Friday, September 08, 2006


I love radio era..esp Saiful Apek. He's hilarious! Today he sang "Dialembab" ha ha ha, ripping off "Dealova". Suara sebijik...! He's talented.. Dulu penyapu sampah je...sekarang dah FOFULAR. My children pun love to watch him.. "Gitu Gitu Apek" or "Agen 016" ..they dont need to understand what is being said.

(Although I hope they do! I dont want them to ever feel the need to declare that they sound stupid if they speak in Malay karang...)

Had breakfast today at the fourth floor...with former colleague's husband..karang miss lunch

Ok Im babbling purely because I have no idea what it was that I wanted to blog about. Could it be my restaurant lunches so far- Tuesday, free lunch at Naab, Wednesday, went to Moussandra, Thursday went to Eden at Chulan I am in the office people and not going to eat. I tell you, spoilt for choice. Naab was ok, had some mixed kebab, rather dry. Saved the briani rice for husband and fed him in the car in the evening. Moussandra was the best, had 4 tapas, fried crabs and cilantro sauce, terung masak sambal (well I forgot the mediterranean name, sorry), udang masak tomato (ada nama glemer, sorry) and satu lagi apa ah- roti sapu dengan tomato buah and olive oil. Shedaap. This place really, kalau nak shopping memang boleh..yesterday was the launching of Louis Vuitton.

But Im not that kind lar..jakun and tak berminat sesangat la . duit takda pun betol gak but I think I just don't go sangat for the designer goods. One or two ok kot.

Opah Tam.
Ok, now I remember what I wanted to blab about. My opah tam..kena take her leg off , kesian.. I am more traumatised than her at the moment. Opah macam dazed je... Supposed to be done yesterday but GH tak cukup resources, ada one or 2 emergency so terus kena postpone. Tu lah, pleeease lah upgrade kan GH tu. Aircond ke, (although in First Class tu terlampau lah sejuk pulak). I have informed everyone in my phone list about her , bukan nak suruh visit, tapi saja sebagai servis percuma...he he he.

JOhan has informed me that he is ready to go to school. All of a sudden things are clicking and he knows how to write his alphabets. Could it be that Nadine/Sara/Sophia and Dahlia are actually helping him, as I have asked? I'm trying to get the kids to be more responsible by getting them to say, lay the table, or clean the areas.

Oh! Talking about clean the house...aiyooo, really really have learnt a lesson lar... 2 nites ago, we were ter'bongkang"ing (ie splayed about) in front of the TV , with the house looking a bit erm...less than neat. when I heard Mak B and Uncle Mail coming . Clad only in my top bajukurung, (wah dah x rated) I SHOT upstairs to change he he he...Sorry ye Mak B and Uncle M, rumah sungguh tak senonoh...and nothing more than fruits to serve them....whereas whenever we go there we always get first class treatment....I really really have to treat them one day they are indeed very very kind people! Eee, malunye..dengan chair half mustard and half yellow (in the middle of painting the leather chair-again). (Geleng kepala). Mak B and Uncle Mail just returned from teng teng teng..barbecue with Siti..he he

Taking the kids to Cameron HIghlands...they are excited the most sebab nak pergi dengan their cousins...I have to redouble confirm with the Berjaya. Maid kata maybe nak pergi- she can bunk with the kids..maybe can bring some quilts....

Ok lah ...kena kerje....bye bye...

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