Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Boring blog ahead.

Hubby on leave today. Hence I don't really feel like working. Anyway dont feel so good. Have a LOT to do though. Planned to go off at noon, but have been given 3 files to work on. Can I go off please teacher??

Last nite had dinner at Great Eastern Mall. Very embarrassing- went into this Kopitiam shop, (whoever heard of serving lambshank at a kopitiam) and bro, hubby and self placed orders, then we walked out to see the menu that they placed in front of the shop to see the pictures of the food- and JUST happened to glance at the CHICKEN RICE SHOP next door which had a lot of pictures of yummy food- roast chicken, pai tee, taufoo with oyster sauce, chicken rice, steamed kailan, hongkong beef stew, braised egg, lingchikang.... yummm. So you know what we did- we left the kopitiam place to go next door- actually it was more kopitiam than the kopitiam place he hehe..

Nice to have a meal with brother, although unplanned- they came at 8 pm from the golf course to get me from the office.

Kids were not happy to see us so late. We took them for a drive and basically I slept in the car.

I cant think of anything else to moan about today. What a boring blog...

Monday, October 30, 2006


blardy sleepy. wish was at home. hubby golfing. with brother.

want bed. colleague last day tomorrow. 19 files given to me. sheeesh.

Something funneee is going onnnn

Haa haaa...my madness of a few weeks back has come back to haunt me ...

During Langkawi, of all the tv shows we could have sat down to watch, it was a documentary on Seoul and Malaysian students in S Korea..

And just now, as I was in Inagiku having my most missed sushi...all of a sudden BYJ's face popped up. This woman a couple of seats away was holding WS folder up and everyone's faces were there.

Hmm..weird or what.

The Langkawi Trip....!


Phew! Just came back. Arrived home at 6 pm. Left Langkawi Island last nite actually, and arrived on mainland by half past 7 but then went to spend the night at Mak Ngah's place. Original plan was to sleep for a while and then shoot off at 4 in the morning, thereby getting home by maybe about 12. BUT THEN!! We got up really late, and might as well have breakfast right - especially since Auntie had put on a really lavish sperad of karipap, rendang, mihoon and roticanai. Managed to break 2 plates when, on the way to the kitchen my sleeve got caught on the door thingy. Arrived in KL only to find out that we were supposed to be at Mak Mas' place -by noon! Still felt like we can go, but then wanted to go home and freshen up . BUT THEN!! After freshening up- hubby is now asleep!!So I thinkl we'll pop in some other day lah.

Anyway - LANGKAWI ROCKS!!! Have to go again!! Everything is still clean and natural while at the same time, amazingly commercialised! I have not been to Langkawi Island since what- 17? I remember the jetty being this rickety thing- but now, its almost like a small airport- you get to the island and the first thing you go into is the duty free terminal with shops like STARBUCKS and BREADSTORY!!

Day 1
Arrived there on Thursday at around 7 plus at night(yes, overshot the plan by about 6 hours)- ferry ride was about an hour- and had dinner first at the duty free terminal aka jetty (what happened to the rickety jetty of olde??) before proceeding to our rented protons- aiyoo have not gone into the Proton Iswara for ages- have to go downmarket lah since its the cheapest option and no one wanted to spend a lot on swanky cars when there's so many other things to do. The resort was relatively easy to find, and in the dark, was quite scary- you get dropped off in the jungle somewhere, have to walk up steps to the kampung house in the near total darkness. Berjaya has built about 470 chalets on 70 acres of land (so I was told) and the chalets were kampong house on stilts style, but when you get in-its a 5 star hotel interior ie JUST like any standard hotel room - tea coffee making facility, tv, aircon etc etc. It was my kind of kampong house he he he..

Day 2
The next day, feasted on the bread courtesy of Bread story- then we went to the Oriental village where the cable car station was .It was about 3 minutes from the resort. Oh yes, we move around the resort via this shuttle bus to and fro the chalets. Oriental Village was pretty and surrounded by shops. Looked for Mak Ngah's placemats but only saw clothes and shells and hats etc. Finally sauntered to buy tickets to go up. However just as we were about to get tickets- a whole busload of tourists came down (totally understand what Parisiens feel like at the foot of Eiffel ha ha) and it would have taken us an hour just to get to the top so we decided to call it off and just go to the Seven Wells (Telaga Tujuh). Once there, Hubby , brother and family went up to the wells while me, mum and dad sat around at the bottom (there were huts and siting areas)- I saw the pictures later and it was a steep climb!Of course the view was gorgeous.Waterfall against the backfrop of the limestones forest.. Sara got chased by a monkey for her popcorn and again later for her plastic bag- the monkeys were much more aggressive than the ones at home! Got a couple of nice loose cotton blouses for a fraction of the price they sell in KL.

In the afternoon, went to the beach called Pantai Chenang- HOT HOT HOT!!! Mom waited in the car. Smart move. I watched kids frolic by edge of sea. Stopped at the PETRONAS QUAY and TELAGA HARBOUR- a really nice scenic petrol station overlooking the harbour and the view was completely not the kampong langkawi but of a posher langkawi where boats are moored etc. There was KFC and the bank and (as discovered only on the last day) PLAYSMART- ala ala Petrosains- free entrance!! (PS Haq just told me I should have checked out JAPANESE LOAF- it belonged to Tun Mahathir)
Later went back to the resort - to get dad, who had been relaxing in the room. Kids went to the pool at the resort- not a bad beach at Berjaya. Dinner was at KUAH- where we had simple but large portion of delicious nasi goreng , laksa, tomyam& ikan bakar. Wanted to eat at the hotel (steamboat) but it was 50 bucks a pop and we had 10 people in the party - we thought we'd have a better time and value elsewhere!

Kuah was 28 km away from the resort. Kids had walkie talkie so communicated to Uncle who was driving the other car, a Wira, on how far it was, how much longer to get there etc. I had foreseen that we would take so long to get going so I had made the kids MAGGIE MEE at the hotel. Hence by the time they reached Kuah they were full. When we got to the resorts, we asked the shuttle driver to take us around the resort - at 11 plus we went around the resort - which would be nice except it was DARK . And scary. But you get the feel that its HUGE. So many types of chalet- premium ones would be in the sea.

Day 3
Got up and finally got organised by 11 am! I have no idea what took us so long- maybe we were too busy fussing about making kids chocolate bread and milo?? Got to the beach of the resort and the first thing brother did was to order a JET SKI- which was fine but then he took me along for the ride. I thought I was going to DIE ok. A couple of times I thought I was going to fall off and those times were when I was quite far out. Kids all demanded a ride. The Uncle took each and everyone of the kids on the jetski (under strict orders not to be fast) - and this 6 year old English kid (Afro-English?) called Calvin started to chat up my kids later about how he's been on it many times and how he did not want to go again as it was 200 ringgit. I talked to his dad, later and found out that they were working in bangsar for a petrol company (hey I did not ask ok) and have been here for a year plus etc etc. By the way , the water was so nice and warm, and there was hardly any wave at all or current. No shells either. Got lah but it was not dead. I must have looked really funny in my tshirt and track bottoms going into the sea fully clothed - when everyone else were wearing their bikinis and swimsuits. Ok I shy lah ....

Walked back to the chalet (climbed up ok- in my wet tshirt and trackbottoms) At 1 plus, checked out very reluctantly....cleaned the room - didn't want the hotel ppl tho think we were slobs!- I would definitely come again.

After checking out- we went to the cable car- wahhhh!!!! Worth going guys!!! The VIEW was fantastic . It took about 15 minutes to go up I think and all the way I was praying ha ha ha. Hubby got a lot of pictures - We fed the kids cheese sausages 700 metres above sealevel. For the parents - Lunch was at the KFC near the Quay, kids discovered Playsmart and grownups went to do prayers at the surau there, and before you know it its time to go ...when we got to the harbour - it was 15 minutes to 6! And hubby got us tickets for the 6 oclock ferry. Which meant we RUSHED to catch the ferry. My dad's cousin , Uncle Joned , met us at the jetty and we only had a minute to say hi and stuff. Hubby found it odd that he did not invite us over to his house but then really, where was the time.

The ferry was like an airbus (ok it was not ha ha ha berangan sekejap) as it had 3 seats on each side,and 5 seats in the middle. Kids and us went to stand outside with the other people- so nice to have the breeze in your face, the salt air around you etc. Occasionally the ferry would slow down and brother would joke that it was because there was a speedtrap and there was a policeman behind the islands ha ha ha...Hubby commented that over at the resort they charge you RM100 for a trip on the boat and here we are getting it for the price of the ferry ticket. Hee hee. The only thing was, we were standing behind some oil drums! Loads of oil drums actually. Which was hardly safe eh. But then this is Malaysia....

It was fun, travelling with mom and dad. Dad was ok and I hope, had fun. Mom too. Makngah was not happy that we did not manage to get her placemats- but I promise I'll go again and I'd get them. Sorry Mak Ngah really really had no time. In between making sure my 5 kids did not get lost and my parents and bro did not get bored, there was no time to shop.

Things I want to do in Langkawi Island if I had the time:

2. Go to the other beaches, eg Tanjung Rhu, Datai, etc.
4. Visit Galleria Perdana to see all the goodies that the former PM got from all over the world
6. Have seafood by the beach at night.
7. Go see the Pantai Pasir Hitam. Is the sand really black?
8. SHOP- errr you get the idea. Ha ha ha ha....

