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Boring blog ahead.


Something funneee is going onnnn

The Langkawi Trip....!


We're back!

....And we are still at home(but we are going!)


Selamat Hari Raya Wish

The Heat is On

The Cuti has started!! Yay yay!!(Some small WS contents sorry)

Kids at Lecka Lecka (and a bit of Youknowwho!)

Shila's Journals: September 2006

And now, non WinterSonata news....

BYJ in cyberspace.

Not Quite Recovered Yet. (Warning– its ANOTHER analysis about Winter Sonata)

Winter Sonata – a post madness review (Don’t read this please if you hate Winter Sonata and can’t understand what the fuss was about)

Winter Sonata Marathon- ended


The Weekend

pukul 2 pagiiii

Interviewing the Kids

Haze and Thoughtless Neighbours

Songs from the Past

Sunday over too soon