember why- broke the bank to buy for 5 kids! Izreen, by the way are you still looking for baby clothes? Isetan is also having a sale now. I know because all of a sudden a lot of people told me they were coming my office's way (not to see me but to go the Isetan presale) oh to be single and with money..!

Anyway I am glad that we have sorted out the baju kurung and baju melayu part although somepart of me (the woman part) tells me I should actually go shopping some more - at Jalan TAR perhaps. But the thought of wading through the raya crowd!!! Noooo thanks. Kueh pun I think Im going to buy ready made ie chips more!! Hubby suggested we deviate from normal practise of buying and he actually think we should just buy biscuit off the shelf, I did disagree - adake nak serve butter cookies for raya ..but when I found out that the shortage of sugar has caused the cookies price to soar- RM45 for 100 biji of biskut !! I'm beginning to see the appeal of what Hubby suggested...

It IS so hard to get sugar nowadays..what's wrong I wonder- we had to go to three shops to get three packets!And that was first thing in the morning too. Takpa lah ..diabetes is way on the high in M'sia.

Talking of diabetes, my opah Tam is still in hospital - Bilik 12 wad 14 ok ..and she is due to go back anytime soon, except she has a fever and some bedsores and doctors want to keep her in for observation. I bet she is bored out of her skull. I would be too. She now has to watch the other foot and keep it covered all the time , the first foot went from a nick on the toe to a full blown wet gangrene of half a foot..! Good thing now is she no longer has to worry about that leg ha ha ha (eeeh jahat nye I )

Ok lah the kids are sahuring now while I am doing this. I ate just now (milo and roti) . I do not notice any weight loss or even weight shift since starting puasa. Could it be the sudden high intake of kuih muih??



lana said…
kak shila dear, it is blue goldish no worries!!!!!!!! baju i dah tempat semua YEYY
thanks Lana...i pun dah siap, except for JOHAN...!!

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