Now, reality check- have to wash loads of clothes and put kids to sleep ..tara...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006

We're back!

We've literally just arrived home- well, have put in the kids, have taken out the dirty laundry, have locked the gates, have made a cuppa, and now to settle down to record our 2 days of HariRaya in Mother in laws' place. Its 12.45 am. We did plan to arrive home at 12, but I thought it was going to be noon, not midnite.Now back home for a while, to offload laundry and repack- then off to Langkawi tomorrow- phew!! I think I'd need another few days off after this!

Thank you to Mom in Law and Dad In Law for having us and we had a lovely Raya. Unconventional, but lovely. Unconventional as sis in law who is getting married this December had decided to have a painting fiesta - so on the eve of Eid hubby, his sister and mom, went to buy about 10? cans of paints and at 2 in the afternoon, they set out painting. Zu and I tried our hands too as it became clear that at 10 pm it would not finish anytime soon. Any mention of not going through with it will bring about a very sad looking sis in law. Although all of us chipped in, she worked the hardest - today we left her as she was painting the bathroom. I don't mind telling you I thought MIL was serious when she said it does not matter if there is no Eid food in the morning and we can just eat cake- waaaaa??? However, it turned out that she slept at 4 am and cooked so that there would be the traditional Eid food like ketupat, peanut gravy, rendang etc about. Poor woman...her daughters in law slept like logs. I have paint in hair. The house was nicely purple and light pink by midnite. I guess the most important thing about the holidays is family togetherness rather than the way the festivities are celebrated eh and it is that thought that kept us all cheerful. Kids had fun as there were fireworks and neighbour had put on a fantastically loud fireworks display.
After a day of ignoring me, hubby and I went for a drive at midnite- accompanied by Dahlia, Johan, and Tina (who immediately grabbed her very cute boots when she saw Hubby head for the car and when I asked her where she was going she said "follow daddy") and Camarina (who told me she has to come to "take care of Tina"). Hubby found a nite market to buy his buttons for his bajumelayu- everyyear he loses them and every year he'd buy a new set. This time has to buy for Johan as well.

First day of Eid, men (and MIL) went to the mosque, and Sis in law and Zu frantically cleared the house. MIL never panics - that's the best (and also worst) thing about her- everytime I'd ask her "Mom, should we [put out the cookies/start cooking etc]" she'd reply "Eh later lah not yet...too early." Cool or what? As compared to my mom's place where everything would be preplanned to the last detail. he he he....We worried as MIL's house is one of the more popular target on the "Raya visiting Route" he he he. All relatives/neighbours definitely would come. We decided that before ppl come over, we'd attack their house, so we went to the neighbours' house as soon as it was decent to do so , and then to Kak Yah's house (recently widowed) - she had her entire family with her so you can imagine how long we stayed to chat with them. After that we went to Tenggaro to visit Faiz and his new baby- forgetting quite conveniently how very FAR Tenggaroh is!!!! Mazran Anne and Fahim came along- by the way Fahim is now BIG and has a very serious expression on his face as he surveys the chaos around him - as if he is thinking of what to say in his blog later ha ha ha...
Fayha is- cute, red, chubby cheeked and asleep half the time-well, she is 7 days old. Her mom is disgustingly healthy looking and my little brother in law Faiz could not stop beaming. By the time we came home from Tenggaroh , all tired out, it was 10. Zu and Epa, who had decided to skip Tenggaroh , had left by then- didn't get to say byebye and kids were definitely sad that their cousins were gone. My son of all people kept asking when were we going to see Camillia and Camarina...

The kids have counted their Raya angpow monies- goodness you know you hear horror stories about other people's children saying "eeh only 2 dollars ahh?" when they see how much the angpow contains? Well, it happened to me- Dahlia was the culprit . This was related to me by Zu - who said that upon getting an angpow packet from the neighbour, Dahlia opened and said "ONLY ONE DOLLAR????" - aiaaaaaaa I am soo embarrassed...of course now has taught them the etiquette of receiving angpow. Ie, never open at the house where you get it, never comment about it. and always pass to mom. He hehe- the last part they never do. well they did but not anymore. So now aside from Johan's money, I have no idea what they got and where they keep it. I did tell them that if I see them counting the cash yet again, I'd confiscate it!

In the morning of that first Eid, we had a little ceremony where the kids have to line up and we'd be sitting down and they'd come and say sorry for being such naughty angels etc etc and after that we'd hand out angpow. This was such a big part of my growing up that I wanted the kids to experience it - not too sure if they truly understand the asking for forgiveness part but they sure got the getting angpow packet part quick! The next couple, Zu and Epa, sat down and immediately the line appeared no fuss ha ha ha. We asked for mom in law and dad in law's forgiveness as well - (nice pics later) and it was quite chokeworthy- imagine asking your parents to forgive you for your sins etc etc...

Well the kids certainly enjoyed themselves. The things the kids say ! They are soo noisy. They'd be gone half the day exploring their grandparents' house. Or singing. They can sing about anything and anytime. And jokes -they tell jokes all the time too. And they ask a lot of questions. In the car I heard Nadine and Sara discussing how boys become boys and girls become girls- something about xx chromosomes and XY chromosomes. They're 11 and 9 and they know about chromosomes? I have to check that science syllabus again! Anyway Hubby said " Sara, For a boy you need a Y," he said, "do you know what you need for a girl?" and she said....."L". After a brief pause I broke out laughing- she meant- you need an L to spell GIRL just as you need a Y to spell BOY. Ha ha ha ha- thank goodness ! I thought they were allready mini scientists...!

Better sign off- oh yes- no Hotelier/Papa/First Love DVD/VCD sets to be found in Kluang- apparently old so they don't stock it. I thought I'd be too busy to think about KDramas and you know who but apparently hubby thought it'd be funny , while we were driving to Tenggaroh (1 hour drive along winding road) to tell me that he had a north korean patient in GH at one point whom he was sure was a spy - I listened with half an ear until I heard him end "and his name was BaeYongJoon" . VERRRY funny. ha ha ha. The other day, just as I was mooning about the place in love with Winter SOnata, he sent me a text message to my question of what he wanted to eat for dinner - "wakarimakan ayermatakuchinghe wamikarisekalina.." or something like that - ie we're having longan and mee curry- ha ha ha...and I thought he was not paying attention to the stuff I tell him in the car!I'm sure that does not resemble anything Korean- Did I tell you for a while there I was speaking in the singsong of the KDramas? You'd not believe it eh?? I'd call him, or tell him stuff, or ask him a question and have this sing song lilt to my voice! I caught myself several times sounding like the KDrama- well in my head lah.
This afternoon, Mak M came with Idwan and Iman and the Superpainter of Kluang (ie sis in law) took a break to watch Autumn Showers and I mentioned to Mak M- don't you think the language is nice? And she looked at me disgustedly and said "learn arabic is better" ha ha hah- but then I'd not know what tortured stuff that's going on!

I watched The Lakehouse on the way to MIL's place. BB had mentioned that this was based on a Korean story so I was interested to see it-well, the long thoughtful gazes were there but then I think the KDramas had the package- the moving soundtracks, the beautiful scenery- the time for the story to unfold, the triangle of love- etc. Lakehouse is beautiful and romantic but just not KDrama lar- songs were not that memorable for one- just now I went to bloghop into Flowerbossa's site and she had this "Chaum" soundtrack on and it just zooms you back into Junsahng and Yujin's lives- you'd think after watching the bloopers the magic would be less but nooo. Anyway the reference to WS is to show that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock and a convoluted plot do not a classic romance make. It also takes my "Northkorean diplomat" ha ha ha...

WEll, have to sleep - 3 hours more to get up and drive to Langkawi. Had a fun Eid all in all. This morning took Idwan , DIL, Hubby, Iman and sis in law to the famous railway for Kluang railway station's cafe- famous all over M'sia apparently and has 3 branches in posh shopping malls (if you see the station you'd not believe it) - but sadly it was shut....until 27th...so we ended up having roti sadin and roti telur instead. Sempat go to the market to make MIL some soto for lunch. While we were cooking Iman Hubby and DIL painted the exterior. Thanks Iman for helping mad sister in law ha ha ha(sorry). He was sweating buckets I tell you- sorry about that. Idwan was sleeping - he's another cool guy!

Oh yes have to thank MIL for teaching me how to make the chicken soup - the original way ie pounding all the spices - and I was looking for the instant sup mix....cheh.

Ok gnite ...!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

....And we are still at home(but we are going!)

Had dinner at mom's place, got new handbag from generous brother who bought it in Spain , had my favourite ever chocolate- AERO MINT- which, despite efforts of trying to hide them from my kids, got found out (we all love it) and now its almost half way gone he he he..Hubby even said to them "hey, that's mommy's chocs"...eeee shameless.

Discovered forgot the (a)Raya Money that we are supposed to give angpow style to relatives and (b) clothes for Mazran's baby - really good clothes actually as we only have the one son and he outgrew the clothes really really fast and (c) I forgot my WLS 20 discs- actually do I want to take them back to Kluang- what if in my disorganised state, I leave them there? So maybe should leave them here?

Also, kids need to take a bath before our journey. So we have done all that, and now we are setting off on a 3 hour journey- I mean it. We're setting off.

