Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Work so Far

Hello there! Sorry tak update for a long time...busy.

This is my blog for my work:

And I thought banking was boring.

Since I came on this new place, I’ve done two files only. For the past 3 weeks or so I have been doing ONE file. It was supposedly concluded by 31 August 2006 and I think boss gave because he thinks it’s supposed to be simple – after all we’re talking about someone with NO banking experience here. Anyway it turned out not to be simple, and involve a LOT of issues dealing with the Municipal council and the land office and now I know that the people at the land office are KINGS ok. Everything is up to their whims and fancies. Did you know that if you have a vacant lot and have not been given any bills for assessment from the council you cannot assume that you do not need to pay? I’ve been asking for a receipt of the assessment from the Company and it was only last Friday that they told me that they do not have any building therefore they do not need to pay. I yang tak tau ni accept jelah without asking for any letters to verify this. On Monday my colleague told me that they may need to get the confirmation from the council to say that, otherwise the application to charge that particular land to my client, may be rejected by the Land Office in Shah Alam. I feel that I should have known this earlier, but apparently each land office has its own peculiarities! Ada ke? How to do work like this? So I called the land office ppl who told me that they will accept the presentation of charge even though there is no letter of confirmation from the council. But to be safe, I wrote to the Council to say can you please give the confirmation and I called several times and at my maybe 8th call, someone said ok, you pick me up and I will go and inspect that Land with you. So Company and I went (company only supposed to go but the guy who is superkiasu from the Company wants me to go). So off I went to council and then Cheras to do a site inspection – for the first time ever.

I tell you.. this file- nasib baik lah I have no other file otherwise I would so not be able to do what I have been doing for this file: I have been a dispatch person, I have been a stamping office person. I have inspected a site ! Accounts matter pun I kena- I was given a cheque on Friday at 4 pm for the documents to be stamped on Monday. Then I was informed that the office policy is to clear the cheque before I can go and stamp. Then I ask Company, if you want to stamp it today, please give me a bank draft- and kena marah dengan the borrower – well he complained to my partner that why did I accept the cheque? (I was listening and the Company did not know that I was listening). Boss said to me, its his fault as we had asked for the money like 2 weeks ago and why didn’t pay? Anyway I could not resist calling him back and tell him , is it my fault that you choose to pay me by cheque or what, and how do I know that he will not give me bank draft? Ok, I will next time advise all my clients to issue bank draft.

I had to wait TWO HOURS at their office for the bank draft , finally came at 4 and meaning I cannot go for stamping then. And then when I took bank draft to office, I was told that the bank draft will be rejected by the Stamp Office because its made out to “Collector of Stamp Duty” instead of “THE collector of Stamp Duty”….aiyah I cannot handle this anal thingy lah……and the stamp office person told me if he goes sure kena reject and buang masa je. Some more , after I stamp, I have to wait for the Stamp Office to endorse the Charge document with something to say that the duty has been paid on the principal document- and that will take about a week !!

The next morning, I went to Wangsa Maju to the Stamp Office . By some miracle and as God is Great- I got everything stamped , the bank draft was accepted no drama, and the endorsement took TEN MINUTES …easy lah!!! Ha ha ha ..terror lah , tak payah beg pun.

Anyway tu pun the Company tak berterimakasih. Now heard that my charge is rejected by the Land office because takda the assessment letter- damn it . And my client wants me to call up the pengarah council – er you call sendiri I dah call the orang bawah ..if you want me to pull strings, you do it lah!!!

LAte evening......

Do you know what the boy who went to the land office told me?? That he thinks its not smooth the way I do this file, and the way I talk to the client. What the heck??? And he said if I go to the Land office what work does he do?? Is he worried about the money he can claim for travelling?? Aiyahhh upset I. I kept quiet. I KEPT QUIET can you believe it?? Now Im upset that I kept quiet. Sheeesh so soft what a wimp. But this guy has an attitude prob sikit..but he still is the guy you ask for help.Halloooo this file very funny also lar....

the Next Day..21.9.2006

Company, me , and maybank went to the council . Took council guy for breakfast. I think the company gave a present, you know what i mean?? A lot of good it got us because he still could not get the letter signed for us to take home, he asked us to wait he will fax it over...And I waited at the office lar and here the client, the BOrrower all harrassed me to call this guy and to present the charge today today and the clerk (who was rude to me) said after 2.30 he cannot allready. In the end the letter came 2.45, I was allready out having lunch with my auntie Kak Ogy and then I asked partner what to do, shall we just try? And partner said ok, and I left instruction to my roommate's secretary to get this clerk to go allready whatever you want to say. I didnt want to pull rank but now I have to lah. The secretary very nice , she really made an effort to help me while I was stuffing my face eating dimsum at Starhill. Cantik muka I harini, go out to lunch 2.30 and come back 3.30 and when I came back bumped into boss at the stairs and buat deq je. he he he

Anyway I heard from my kiasu client who tak sabar sabar call me, call the clerk, call the land office ppl, that the charge was presented! Yahooooo!!!

So now dah lah saga is over....I will tell you all about my cameron highlands trip and johan pi skolah and others ....

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