Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rich Garden

Yesterday lunchtime I indulged in a little pain and pleasure- ok stop that you dirty minded ppl ha ha its actually REFLEXOLOGY. Went to this place very near my office, with a colleague - RM30 for 30 mins. Pricey but what do you expect from Bukit Bintang.

Anyway it was painful and I had to tell the ladies to take it down a bit. Went with my colleague and she pun sakit .. She asked the lady massaging her foot whether the fact that she was experiencing pain meant she was suffering from anything. The lady told us that its all a load of BULL ha ha, dont believe anyone who says that, we are not doctors ha ha ha ...and she related a story about a man who called for a masseuse at Rich Garden Hotel and was given a story of doom and gloom and got him so worried that he actually developed the symptoms later on. Peninglah I pikir mana ada Rich Garden Hotel???

RUpanye...Ritz Carlton.....

ha ha ha ha!

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