Friday, September 22, 2006

Johan's first day at school

Last Tuesday Johan got up very early and Dahlia announced that Johan wants to go to school. So we got him dressed in Dahlia's t-shirt and then we sent them off to school. Johan was serious je. We left him there. I called the school 3 times.

Spoke to the teacher. Teacher told me that he has weak motor skills , and he told the teacher that he does not know his Alphabet but actually he does, and he can write his own name. (thanks to moi ha ha ) and that he is of course not as accomplished as the others in his class who has had 9 months head start ( fault)

When he came back I asked him how he liked it. Apparently his class is outside and he got bored. His friend is Sophia (Another girl) who "speaks like us" . ??YOu mean she speaks English?? Yes. tengok tu my son is sooo sharifahamani in the making.

Dahlia complained that he always looked for her and he was "annoying me". I told her that it was her job to look after Johan. Dahlia and Jojo has a relationship that others dont have, ie big sister and bro and they are very close. Usually people typically have 2 kids, perhaps a girl and a boy- and Dahlia and Johan act just like that because the other 3 goes to big school.

Wednesday he could not wake up in time so tak pergi.

Thursday he went and he learnt a new song. He said he liked it. But he got bored having to sit all the time.

Today Friday there is a birthday party- when I left for work they were both sleeping. I called home and found out that they took the van to school as there is a birthday party today.

My son is soooo big now....teachers tell me that he is very mature for his age. No tears etc. WEll, I had left the choice of going to school to him kan, for a change. So he is going because he wants to go. He does NOT have poor motor skills. Harrumph.

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