Saturday, September 30, 2006

Shopping for Hari Raya..., a Nightmare. We bought the girls their traditional dresses, Daddy had bought a nice light blue baju melayu but thus far that was it. We had yet to buy:

1. My baju (since no tailor will even look at your material if you send to them now);
2. Hubby's kain sampin;Johan's baju melayu (kain sampin dah beli)
3. Gifts for Mom In Law, Mom, Aunties and Opah;
4. Gifts for Dadinlaw and Dad- and Daus.

We have yet to:

1. Change money for Raya
2. Get angpow packets
3. Get Raya cookies (not a single kueh bought) - I know hubby is against the idea however, I don't think I can get away with not buying any cookies- At least, my favourite of all times, BAHULU (or as the kids use to call it, Kueh Bulu) And what about biscuit Cornflakes Auntie Dah?? She makes the yummiest cornflakes biscuit since I remember ( I have a memory at age of 10, digging into the tin biskut for her biskut) but now she is appraching 50 and I am still hoping she makes them - tak guna punya anak sedara...bukan nak buat untuk auntie ek??

(Oh yes M, is this a good time to get your friend's karipap mini tu??(or sardin twists or what was it called?- btw I will give you the broomie tomorrow)

4. Get ketupat! (for the past few years its been mom giving me some to take home to Mom In Law- ketupat daun palas courtesy of MakNgah (thanks Mak Ngah) - can get some more ke mom, this year? Never occured to me (well it has now lah) to buy for HER- but her suppliers are good whereas I don't have any suppliers.

5. Get rendang!! - Rendang usually sorted by Auntie Yot who would nobly come over to Opah's place to cook beef/chicken rendang for my grandma (and mom would cook her own and pass some to her grateful daughter). Each year the routine has been - First morning raya with my parents, then with my opah where all the aunties and kids go to opah's house and in the afternoon- drive home to Kluang.Hubby and I agreed that while my opah is still with us, we should spend every Raya morning with her. I hope the inlaws dont mind...Allready I've given up going to my dad's kampung which was what I used to do every year up to the age of 24- ie when I got married. I used to have so much fun- I guess the equivalent of Muar to my husband. Now no time. Dad boring jugak as he would be kid-less in Kampung - orang tua je ..since most kids have their own family, own in laws etc. Maybe we should have a raya do the weekend after raya.

So! At 9 this morning, we drove into Jalan TAR..I would not go otherwise but I figured 9 am should be ok .oh yes, tomorrow Jalan Melayu (near Masjid India) will be closed the entire day. This must be to allow ppl to shop to their hearts' content. In all the time I worked at old firm, which was just behind Jalan TAR, I never felt like going there! This notwithstanding that it's common knowledge that you can get kueh, clothes, materials, praying things, really really cheap(well cheaper lah than your local stores). However this year despite earlier protestations I felt compelled to go there for Johan's baju melayu and my own baju raya.

We parked at Sogo- which was having 70% SALE, PEOPLE!!! Sorry- yes, Hubby wanted to just shop in the store but I can always come back so we went to the shops on the Jalan TAR- got into one of those arcades (a real fire hazard, by the way). Aiyaaaa...after 30 minutes, my eyes were stinging and I was tired. Dahlia and Johan were with us so we had to buy them food, drinks and listen to their opinions about everthing we looked at. The elder 3 had tuition and mengaji and we promised them that we'd take them out after their mengaji, at 12. Sophia was NOT happy, as evidenced by the many many calls we received ..Toksah lah berangan nak temberang, as she would ask to speak to her sister and the sister would tell her loudly and with delight - "Sophia! We are in SOOOGO- KL SOOOOOGO" in a sing-songy way, "Daddy bought us laSAAAgna" .. !

At THREE PM, we were back in Sogo. Had bought everything, except?? MY bajuraya and Johan's bajumelayu- the things that we wanted in the first place. I re-discovered just how fussy hubby can be when buying things- we must have looked at about 20 kain sampin and he had booked 4 and made us walk up and down to check which one had the better workmanship and asking my opinion at each stage - almost always being met with "Yeah I think you should get it" for every one - not because I was fed up of browsing, but because all of them did look nice.I apologised to the pakcik and makcik who looked resigned to hear "We'll come back." In the end he settled for one and the girl there must have been trained in Mc Donalds before because she kept pushing other products to us -"Sejadah taknak kak? Tudung ke? Kain pelikat taknak?" . Mc D train their staff to do that with the food , I was once told by Zu. (we worked the tills at one point of our lives, so we'd always have a skill to fall back on if lawyering and accountinging do not work out ha ha ha)

As we had to go through Sogo to get to the car, might as well kan,like, check the sales. By now it was FULL of people. The world and his wife, lah, as they say. Yaaaa rabbi..... I must have missed some girl genes at birth because I totally did not feel able or willing to jump in with the crowd, and when my 2 kids sat on the floor I wanted to join them , ha ha ha. I could not really concentrate and after a while, Hubby took the kids for lunch and left me alone at the ladies department..As a result I found a very nice baju kurung in the shade that I wanted and in the style that does not make me look FAT. In the eyes of SOGO and that shamelessly frank mall, I Setan, I am officially LARGE. I can kiss "M" goodbye. BUT! Only according to Malaysia's size- MS READ was having a sale and I also found a Ms Read top which, thankfully, affirmed that I was still a SIZE 12 - the size I was in UK (ok it was stretch fabric but what is your point). I liked it so much that I took off the price tag and wore it there and then (oh by the way NEVER take off the price tag it freaks the sales girls out- you should walk to them with the price tag sticking out of your blouse and get them to cut for you, if ever you feel the need to wear your clothing apparel there and then). Waaaah shopping alone was good, I think it's not that I don't like to shop, it's that I don't like to shop with hubby and kids. I shopped with Janice the other day (after a gap of some 10 years of not shopping with a girl- last one was Zu, kan?) and it was great fun - we ignored each other while we went to search for our stuff , I had time to try on stuff (and discovered that women should always try their bra before buying and you may not be the size you were all those years ago- 32- 34-36, all that refer to how thick your body is, not how chesty you are and believe me I am thicker now) and every 10 mins or so we'd resurface to check each other's purchases and then when we were both ready we paid and head for coffee at Dome! It was fun! I also remember how girls love to egg each other to buy stuff and spend money ha ha ha- "buy lah it looks really nice, alaaaah whats RM400?" Ha ha ah- which was partly why I ended up with a load of frilly items that I dont normally buy.But will, from now on, buy.

Day not ended yet- went home to be met with the wails of no 1, 2 and 3 (actually no 3 je, no 1 and 2 too cool to wail , but no 1 did remind that we were gone SIX HOURS). Sembahyang Zohor and Asar, then got ready to go again, except daddy was knocked out! Could not wake the guy!

At long last around 6 he finally left with no 1,2 and 3 to shop for their day clothes- they wanted to choose their own tops - hope he's not too carefree - we have not even started October, boss!! (Gaji dapat awal tak for October?)

10 p.m- girls and daddy not back yet. (I think if I had taken them the shopping would be done in under one hour- see, like, buy)



Fulltime Mom said...

Can order the mini popia thing.... One bottle RM14 I think (have to chk). You nak brapa?

The Superwomanwannabe said...

emmm maybe 3? thanks!

Fulltime Mom said...

ok. i will order, bila u want them for?

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Bila bila dapat - as near to Raya as poss lah.Do I collect or does she send or what. Hey we are not meeting for buka posa ke

Fulltime Mom said...

i get it over to you lah. maybe last week before cuti raya starts. buka posa, aiyah don't knowlah. like tak larat to berebut with ppl at the buffet lines.

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