When we get back we're heading straight to Langkawi as taking Brother no 3 there with parents- have no idea how we are going to manage an 8 hour journey. Should be nice, staying in Berjaya resort - although dad was wondering whether he can share with brother- I saw the website and the room's quite a substantial size.

Maid is with mom now. SHe has very kindly helped me sew the curtains, which now has to be put up, that's all. I have no eye for these things. I just want to have them up that's all . Hubby will probably study the handiwork etc etc.

Ok now we are going. Truly.



I’m now waiting. Waiting for husband to finish packing so that we can go to mom’s place to break fast, then go back to MIL’s place. Ok the plan was originally for us to leave for MIL’s place in the afternoon, but apparently there was an operation to do and hubby had to babysit the guy doing it and came home around 3. I was exhausted from packing – rather , from unpacking the kids’ bags and repacking , that I had fallen asleep.

My girls are all big now, and they all insist on having their own luggage. Even Johan has to have his spiderman bag. I spent some time vetoing their choice, and in the process of finding alternative clothes for them- discovered that their closet need a serious revamp- have so far managed to set aside 3 big bags to be thrown away. Wish I can give them to some unfortunate ppl but the clothes are really really too old and jaded to be given. Any orphans with no fashion sense around?? The orphanages around here are quite well off I hear and unless the goods are in a good enough shape to sell, they won’t take your handmedowns….so no one would want my childrens’ MILO stains etc.

Now packing in all the stuff we're taking over to MIL. Shah, Im so sorry I forgot to send you cookies to Nagaoka. Have a nice Raya anyway in Japan ok, I’m sure food wise us Malaysians will not go without our ketupats and our rendangs right? Yesterday I overdid it on my mom’s rendang and was too full to eat in the morning- even now I’m not hungry. (yes I did really overeat)

You know, Im going to miss the internet- have taken it for granted that I can surf and read what BB has to say as well as the newspapers around the world- favourite is Timesonline. Not going to be online until -Thursday? Sheeshhh….

Life is passing by too fast. Have to decide where no 4 is going to go in year 1 next year, She has not gotten into the same school her other 3 sisters are in, due to that school being overflowing. I told hubby decide where we are going to be in 2007 – are we going to be in KL or Subang? Ie are you leaving for private practice or what?? The jury is still out on that. I guess what we’ll end up doing, in the face of severe protests from no 1,2 and 3, is to retain the 3 in their current school and then put no 4 in the other school – not that she minds, she’s actually quite chuffed that she gets a different school.

Mentioned to husband that am thinking of taking up another language. How about Korean? Ha ha ha – hubby said wah you’re that much of a fan ah?? No lah, it’s a nice sounding language he he he- really really nice er- language. But then you know he said, eh maybe you can corner the market of Korean translation to be done – is there a need for them?? Er…don’t know. Already doing Malay to English and vice versa – was thinking of Mandarin if for our region or else, Spanish /French - I know that Spanish is the world’s most spoken language and after that, French. And you don’t need to learn a whole way of writing for Spanish or French.! But have you seen the costs of going for lessons?? Yikes!! Was also thinking of Japanese- at least can converse with Brother no 4 –he can even write in it and even dream in it apparently- a sign of tru-bilingualism. Also, follow up lessons are free. He he he he..

Whatever it is, can’t let 2007 come in without making some changes- don’t want to still have things to cross off that list when you’re 60! And the list is getting longer and longer..Coz of course running a household, career and bringing up the kids is not challenge enough ha ha ha...

Ok hubby has packed and now getting in the car. Off we are going to mom's house.

Tata….and see you soon....

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Wish

To all my family and friends:

Selamat Hari Raya and Have a good break this Hari Raya.
Kalau jalan jauh, drive carefully.


Shila, Faisal, Nadine, Sara, Sophia, Dahlia, Johan

The Heat is On

I'm gritting my teeth and tackling those curtains. No one can ever accuse me of being domesticated ha ha, but those cats have put a nice tear in the present curtains and we have to change them. Kids have gone with daddy to the library - ie out of the way. Nadine wants to go to Marrakesh (??) must be some tour travel channel that she's been watching. Discpvery and Living I think - I keep seing Anthony bleeding Bourdain on it.

It's really hot today- I suspect it's going to rain - sure hope so! I read in the papers that the haze is going to last a wee bit longer because there has been MORE forest fires..what the ??? I mean you'd think with all the attention on Indonesia they'd at least TRY to control the fires or at least make sure there's no outbreak of new ones. Interesting though I read that actually the forest fires may not be the real reason of the haze. Hmm?? I'm inclined to think that its God's way of saying "guys, you have really messed up and if you are not careful you are heading towards total and irreversible destruction". I mean do you need to be an ecowarrior to appreciate trees hah? Somewhere in Pulau Pangkor(I think ?) they discovered that this developer, without waiting for an Environmental Impact Assessment report, had gone and felled all those valuable medicinal trees - if you want to be crude- those trees have potential to make money you know - even if you don't care if the world you live in is being choked to death, at least the thought that you are killing Malaysia's potential income making machine should at least restrain you. Argghhh developers and their greed.

Greed must be the only reason why the entire hill next to Bukit Antarabangsa has been developed. Landslide after landslide will take place, papers will write about them for a while, and then- silence. ?? What does it take?

It takes honest and committed council members and ppl in the local authority that's what. Not going to happen as long as they are "appointed" and not elected - and made accountable. Did you read about 3 family members being appointed the local councillors in Klang?? Father, daughter and son in law? I mean doesn't it look bad to you? And the father himself has been brought to book for building his house without a permit . I mean total disregard for the system because you are "somebody" has been so ingrained in our system. I was reading that here, if you get fined, the first thing you do is pull cable. networking. Interestingly this concept of "cable" and "networking" is not in Malaysia alone- in Korea too - though we hear the work ethics of Japanese (and Koreans??) are much better than over here is it?? Someone posted an article that BaeYongJoon's people do not rely on networking but rather on hard work(heee heee didn't think I'd manage to slip that in heh.

Eh what am I still doing blogging??? I have to get to the curtains. Have managed to get 4 cakes- 3 fruit and 1 keklapis- 1 for mom 1 for mil and 2 for us - am going to go shopping later for stuff to bring to mom. Oh yes, M, thank you for bringing the kueh to your mom's house. I would have said I'll come and collect from Subang but I was not sure when I could do that. I'll give them a call.

Ok, have a nice weekend.....

The Cuti has started!! Yay yay!!(Some small WS contents sorry)

SELAMAT DEEPAVALI AND HARI RAYA HOLIDAYS!!Today is the last day of work before our one whole week holiday. Of course, Hubby is on call tomorrow and until Sunday. Of course- its a public holiday what,so have to be on call lah otherwise not feel complete ha ha ha (Slight issues there, yes, ha ha ha) . As for me, I did want to spend the Saturday at Kluang but don’t really mind as I still have not gotten around to sewing those curtains. I should really be doing that now instead, BB’s blog has put links to bloopers of WinterSonata episodes – who can resist???? Must warn you , it does kind of take the magic away somewhat but I don’t mind as you get to see the behind the scene shots – like YongJoon snoring in one of the hospital scene etc. (Eh what was that? You think Im bordering on obsession? No lah…just for fun onlieeee he he he) You know I was taking the mickey about how easy they cry in Korean soaps?? well in the bloopers , whenever crying scene comes along, I feel like saying - eh dont lah go through this- it looked so tortured! I guess when you are an actor, you have to dig into yourself to find that sad spot huh?? I can't watch the process- tak sampai hati! But so many ppl involved lah - you think the scene is a romantic sad one but heck there's like 100 ppl around them- how do they concentrate?? Amazing to me. Must be effective acting such that 5 years from the date of production one mad woman in KL still find it nice enough to continuously check the sites out. (Husband is mumbling "madness". Daughter no 3 has declared war on it ha ha ha)

Anyway enough about that, I have wintersonata fatigue (and Im sure Im BORING YOU) but I do want to go on to the other dramas. Ok Lana I know, My Girl is fantastic and the hero is cute (but my YJ is cuter---eeeeeheee heee).

Eh I started this blog by saying Selamat Hari Raya /Happy Eid!! How did it end up yet another blog on this WS?? Arghhhhh!! Ok what I wanted to say is the firm closes the entire week next week, and today was totally unproductive for most of the time- except for that one time when we were called in for a meeting for me to be told that due to a colleague resigning, her 19 files on banking are going to me – and this is me who, a few months ago, vowed to stay clear from (a) conveyancing and (b) banking!! Oh well, work is work, I guess. But not much time for gawking at the pc and dreaming away I suppose.

This was most of us at work today:

Work work- check email – flip file – walk about and disturb colleagues – work work – check blog – smile to self in a very silly manner at the pc - back to work , call client – check BB’s blog – grin grin- work – think of what to cook for Break Fast- work work – call kids – respond to comments to blog- think about going home.

Oooops- that’s not most of us, that was me ha ha ha…My friend M must be worried about me,. Totally not into this- ok im sure in a week’s time Im going to cringe in embarrassment at this sudden addiction to KDrama he he

See??? Distracted yet AGAIN. What I wanted to say was that the people at the office then salam-salam each other and everyone (even that despatch guy that I did not like) wished Selamat Hari Raya, asked for each other’s forgiveness and even cried as we asked for all our makanminum(food and drink) words and deeds to be forgiven…I teared up as I hugged this single mom of 2 who has no mom and no hubby and no dad and I hope the firm gives her some extra this Eid- apparently they did but not to me- Oh well, not my rezeki lah tu and not my time to get the moolah .

