Saturday, September 23, 2006

Just back from KLCC

Today is the last day before Puasa. Nadine however has developed a fever. But fortunately for her she developed this fever at the tail end of our day at KLCC. We thought we'd take them where they wanted to go ie KLCC, to have lunch at Chillis- but at 2.45 the queue was soo long still! They asked us to come back in 40 minutes. Off we went to get pretzels at Aunt Annes and then they wanted Hot chocolates at Starbucks- RM70 for hot chocs and coffee???! I made the girl tell me what the bill meant- ok sorry jakun. Then walked around the children's section in ISetan where we discovered 50% does not mean anything when the starting price is RM300! (For a pair of JEANS?? So who's Kenzo anyway?) Fifi, please save all those lovely pounds- raising kids and dressing them aint gonna be cheap. Then we wanted to go catch a movie- no movie suitable for kids at the mo. I popped in a record shop to get them a HIgh School Musical DVD- RM99!!! Are you sure??? The kid said to me- ini lah harga import kak. So nice of him to phrase it that way when I'm sure he meant - ini lah harga barang LEGAL kak. Not counterfeit. I think I'll rip it off the net somehow lah. And the singalong thingy was RM50.

Then we walked to the KL Convention Centre which meant passing through KFC , which reminded the kids that they were actually hungry. Wah not easy to get a table!! tempted to say loudly how some ppl should GET UP and LEAVE once they finish a meal. I think Hubby scared this girl sitting at a table for 6 into leaving and changing to a table for 2- er makes sense I guess when she is actually just waiting for her boyfriend?

While waiting for the dad to bring back deep fried and deeply unhealthy food, we played "Who Am I?" ie "Who Am I, I have a long neck and I-" (I would never get to finish the question as the kids would guess first!). Its fun lah playing with the. JoJo pun nak main the only thing is , he would say first and then figure out with the rest of us just who the heck he wanted to be- ie, "Who Am I? I have 6 heads and 3 legs and I go ROAR" and then we would all guess and in the end he'd say "Alien" . Invariably that would be Jojo's contribution. Tried teaching them how to play charades but they drew the letters in the= air ie- H,A, V, E - mana aci!

Finally finally finally went off to the home expo exhibition. So many ppl. Do I really need a jacuzzi-wooden flooring-lamps that look like disco balls- filter; although the water filter is a good idea. For RM1850, they place a water filter outside your home, which would filter the water before it gets into the house. Some really yucky pictures of what the water in your tank looks like were also thrown in. Yeeeeeeauch. Really tempted. But RM1850?

Didn't finish touring as Nadine looked miserable so off we went home- KLCC was FULL of young girls and boys about 15 plus smoking, cuddling, and being really er..western? I said to my husband- Please tell me they are Singaporean! Cause it's really scary if those were our youth- what happenned?

Got me thinking about this moral police. MOrality is a very sensitive thingy for us to impose on society in general. You would get ppl crying breach of freedom, big brother society etc. I guess its what ppl find appropriate. Used to be that ppl holding hands in public is not acceptable I guess but now, its no big deal. Nor is it a big deal to see young kids all over each other -ok for those who were with me and Hubby while we were courting- shut up. Now that Im old, I m a prude. I've earned the right to be a hypocrite.

Ok I would have to finish the tea plantation story in a minute- I just found out that Zu has not blogged about her experience there either.

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