Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend activity

Opah Tam pulak masuk hospital...

My grandmother's sister. My Mom called to say that the Opah wants to see Husband. Gangrene has set in her foot and she has been going to visit the GP only. She has refused to go to the hospitals. Now its quite bad, she wants to see Husband. We were on the way somewhere else. So I said, tell her , go to the hospital and Husband will see her there. He's on call anyway mah. She needed to go to the Hospital , its been 2 weeks. I tell you, Husband was so upset that I did that! (eeeeee malu nye reveal here). We are back to our old loveydovey self now, but I know now (or rather I am reminded) that he is Very Particular about his right to treat patients as and when he chooses, notwithstanding what I say, ie he didnt like that I was directing where he can see her. Simpan dalam hati sampai semalam woooooh.. I learnt that , never challenge a man's ego. You can advise/comment/be bossy and be 150% secure that you ARE right ( I am after all Dahlia's mommy). but gals...never let them feel that you are trying to control them.. he he he he....In any event it worked, Opah Tam went to the hospital.

Opah Tam's foot is black. Husband has decided that he shall NOT be primarily active in treating her, as she requires amputation of the foot and this is a highly emotional issue and its best if he can be detached and provide ancillary support. (ALL his words ok.. not mine..sumpah:-))

Cian Opah..she was put in the 3rd class ward. which is actually the best place as if she goes to thefirst class ward first, she will be left all alone. First class wards at GH are for well people only ok. The nurses leave you pretty much alone, there is no TV, and if you get a single room, you will be left alone with your thoughts...not a good idea if your thoughts are "Im going to have to have my foot cut off". I'd go beserk. Opah was soooo pale. She was terrified. I can't tell her her foot would not be affected. Husband also could not bring self to tell her, although he did show me that if it was his patient it would be below the knee operation..Apparently the foot is quite bad now...She should have been dragged to the hospital...

Kids came along to the ward. Tunjuk kan to the nurses how noisy Prof's kids are, man. They fought to sit on the wheel chair. they wanted to go to the loo. they wanted to drink, to eat to etc etc...They stared at the bandaged foot.

Today have to go back early, since everyone's at home. Tomorrow have called dinner plans with D and wife and kids off. Husband has other plans called I don't like having your ex boyfriend-wannabe in my house ha ha ha (although official reason is no cash to have lavish dinner).Can i be perasan and think its the former one?

Am sitting now in the office..missed lunch.

Kids are well, enjoyed themselves with the mic and the headphone that daddy bought so now my media player has "Sara's news" and "Sophia's Al Iklas" and "Nadine- how do I live". Also, kids love patriotic I also have "Sejahtera Malaysia" and Jalur Gemilang....Ha ha ha..semua perasang jadi newscaster/singer/dj....

We had a birthday thingy for Mom - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! We went over and 7 kids basically had fun blowing the candles. Thanks Sazzli for the HUGE birthday card for Nadine! She loved it. wore the scooby doo badge immediately. She lost her necklace by the way at the pool... Marah lah tapi apa nak buat... We got satay, and then we went to get petrol, and had to pass the house. I saw Johan at the gate, so husband picked him up into the car, When we returned, everyone was soooo angry with us as they thought Johan had wandered off or got kidnapped. I guess I didnt think! But I could not sleep thinking that my son was at the gate,and it was so easy for anyone to grab him.

Ok., its now working time ciou..

Oh! I need to tell you that we had dinner on Friday at Passage thru India. Nice, authentic and not so expensive prices and very nice food. Indians go there. But passage thru India was dark!! You had to walk a while through a tunnel before you reach the noisy room . I thought waah they really mean passage through India eh?

Ok now I gotta go...

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