Took a whole hour to go home, hubby however reached home at 12 pm. Now snoring away on the settee- can't get him up!

Me?? Er...I still have to sew the curtains.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Kids at Lecka Lecka (and a bit of Youknowwho!)

So we took them to Lecka Lecka last night – Sara was a bit upset that the other kids came along too as they didn’t fast like her & Nadine. Everyone stuck to chocolate, I tasted about 5 different types, liked the spoons so much I asked if I could take back a few and they gave me 8. Eight ok! I have 8 small icecream tasting spoons now. He he he- Izreen I’ll give you one for feeding baby Nadya later on, it’s really the right size.

We occupied a table near the stall of Lecka Lecka and the kids basically had a good time eating icecream , chatting and walking around the rather big space that is in front of LL. I have four girls. They chat. That’s what they do. That or fight. All the time. Now, they see Korean dramas with me. Sophia said to me, are you watching Winter Sanota again?? Sanota, Sophia??

PS/ While waiting I bought this magazine HOT to read- did you know that Katie Holmes is going to play Posh? I would have thought that the life of Katie Holmes herself is more interesting that Posh, personally. But, what caught my eye is this half page article about Korean stars – it was about how in Korea they just named the top 50 most beautiful people and BYJ was not included. Go figure, eh. As I’m new to things Korean, I have no clue who those others are (was Rain in it?)- but Ms Choy aka Yujin was no 2 I think. Bae Yong Joon- not in anyone’s most beautiful people list???????

Anyway back to the kids, Dad disappeared with no 3,4 and 5 to wash their chocolatey hands – and much to the disgust of no 1 and 2, Nadine and Sara, they came back with Happy Meals- the sink was at Mc D , no wonder! Due to protests of unfair treatment , I had to go get Sara some Fillet o’ Fish!

Ended the day with purchases of VCDs (er..the non imported type wink wink) which was peddled by this man while we were having our drink/icecream. I can’t speak Chinese but I asked him for April Snow – no such luck, so we got all the kiddies show- and the Lakehouse. Apparently the Lakehouse is quite good- another love story where the couple was separated by time- ?? How annoying is that??

Ok ok I swear I will work today.

But before I go…

Welcome to the Blog VEGASBYJ &BB. (Wahh public welcome)- I’m so chuffed that someone outside family may one day visit this Blog- the mixed “rojak” language and god knows what style of writing notwithstanding (journalist or best seller writer I aint) . I have a brother in Japan, brother in Ireland, cousins in England, and Australia and various dotted around KL, best friend in America (who would probably cringe at my absolute shamelessness in putting down personal stuff and thoughts – but you don’t really feel like you are addressing the web when its just you & the pc- it’s only when someone drops a line that you are jolted that someone has read your diary and you can't get all coy then) and this is a way for them to find out at their own time (Without having to listen to me drone on and on) what the family, kids etc are up to. To me, it’s a journal…so many persona to record- as employee, mom, etc etc etc ...and as other things he eh eh

Shila's Journals: September 2006

Shila's Journals: September 2006

what happens if i do this??Ive clicked under "blog this". what does it mean haaa

Thursday, October 19, 2006

And now, non WinterSonata news....

Today marks the 25th day of Fasting....Sophia, Sara and Nadine has been fasting, With Nadine, its an "of course you must fast" with us, and again, she does not disappoint. With Sara its "Why aren't you fasting Sara?". With Sophia its "Sorry I forgot to wake you up for sahur this morning Sophia" - as she wants to fast but because in my mind she is still a baby, I rarely remembers to wake her up for the pre-dawn meal. Hubby wants to take them out for buffet today to reward Nadine and Sara for fasting so well.. He planned to only take Nadine and Sara when he realises that taking 2 out of 5 kids is going to mean a small mutiny, unless I stay with the other 3.And taking all 5, is going to mean breaking the bank. Have you checked out the prices of the buffets in KL?? The one they want to go to which has the "Heavenly Wall of Chocolate" is at least RM80 ok...per head.! I was saying maybe you can go and dont eat anything. Now we may just go to LeckaLecka. Unless any aunties feeling rather fond of the kids?? Hint hint???

Johan is seing ghosts again....going to do something for him. Is it the house's aura? This time he' was worried that someone was going to hurt daddy. He made me take him to see daddy to make sure daddy was fine. Then,he told me he saw a face with big eyes outside the kitchen. Ok this could be just his imagination...but still...

On the family front, brother no 3 is coming home yay yay! Mom is fine but Dad is feeling hurt that we have not gone to visit him this past 2 weeks. I have no idea why we were so busy. I guess we were tired. I have not managed to sew my curtains due to watching WS, but will get around to it this weekend. I hope nothing is on this weekend?? Will also pop to visit this weekend, dad. I know. you live 10 mins away. NO reason no excuse ....

Oh good news! My brother in law has a new baby girl , his first born...congratulations! ALUDYA FAYHA- I think he spelt it over the phone like that.
So this Eid We'll go over to meet Aludya and also see how big FAHIM is now. And to Izreen, selamat menyambut your first Eid as a mom, and to Izan , your first Eid as a wife....dont forget the kneeling infront of husband and asking for forgiveness (which is to be reciprocated)- Do it now while you are able to do it properly and not when you have 5 kids and you can only mouth "Im sorry ye" to each other in the car with the kids shouting behind you...he he..

Mom in Law wants to paint the house. Husband is keen to paint it. I am thinking - lets call someone to paint it. Or else don't know when it'll be finished. He he he...husband and I are reminding each other of what the other has yet to do...I'd go " you still have to put up the mirrors" and he'd say" and when are you going to sew the curtains??" Which would shut me up lah. I hope all cousins will go to visit Kluang so we can have the gathering Big on gatherings we are and Eid is the best excuse. Sis in law has ordered me to bring the WInter SOnata DVDs ...can ha ...have to ask owner.

And yesterday marked the 16th year we went out. our first date. Of course if I had not caught this bug of romance I would not even remember that we had our first date on 18.10.1990..aiyoooo so long ago...he picked me up from the university flats in his long winter coat (autumn mah) and his yellow jumper (which is now lost)and I wore this flowery blouse which to me was the height of fashion but which for all you know was gawdy or something and a long skirt. We caught a BUS to the Playhouse and watched SHOWBOAT. Musical...the seat was so to the front that I can see sweat on the actors' faces! Husband was saying he can't remember a single tune from that show, and come to think of it, neither can I. All I remember is that it involved a big showboat. ha ha ha.either this was love, or a really crappy play ha ha ..on the way back I asked him whether he wanted to go for a drink - ok I am shameless . He wanted to go home. But he took me to Pizza Hut. WHich was clearing up as it was near 11 pm. Then we caught the cab to his house . Where we sat chatting until 4 am. Hey chatting only ok. I found out that he had cycled around France, we talked about skiing(which he did) and I can't remember why I was there until 4 in the morning. Then, he walked me back to my flats. Which was a good 30 minute walk. At 4 in the morning. I did a lot of walking in those first few months of courtship- and I hate walking! This was lurve....

A good 2 weeks went by with us seing each other and dating before the "declaration". In that two weeks boy, wherever you go , you'd somehow end up in the same room or same place with the other and although you pretend you don't seek each other out, you'd actually be tracking each other and before you know it, you are sitting with each other...blush blush blush!!!!

The first time I held hands - hmph you better ask my sis in law about that as I wrote to her about it and she went and read the leter to her housemates. Hmphhhhhhhh!!!

Oh well , 16 years later...here we are.! Would not change a single second. But if I can change him..please can you be more punctual????? Its nearly breaking fast time and I am still in the office my dear.....


BYJ in cyberspace.

Ok ok, I had posted something earlier on BYJ and the fans who blog about him and go see him etc,one is called HappyBB and she hails from Singapore and she writes very well - she's been to Seoul , had her pic taken with the guy and basically would be officially hated/envied by all fans out there he he he. I think she's a sensible career woman in the day time holding a serious job you know, I have no idea where she finds the time to write in her blog the way she does but fans around the world must be glad she does as she is a storehouse of information!. And she's real down to earth- the blogs are not obsessive at all- yarlah our asian upbringing man...Anyways did you know there are so much info out there on BYJ if you had half a mind to look?? And so many pics! None of them bad! And even when it's not posed, its still -er..hot. The guy looks good, full stop.

But anyway back to my earlier posting on BB- suddenly felt it was too serious and took it off lah- malu also. (May have to take this off too from the way its going) Suffice to say, am presently (hushhhhh....) part of the legion of fans of BYJ he he he...and you know what, I fit the type!(ok not middle aged yet) I bumped into a friend having teh tarik last night and she was gushing over BYJ and generally Wintersonata too and both of us felt rather silly as we were both married, over 30 (ok over 35) and also, had our husbands with us at that time! Who merely smiled indulgently at the wives... Anyway my friend was laughing as they went mad about the guy and Jun Sang about 3 years back !

