Sunday, October 22, 2006

....And we are still at home(but we are going!)

Had dinner at mom's place, got new handbag from generous brother who bought it in Spain , had my favourite ever chocolate- AERO MINT- which, despite efforts of trying to hide them from my kids, got found out (we all love it) and now its almost half way gone he he he..Hubby even said to them "hey, that's mommy's chocs"...eeee shameless.

Discovered forgot the (a)Raya Money that we are supposed to give angpow style to relatives and (b) clothes for Mazran's baby - really good clothes actually as we only have the one son and he outgrew the clothes really really fast and (c) I forgot my WLS 20 discs- actually do I want to take them back to Kluang- what if in my disorganised state, I leave them there? So maybe should leave them here?

Also, kids need to take a bath before our journey. So we have done all that, and now we are setting off on a 3 hour journey- I mean it. We're setting off.

When we get back we're heading straight to Langkawi as taking Brother no 3 there with parents- have no idea how we are going to manage an 8 hour journey. Should be nice, staying in Berjaya resort - although dad was wondering whether he can share with brother- I saw the website and the room's quite a substantial size.

Maid is with mom now. SHe has very kindly helped me sew the curtains, which now has to be put up, that's all. I have no eye for these things. I just want to have them up that's all . Hubby will probably study the handiwork etc etc.

Ok now we are going. Truly.


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