Ok in case you want to know , from all my blog/net browsing , the guy seems to be not only a good actor but one heck of a superman. If you are single, someone like him is not bad at all to take home to mom. He is:

a. very rich- apparently he has been called "a walking corporation"- whatever he's plugging the public will be buying. Got midas touch!
b. very focused and disciplined - apparently, a perfectionist.Could be tough to work with him, i guess. Esp if you don't have the same focus.(chewah like real onliee)
c. very caring - about his staff's welfare etc and has social conscience.
d. very non diva- not brushing off the fans like some divas.
e- very lucky to have fans who act like his "family" . And they don't always mob him. They think of his health , want him to get married (why doesn't he allready- must be hard to find someone to meet his high standards?? Or half as beautiful as him? Hmm, i still would likeit if he did settle down with ChoiJiWu afterall ha ha but thats just the romantic in me) and respect his privacy. Can you imagine the fans of say ..hmm ha? God I simply can't remember who is hot nowadays in US! Anyway the hottest guy in the states for example, his fans would probably mob the guy. But this guy? His fans (ok, mostly women) worry about him . I find that interesting as he can make total strangers think he's family ! (and a well liked member of the family at that)

f. he should be a diplomat or in politics - his fans crosses borders, race, religion nationality, age what have you-even one stuck in Africa (who has got it BAD)- I think they chose the wrong South Korean to be the UN Sec General ha ha ha ha!!

And so on and so forth. He's basically a nice guy. And I will keep visiting BB's page for more interesting tidbits ha ha ha...

Not Quite Recovered Yet. (Warning– its ANOTHER analysis about Winter Sonata)

It’s been almost a week since I concluded the WS marathon. The mandarin version is still being aired on terrestrial TV though (I think it’s into the 9th episode). The Korean version is nicer (can hear them speak). I still try to catch it on TV, believe it or not. I’ve been watching it on the sly everyday since, you know. I’m still mooning about it and thinking about it, sadly . Every time I think of it, I sigh. I’m sighing all over the place. I can really feel for them. I can’t concentrate at work and my colleague told me I look dreamy. I was thinking of WS and er… that hero whatsisname (as I vaguely informed husband with a wave of my hand) he he he …Question- Why ah?? Why? Auntie and cousins and brothers and sisters, and also friends…don’t laugh aaaaa…must be almost-midlife crisis.

It’s gone beyond reasonable or decent, this interest. My DVD has konked out- died and refused to work inexplicably. However, I have (furtively and on the sly) discovered Youtube!! (You can actually watch it online! And pause it and rewind it and everything! And it has English subtitles!) Somehow though I have a sneaky feeling that the English subtitles fail to completely capture the emotions. For example, in the hospital scene where Yu Jin’s mom told her that it’s not proper for her to be there with Jun Sang, the Malay subtitle said “ mom, you’re worried ppl would talk. Let me tell you that not only that I don’t care if people talk, even if I’m punished by God I would still wait here” …awwww.. Whereas the English version said “If there is a price, I’ll pay that price” …which is ok I guess but not have the same impact. Oh to know Korean…Did you know I’ve memorized the lyrics (well somewhat lah)??? in this holy month of Ramadhan I should be reciting the holy verses rather than a song I hardly know in a language I don’t know!

Why do I like it so much – you may ask- It’s slow, it’s hardly racy, there’s too much crying - it’s not even got a proper ending. I love it because….(oh my god do I really need to talk about it again??) not only because the hero seem to have no physical flaws whatsoever – I mean even his teeth are perfect ok gals and check out those never ending legs (women in at least 3 continents will agree with me) its soooooo romanticc…….

And its also something we can all relate to it- is it an Asian thing?? . I was telling poor abused hubby (as I don’t have anyone else I can embarrass myself totally by talking about something incessantly and still be loved ), that if it was an American soap, no way would the approval or non-approval of the moms would matter- so what ?? who cares?? Don’t approve? Run away-elope -.. but here, its ominous if you don’t listen ,and we know all about that.. I for one cannot do something (like go to Mumbai) if mom has said something against it . At once a minus and a plus. Also the concept of “proper” ness and doing the right thing..how many parents in Malaysia would say “No, don’t marry the son of my husband’s best friend when he is obviously so in love with you and his parents have approved (ok his mom didn’t like her)- go to this American guy instead” . We hate it , but its there. Its all about face. And the reason I feel bad (I do, really) for Sang Hyuk and Chai Lin is how much face they have lost…Also in WS, no one shouts at the moms and dads and GOD knows they deserve to be shouted at. Only at the very very last minute when Jun Sang’s mom had to admit that she had lied to him about him being Yu Jin’s brother (which she did as she wanted to pretend he really was the son of Yu Jin’s dad whom she had really really liked), did he seem to lose it (and he did it so nicely too).

Even the “villains” tug at your heartstrings. That Chai Lin (or Che Lin) who ran out from their lunch with their school teacher after the (very briefly happy) couple dropped in. She said she could not bear to see them so right for each other – come on this woman was happy until she decided to show off her boyfriend to YuJin and promptly lose him to Yu Jin . Wouldn’t you feel the same if you are forced to be in the same place as the guy who dumped you, and HIS GIRLFRIEND?? And they’re HAPPY?

I’ve been knocking Yu Jin haven’t I…I get irritated because she was so bound by duty and the right thing and how she should saved Sang Hyuk who stopped eating and drinking when she left him..aiyaaaa...the expressions on Jun Sang’s face as he waited for her in the car …you can almost feel the exact same moment he “gave up” and he knew that she was no longer his…How can you do that to this man, Yu Jin???

Ok Ok I will stop!! There are too many moments which I feel for… I can’t shake it lar. I can’t concentrate at work. This just goes to show that the actors and actresses were so good in their work..which now led me to read up about all of them on the net., what they went through , where are they now, etc ..and if I so happen to be zooming into one particular actor, he he he …sorry ah husband, my love for you knows no bounds and of course is endless but in the interest of research and in the name of curiosity I find myself spending spare moments reading tidbits about you know who (and if you are a family member, you do not need to know who) he he he… and its not showing signs of stopping.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Winter Sonata – a post madness review (Don’t read this please if you hate Winter Sonata and can’t understand what the fuss was about)

I wrote a couple of days ago that I finished watching back to back episodes of Winter Sonata. My husband will testify to my obsessive nature once something catches my interest. I had read all of Harry Porter books in one week, being one of the case. In this case, it’s Winter Sonata (“WS”)and of course the actors and actresses who carried it. My husband and family uncomplainingly gave up their programmes to allow me to sit glued in front of the idiot box drooling.

I feel drawn to write about it again, kalau tak boring all the friends I have with what I thought. I think, and I feel are two different things. My thoughts – banyak comments. My feelings – mostly comprise of sighs and swoons..

My first impressions of WS were formed during 20 sleepless hours, which I had penned down earlier- Mostly I was amused at the details – like how the Korean language sounded like Japanese, how deep BYJ’s voice is despite his girlish appearance, what a killer megawatt smile he has (mega. ME-ga. M.E.G.A), how nice his hair was, how pink Choi Ji Yu’s face was, how they cry so prettily and silently (I would be a mess!!) and most of all how CHASTE they all are!!! Aiyaaa nothing but hold hands and hugs..! (I read that this was why most countries love the show) Mainly, I was interested to see what the heck the plot was all about having missed the commotion the first time it was aired in Malaysia. I remember asking someone 2 years ago when it was all the rage - who is Min Xiang (aka Min Heung) and who is Jun Xiang?? Why is the lead hero so much prettier than the heroin?? Why is he so angau over the girl when she’s not all that?? Why are they crying all the time? So KONPUSING!!So, now I KNOW and sad to say I am addicted. And now, a fan of Bae. Hey I may even consider learning Korean. (the first lady of Japan loves him and actually learnt Korean for the guy) Sigh. Damn damn damn. Hope I shake off this thing soon. Need a hobby. QUICK.

After the 20th CD I did not actually felt sad. Relieved that I could finally get some KIP. Disappointed at the ending. Mad at the heroin for being such a lousy girlfriend. Mad at the two of them for being such idiots. Mad at the parents for being ultra selfish idiots. Mad at the hero and mad at the heroin for giving up so easily. I mean, if it was me, before I separate I had better have all the facts in front of me. Ni tak, membuta tuli believe that they were brothers and sisters. Mad at the guy for making the decisions for the girl. Mad at the girl for not going to New York with him. You are supposedly in lurve with him, the ticket’s in front of you, you still don’t want to go haaa?? Haiyaaaa….Crossed my mind that maybe they wanted to separate actually and glad of the excuse??

Now I feel compelled to watch it AGAIN!! Firstly, certain scenes je lah….like the scene when at the airport , having realised that her Jun Sang whom she had loved is the Min Heung that she also loved , Yu Jin ran to the airport to catch him before he flies to the States. That airport scene where she was looking for her Jun Sang was just like the scene where she thought she saw him that first time and she looked everywhere for him. Only this time, she found him and it WAS him. Then, she stared at his face. And then - pressured the poor guy to remember – I could slap this idiot girl truly. Funny, all the 4 or 5 episodes before that he had told her he loved her and she had said she loved him, but she could not be happy – she only accepted that she could love him when she realised it was Jun Sang after all. But what’s with all the questions? He finally told her after 10 years that what he wanted to tell her on 31 December before he got Hit by a TRUCK was that he loved her, and instead of drawing it out for all its worth like I would, she very promptly asked “What else do you remember??” Woman, if you still wanted to know about your friends after THAT, something is very wrong with you.

I was thinking…if you had gone on, and he had not died, would your first love still be your love now? They were students… all of 18. He fell for her because of her spontaneity, and just like her hair when they were on that bus, she was in his face. She fell for him because –well look at the guy. Does she need a reason?? Come to think of it, I’d probably not give up the memory if my first love looked like that. (and he does actually, to me)

Also, would she still be so hung up on him, if he had died after a couple of years going out with her? He “died” at the height of their romance- ie does he like me does he not phase. Masih angau phase maaahh. I wonder if he had gone after a year and a half worth of romance, couple’s arguments etc, would she be a little less syokkk? Well- discount his looks lah.

They were all so sad all the time!! The fiancĂ©, Sang Hyuk , sad for not being able to make Yu Jin love him, forcing her, and finally, when Jun Sang was laid out in the hospital, FINALLY coming to terms with the inevitable, ie his girlfriend was REALLY devoted to that blonde guy. Chai Lin, who kept wondering what her once attentive blond boyfriend could ever see in this Yu Jin woman and how come she was not good enough?? (Sometimes I wonder the same). Yu Jin was also sad , despite being chased by 2 good looking men, if you asked me, she was sad that she had lost the brain cells to appreciate this. (ha ha ha) There were precious few moments when they were happy – mainly from the time she found out he was Jun Sang, to the time at the beach when he wanted to dump her.

That’s another thing. When he thought (never bothering to confirm it medically, typical man) that he was Yu Jin’s brother, he very cleverly thought he should take her out on a day out at the beach before never seing her again. Of course, she should not know. Some people had praised Jun Sang as being the ideal man, sensitive, caring and tender. He wanted to protect her, hence he did not want her to know. My husband wanted me to wait in comfort at the office hence he never told me that he would be 2 hours late, as he knows that there would be a good chance I would go over and wait at HIS place in what he thinks, is discomfort. To him, he’s protecting me. To me, he’s just asking for it. Sometimes I feel that protecting can be a bit patronizing. But on the other hand, this is the girl who had lost the braincells. So maybe he should have protected her.

All that agro over the brother and sister thing was so pointless!!! Why?? Why??? And once they find out, why not get back together ?? So what’s a little vague brain problem (I’m sure if husband see that CT Scan he’d have a lot of comments). You were going to marry the girl for heaven’s sake. Can feelings change? Does he really want to spare her the sadness of losing him, or again, is he taking the decision on her behalf??

And her, once she found out. Her ex fiancĂ© gave her the ticket …. at the point when I was yelling –FOLLOW HIM!! I mean, what’s flying overseas- it’s not like flying to Mars?? Maybe waiting for MATTA Fair kot..ha ha ha.. Anyway, she decided she wanted to further her studies…and upped and left. It seemed to me that this girl has given up, she must be exhausted! Just when she was getting used to the idea of life without him, now she’s being told that they are ok again and that she can go to see him …who’d have the stamina man?? I guess she just did not want to endure another heartache that was sure to be around the corner- So she skipped town. I of course, would have jumped on that next plane. My poor baby sick and alone?? Are you kidding me? Of course in my case, I would probably have been sent right back home by my practical husband.

So what’s with the reunion?? I read that it was only inserted due to the fan’s pressure who wanted to see them together. Yes I would personally revolt if these 2 guys did not get together, after all that drama- but the way it was done was sooo slip shod!! Why was it hurried? Why can’t it be prolonged longer than like one episode?? I read that it was because by then, the two actors had become so very popular that they just could not stay and worked on the serial .. But really!! Firstly, was he actually living in the States?? Was he just back to see the house? I thought I saw his hair near her house while she and Sang Hyuk played with Chen Su’s baby? And what happened to them all? What was Chai Lin doing there? What was Sang Hyuk doing wearing glasses? When did the 2 got married? And how come Yu Jin went to the office? So many unanswered questions…

And when she was there at his house and they met- if really he had left the house and come back because he had forgotten something, just when she entered it, then it’s either serendipity, or lazy script writing (I think the latter) but when they got together and then it ended (finally, on a kiss! Hurray!! He’s not gay after all! Ha ha ha)..waah protest!! I wanted to know what they spoke about?? How was his operation?? When was he going back to the States?? In the three years, she never got in touch or what?? How come he knew that it was her? Got smell or what?? And then, are they going to get married? What ? What ??

I read on the net that the ending was deliberately short. He was supposed to cry (he did) but apparently he could not cry….Choi Ji Wu the actress who acted as Yu Jin helped him through it for him to cry…apparently they were close. Hmmm..

Er yeah I really got into the whole drama thing…I know, they’re fictitious. Don’t worry I’ m not sick. Just love a good love story…

I have a lot of comments if I watched with the brain….But if I watch with my heart, then I just melt. Cry. Laugh. Sigh. Marvel. Drool (this I do a lot) over the story…


(PS Mak Z, can keep for a while ya??)

Incidentally, the guy who played our hero, Bae Yong Joon, or rather, BYJ or Yongsama, is massively popular in Japan, Ecuador, Iraq America, Canada, Hawaii as well, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia etc etc. Only in Korea do they shake their head wondering what is so great with this guy. Don’t pray pray. Last time he was in Japan a stampede broke out. He may single handedly solve the bitterness between Japan and Korea. Plus he’s changed his image so much that you would not equate him with that slightly-effeminate-always-crying-but-damn-if-he’s-not-romantic Jun Sang.. I would attach his pic here if husband let…

Another thing is …things are a lot more romantic at home…maybe after seeing his wife sniff through 20 discs, the message that we women love romance have gotten through?? Hmm maybe? IN which case, thank you BYJ!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Winter Sonata Marathon- ended

Phew! Ive just finished the 20th disc out of 20 discs for Winter Sonata. My head is buzzing and i see 2 of everything. My random thoughts are:

1. BaeYongJoon has lovely hair- which even by the sea, will not be blown away;
2. All actors and actresses in the serial must and did cry on demand - and serious "hingus" as well!
3. It must be a requirement to be able to stand stock still in any one post with one frozen expression;
4. BYJ usually look bemused, contemplative, teary (this was often) and very rarely angry - but I do drool over this tall, (he's TALL!) specky guy with the intense "I am very sincere" stare
5. Koreans use their mobile phones for everything except find out where the Bleeding guy IS at the airport !!! Instead they will run walk canter to search everywhere to look for the other partner - an experience which , sadly, I am familiar with;
6. All female actors must wear pink lipstick and the men, purple;
7. Koreans are a very very polite lot;
8. KOrean heros are protective (which can come across as overbearing pushy gits - and I find giving UJinn to Sanhyuk (is that the right spelling) by our soon to be blind hero, rather patronising personally;
9. Un Jinn is stupid for leaving a ticket to NY on the seat- at least she could get some cash out of it;
10. Intense staring and long pauses would if it was going on in any of my romances (romance, I meant to say "A" Romance- one! really!), drive me off the edge of a cliff.;
11. Everyone takes stuff that the hero/supporting actor say as gospel- example, no one check how come there is no body if the Hero got hit by a truck and supposedly dead. Also hero never got stitches or what that he himself can check. And if so upset to be told you are actually brother and sister- do a test lah (can ke) and then if tak leh jadi gelpren and bopren, jadilah brother and sister - boleh pinjam kereta ke, apa ke...betol tak???;

12. Also prove that can stay awake 24 hours straight with NO COFFEE ..

Ha ha ha ..generally I thought that, (if the brain was left in the freezer) it was such a sweet and romantic movie where they get to be happy for exactly 10% of the 20 episodes. I love the chemistry between BYJ and Choy the lead lady. Of course, I love BYJ. But I wont actually go to the extent of learning Korean.

Ok signing off need to sleep

updated: Yes I would go to the extent of learning Korean- no, have seen all the bloopers and they DON'T cry so easily(but when they do its BUCKETS eh) hahahaha.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Photos will be uploaded as soon as we get the chance - last nite at 11 pm we went to see Nadya. Sorry ye Mak B and Uncle M and Izreen and Hubby for disturbing you guys so late at night. I would have left it to a more decent hour but everyone could not wait. So at 11 something we stood in front of the dark house and called to check if they were still receiving visitors. Thank goodness they were and off we went to see Nadya and her mom(yes Izreen,you lose your identity somewhat he he) in their room.

The baby was sleeping so peacefully , and you know she is not going to give her mom any trouble as she continued to sleep despite my five asking a lot of questions and cooing loudly over her. She did not move a muscle! You know some babies they fidget a lot? Well, Nadya was capable of being still . We figured this girl is a daddy's girl. If she had taken after mummy she would probably be grinning in her sleep and mumbling away, ha ha ha ..sorry Izreen!

Of course I could not leave the poor girl alone, I kept marvelling at how soft her skin was, how small her ear was, how nice it was to have asmall baby etc etc until at last she woke up- or could it be because I picked her up. She opened her eyes, frowned, and after ascertaining that I am ok (i guess lah ni) she went back to sleep. But now that we had gotten her out of her deep slumber she realised she was actually hungry and true Malaysian supper style, she wanted her supper!

At which point I'd like to tell you that we left the mommy in peace with her new daughter but nooo (she's got 2 months to be left in peace) we stayed while she nursed. It was only when my once small Dahlia and Sophia came back up (they were downstairs) that I decided that maybe we should go down!

Anyway, thanks for entertaining us, Mak B and Uncle M siap ada Mee bandung lagi (ive been saying nak makan mee bandung for a week tapi tak buat buat). As usual you teach us what graciousness is. (and teach me to keep my fridge stocked at all times).

Finally left when the kids fell asleep on the sofa- almost 1 am!!!

See you again this weekend then Nadya!

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Weekend

1. Congratulations to Izreen and NIzar on the arrival of NADIA AZUREEN...we will go and see you soon. Saw your pic at your Atok's handphone and you are soo fair and cute.

2. Takziah to Mazran...heard on Saturday subuh that his mom, who had been in hospital for some time, suffered a cardiac arrest. Started making preparations to go to Kuantan. Would leave the kids but Maid wants to go back to shop for Raya- what shopping does SHE have to do lah?? She's single and I just sent a small fortune to her mom so all her money is hers- she need only spend on self - sigh so nice. I have to think of cookies, broken down toilets, wobbly dining table, torn (thanks to cats) curtains, clothes etcetc..

ANYWAY! Just as we were getting ready, heard that Mak Cik Nun had passed on..inalillahiwainalillahiraajiun...One thing I was glad for is the presence of Nur and family and Mak and abah..how did they know..Mak and Abah came up to KL, then got picked up byNur and went to Kuantan together that Friday itself. The thought of Mazran being alone when his mom passed on would be very sad. Hubby of course felt bad that he did not get to go to the hospital, although he did talk to the doctor who was looking after her. Apparently she was in a lot of pain and her passing may well have released her from her suffering.

By the time we got there it was past 2 I think. We went straight to the cemetery. Majan, you are loved indeed as all your aunties came to support you. Saw also Mazran's other aunties and uncles whom I had not seen prior to this.

Well, the rest of the day was for organising the affairs of Mak Cik Nun. Mazran wanted to stay with his half brothers. He really is a good person.

THanks to Lin for putting up my parents in law and sis in law - sampai jugak ke rumah misteri you (we had been angling for an invite for awhile he he he) - ok apa??

Sempat lah our kids and us had a bath etc there.

Arrived home at six in the morning on Sunday..exhausted . Drove very very slowly...Sunday spent lazying around and too tired to go see Nadia Azureen. Today we'll pop over.

That was the weekend and now back at work , with the haze making KL hardly recognisable...

Friday, October 06, 2006

pukul 2 pagiiii

tengah surfing internet cari hotel di mumbai. waduh waduh..daripada RM260 sampai RM1200 pun ada. Yang RM200 lebih tu, design dan decor dia macam rumah budak melayu kat UK dulu lah. Curtain bunga bunga, lain kaler dengan cadar..dan sebagainya.

Rasa macam tak seronok nak pergi sebab mak i betul betul tak setuju. Ye lah, anak anak nak naik sekolah, perbelanjaan tinggi nanti... dan tempat tu pun banyak risiko nye...meletup karang baru nahas..apa lah sangat nak tengok perkahwinan orang (ni pesanan mak)

(ni taknak member paham lah ni)

Kita ni, hati mau pergi, tapi kalau mak dah kata jangan, gaduh macam mana dengan mak, last last tak sedap gak kalau pergi..macam takda restu lah orang kata kan..tapi camana? Dah janji kat kawan dan actually dah start seronok pulak pikir. Tapi ada betulnya poin poin mak tu...empat orang naik sekolah (5 lah kalau kira Jojo), macam macam..beg sekolah kalau takda gambar barbie ke, atau disney or powerpuff ke tak main. Johan yang baru masuk tadika kurang sebulan pun dah pandai spider man bag.

Heh macam mano ni...apa pendapat anda.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Interviewing the Kids

Since I am at home and surrounded by the noisy children (yes you are too, Sara and Nadine) I thought it would be nice to interview them and get their thoughts down.

OK topic of the day is...
Mummy : So how was your day at the Dentist , Sara?
Sara: I cried. (Nadine: it must be because the dentist wanted to inject you, Sara). So they had to fill in a hole instead and after hari raya I am going to inject my gum
Nadine (hovering over mummy's and Sara's shoulder and correcting all typos, sebok) : Because?
Sara: Because there is a BIG hole and the tooth is coming out.

Background: Sara. Sophia and Dahlia and JOhan went to the dentist with Daddy. Sara had a huge hole but was the most cowardly person there,so only had a filling done. Dahlia had her tooth taken out and told me she was not in pain when they pulled it out but was in pain when they "inject" her. I guess that makes sense as the injection would numb the actual extraction. Johan watched only and so did Sophia.Everyone ponteng sekolah except for Nadine (yes, Nadine, thanks for that additional information)

Bye bye Sara...go to sleep its now 10.20 pm and by the way have you made your bag???

Nadine's turn. Nadine what do you want to talk to me about. Tell me about your fasting. Have you missed any days yet?

Nadine: I have missed one.
What was it like fasting at school?
Nadine:ERm well sometimes during recess we went to the garage, sometimes to the library and sometimes in the class. It is easy as we had to do work and I don't feel hungry.
Are you looking forward to Uncle Teh coming back?
Nadine: Yeah as its been a long time since he last came back (nadine is preening into the mirror as if this is a proper Tv interview)
Nadine: Is it true that orang kat Ireland kena puasa daripada pukul 7 sampai 5 je? Uncle teh once said it.

Mummy: tak tau..! Bye bye Nadine..go do your bag (N: Ive allready done it!) and go to sleep then.

Sophia's turn to be interviewed.
Mummy: what is your favourite song?
Sophia: That's what girls do. Its from the Powerpuff Girls. Album Powerpuff Girls, singer No Secrets. (Sophia drawing a flower now on the magna doodle)
Mummy: What else do you want to tell me (having no idea sorry)
Sophia: I want to tell that my most favourite actor is the actor that act in the Princess Diaries 2 Royal Engagement (Sophia kau ingat nama penuh filem??)
Mummy: Besok puasa tak Sophia?
Sophia : [Silence] Besok puasa lah.
Mummy: Ok GO TO BED now..!

Dahlia is now standing next to me:
Mummy: How are you today Dahlia, is there anything you want to tell me at school?
Dahlia: Yeah, when I went to the dentist, the dentist said she was going to pull out my tooth and its going to be a little bit hurt and then she pulled it and I cried a little and then she put some gum on and then some gum got out and then she gave me a badge and then the badge was for me being brave and the badge said "jaga kebersihan mulut"

Dahlia: Then when we got the badge Daddy wasnt there, he was downstairs. (WHAT??)

(Phew! That was NOT edited)

Mummy:Are you going to puasa? What is puasa?
Dahlia:Cannot eat. It means fasting too.

Ok ok now they really have to sleep. Johan's turn later. He's now busy turning the living room into a tent.

Haze and Thoughtless Neighbours

Yes I mean you, Mr Son of a Big Shot Policeman. I have NO Idea whether your house is officially occupied or not, I keep seing so many different cars in and out every nite, I had met the Big Shot Policeman and his wife, and his son , but not this other guy who I am presuming is his son,too. Everytime we do the neighbourly thing and ask if they are actually IN the answer has always been no, and yet the house is always full.

Anyway I don't care, what is getting my gripe is that today has been a particularly BAD HAZE DAY. Visibility was very bad. to the point that hubby asked if what was out there as we drove home at half six today was fog or haze. Ha ha..wish it WAS fog. The house is smoky. The fan is on at full speed but the smell of smoke still hangs in the air. I gave a lecture to the kids on what is haze and that they should stay in doors as long as possible and this is all due to those Indonesian farmers burning forests ...AND THEN I discover its not the Indonesian farmers after all!! ITs my next door neighbour who has decided to invite all his friends (assuming firstly that it is the neighbour/neighbour's relatives and not an impostor) and is now bakar-ing satay. Well what a grouchy person I am you are thinking. I just can't understand how satay can produce such smoke! The type that you think of when you see the word "berkepul kepul" and the type that is wafting into my house.

Bengang...dah Haze ni dahlah kan, should be illegal (isnt it allready??)to have an open fire for any reason... And yet, the other day I saw a man "selambaland"ingly (ok high disregard to proper English I know, sorry Izreen heh heh)burn a pile of rubbish and standing back to see the fire. I'm sure he has a good reason to do it, and I'm sure that all the Indonesian farmers have a good reason to do what they do but for the sake of my kids' health please can we do something!

Actually when did this Haze start huh? I don't remember such topic pre-1999 before we came back for good. Agaknya the Indonesian farmers, so oft blamed for the haze (because we all know that those car fumes from our ever increasing output of cars both foreign and local cannot possibly have anything to do with the hazekan) just thought of slash and burn techniques in 1999?

My kids have come back from buying the gas tank (dah habis- buka puasa makan lauk ayam masak microwave- campak campak dalam microwave) and now they are telling me that the smoke is due to the satay.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Songs from the Past

Listening to songs from Windows media player that hubby has very thoughtfully put in. Also brought back memories of songs which we listened to earlier and its significance:

1. On the Wings of Love by Jeffrey Osbourne- top on the list is this song, which apparently Hubby liked to put on during those times when he was "courting" me (not that I let myself be courted ) but it was the "is he -isn't he interested in Shila seing that he is the last guy we'd say is interested in having a girlfriend" issue that was hotly debated by my classmates and his housemates. H, who, btw is now our next door neighbour, shared a house with hubby and told me to "PLEASE do something to stop him playing that song" ha ha ha.. Hubby gets like that when he likes any particular song - I imagine this is the real reason why he put it on so much rather than any deep connection with the lyrics.. but it was nice to know he liked that song. It's now "our song".

2. Just once by hmm dont know who- this was also what he liked at this time and he said it was in case I refused to go out with him. Refused? I actually bought the opera tickets ok, (story later) which led to basically, 5 noisy kids later.

3. Superwoman by Karyn White - who doesn't like this song? My kids are now singing it. This was also playing a lot when we were courting.

4. Selanjur Bercinta by Aishah- ok this was MY Choice to him -i actually sent him this tape - when he looked like he was taking his time to progress with the relationship- tsk my time is precious - hurry hurry he he he.

5. More than words - Extreme - boy was he mad about this song!! (was he telling me something?) - This was when he was at Harrington Drive, NOttingham , and housemates must have torn out their hair as he played the songs over and over again.

My office mate commented that when you are a couple, you tend to like the songs that your partner likes- I dont think so otherwise I would be mad over :

1. Alleycats
2. Zubir Ali
3. Sohaimi Meor Hassa (actually I like him)

Ok..time to do work...all 4 kids went to the dentist today with hubby (UKM dentist - they need kids to fill up the student's quota of how many kids' gigi they have looked at, and we save up on the moolah - good deal what.

Ok ok tata..

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday over too soon

zzzzzzzzzzzz actually sleepy now.It's 2.20 am. I can't sleep. Sophia told me she forgot that yesterday she was supposed to go sleep at Yana's house. She has made arrangements with her cousin to spend the nite there.I tak ingat pun ?? As I was never allowed to stay anywhere and my first and only place I can sleep over (tu pun I can count on one hand) was Zu's, I am determined to postpone that particular part of friendship he he . She used my phone to text her cousin that she wants to arrange another date.

Did't do much today, kids had tuition in the morning. The very softhearted teacher (who is venturing into business and gave us a sample of his jellies which he is selling at pasar ramadhan) asked them to write about their trip to Cameron Highlands. Sara cracked him up. Sara is his favourite. Her sentence structure and grammar may not be there but she is always full of ideas. However this time around he laughed because Sara had disclosed in her karangan that we had stopped to "buang air besar" ie go to the loo for no 2 and he was saying to her that you do not need to disclose that in the story. I managed to fall asleep again while waiting for them to finish their 2 hour tuition at home.

We finally sorted out our shoes- most of them came home with us from the UK and despite not wearing them I sayang nak buang but today Hubby ruthlessly threw the spoilt ones away... yang termite makan pun ada..! Also FINALLY sorted out which pictures we wanted to print out of 2600 digital pictures we have on our computer..I prefer to see the actual hard copies of pictures and I would like to have them all printed, money allowing. Mahal tak ha?

Also, checked out "Instant tiles" on line, wanting to lay tiles in the kitchen to cover the very old mosaic tiles there- yes in UK and Australia they have the types of tiles you can actually peel off the back, and stick (even for walls) and even for hardwood! But don't think White Horse Ceramic would have them.

Wanted to go to IKEA - desperately need another bookshelf and also shoe cabinets..there is another shop down the road (Grand Teak) selling a really nice pine and brown kaler book shelf for JUST RM380. Quality wise I'm sure the Grand Teak's would be better- I knew IKEA dulu dulu as the brand for poor uni students such as I to decorate our rooms. Now, I know IKEA as the posh and expensive furniture store! I like the fact that they have "showrooms" to show you just how the furniture you want would look. The not so fun part is when you get them home, and they fall apart in your hands. I so need this cabinet with 5 plastic buckets which you can slot into the cabinet and they act like drawers. I don't see this anywhere else.

Went to the park instead, where hubby and I pun played on the seesaw - me and sophia one corner and daddy and Nadine and Sara on the other. I saw a 9ish year old boy with a marker writing on the see saw later on and I scolded him. I mean! What was he doing in the playground with a marker I ask you? Must be to vandalise lah - and he's so young. And the park was nice and barang all new. I hope I scared him enuff!He was busy scrubbing the mark off with his palm last I saw.

Wanted to deliver something to Aunt K in Taman TAR- for once I'm the one giving her something rather than the other way round - her kari kepala ikan is *muah!!* and then planned to go to Bangsar to return a witch's broom to M- loooong overdue! Sampai kena mintak. teruk nyee. Nadine wanted to buka puasa at Chillies in Bangsar. However by the time we finished our errands around our area- send carpet for drycleaning, buy MILO and milk and rice , throw the old shoes,etc, it was time for buka so we rushed home to do our Asar prayers and broke fast at home. Johan now can take wuduk ha ha and he likes the little sarong we got him for prayers. Sempat lah jugak read this book about hukum tajwid - there's about 47 of them. My daughter Nadine knows them all courtesy to sekolah ugama. Kind of embarrassing sebab I tak tau lah. I think I will resume mengaji lessons lah. Had a bit of a giggle when imagining hubby and I going to Nadine's sekolah ugama as mature students ha ha. Ok Nadine has weird parents. I said to Hubby - Ok, I test your knowledge - do you know "Mad Lazim"?? and he asked "Mad Lazim? Mad Lazim bin apa?" Ha ha ha ha!!!! Sorry , tak baik sungguh buat joke ek???? Haaaa how many out there knows what Mad Lazim is?

While we ate dinner Johan and Dahlia (who had eaten earlier) played robot robot - Johan holding his race car remote and instructing Dahlia (as the robot) to go left right or straight. Those 2 have so much fun. Left again for Bangsar after break fast (with Sophia, Dahlia and Johan in tow) and finally delivered the broom quite late- sorry N C for taking you away from Ms World he he he.(Btw, Ms Chech won. Ms Australia got third place). Sophia asking all the way home if we can go to a shop. Apa dia nak beli ni? It turned out she does not have any pencils. Sara pun. I wonder what happens to their pencils sharpener and erasers?? They keep losing them! Nadine said their friends' borrow them.

In the car to Bangsar hubby and I didn't speak to each other, not that we were having a fight or anything but it was fun listening to the kids' interaction at the back. We had told them that we were planning to go to N's brother's wedding in Mumbai this coming December (got Sophia immediately choked up, and I had to tell her December is WAYYY AWAYYY) and they would have to stay either with Opah (oh yes remind me to ask Opah if she is free!) or Nenek. Unanimously they voted to go to Nenek's house . I asked why do you like to go to Nenek's house? Answer- because can play outside (read, unsupervised). They are looking forward to Hari Raya which as Dahlia told Johan seriously, is a special day where they get to wear their new Barbie clothes and play fireworks a lot and people give you money. When I asked Sophia what do YOU think Hari Raya means? She gave me this official text book answer - a day of celebration for Muslims...when Im sure she means a day I can go see my cousins at my Nenek's house .. Ha ha ha..This year around I KNOW they will want to have a handbag each - ala ala Mother in Law at her son's weddings and will no longer trust mom to keep their money for them.

By the way Brother no 3 coming home yay yay! Asked me what I wanted from Land Yonder. Suddenly brain freezes and I said "Nothing, just come back safely"

Been on line trying to find hotel in Mumbai. I was discussing this with N yesterday that I hope she would not be offended but I was thinking of staying at a hotel as Hubby was coming also plus we would not want to be in the way. I do hope she would let me tag along to wherever she goes though. I can act like a tourist any other time, this time I really want to see how an Indian wedding unfold. Wow, what a busy month - 2nd , Atie. 9th Atie (boy's reception) . 10th , Janice. 19th Lana (right?) 24th, Nikhil! Actually may have to cut back one day as (1) We'd miss kids too much and (2) hotels are too expensive in Mumbai. He he he. Ramada Hotel is RM800 per nite. No kidding. 3 star hotel is around RM300. Only thing that I'm concerned is whether it's safe to travel anywhere on or during Christmas - have to worry about terrorism nowadays!

Oh well, que sera sera- actually no, since we have 5 kids to worry about. Hubby thinking of not going if kids too upset. Must find some other holiday which can take kids on . Pi Langkawi naik Air Asia is RM200 per head! And MAS, RM500 per head. And even stupid Berjaya Air- RM400 plus to go to Pangkor. Mahal mahal.

Can I just babble about something else also- saw Anthony Bourdain programme yesterday. Hilarious. Everytime I see him on telly I give myself a small mental kick on the back side for not having my picture taken with him while we were on the same 22 hour flight from KL to New York last year - although at that time I was not too into him, so tak tau apa nak kata pun. Now, I watch him as that guy I was on the same plane with. Last night's episode he was in Ukhbekistan I think and he was having a massage which he said was the most excruciating pain he's ever known in his life, and the most prolonged. It did look painful though with the masseusse pulling back his arm and pulling his leg such that his ankle was pressed into the small of his back. He said later "my attorney will be watching this episode carefully" and "what the heck, I have no hope of retaining any pride after this episode" and words to that effect - ha ha ha. I find him witty .Sheeeesh I should have taken his pic,autograph etc !!

Ok ok now I will sign off. Good nite....

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...