Thursday, October 19, 2006

BYJ in cyberspace.

Ok ok, I had posted something earlier on BYJ and the fans who blog about him and go see him etc,one is called HappyBB and she hails from Singapore and she writes very well - she's been to Seoul , had her pic taken with the guy and basically would be officially hated/envied by all fans out there he he he. I think she's a sensible career woman in the day time holding a serious job you know, I have no idea where she finds the time to write in her blog the way she does but fans around the world must be glad she does as she is a storehouse of information!. And she's real down to earth- the blogs are not obsessive at all- yarlah our asian upbringing man...Anyways did you know there are so much info out there on BYJ if you had half a mind to look?? And so many pics! None of them bad! And even when it's not posed, its still The guy looks good, full stop.

But anyway back to my earlier posting on BB- suddenly felt it was too serious and took it off lah- malu also. (May have to take this off too from the way its going) Suffice to say, am presently (hushhhhh....) part of the legion of fans of BYJ he he he...and you know what, I fit the type!(ok not middle aged yet) I bumped into a friend having teh tarik last night and she was gushing over BYJ and generally Wintersonata too and both of us felt rather silly as we were both married, over 30 (ok over 35) and also, had our husbands with us at that time! Who merely smiled indulgently at the wives... Anyway my friend was laughing as they went mad about the guy and Jun Sang about 3 years back !

Ok in case you want to know , from all my blog/net browsing , the guy seems to be not only a good actor but one heck of a superman. If you are single, someone like him is not bad at all to take home to mom. He is:

a. very rich- apparently he has been called "a walking corporation"- whatever he's plugging the public will be buying. Got midas touch!
b. very focused and disciplined - apparently, a perfectionist.Could be tough to work with him, i guess. Esp if you don't have the same focus.(chewah like real onliee)
c. very caring - about his staff's welfare etc and has social conscience.
d. very non diva- not brushing off the fans like some divas.
e- very lucky to have fans who act like his "family" . And they don't always mob him. They think of his health , want him to get married (why doesn't he allready- must be hard to find someone to meet his high standards?? Or half as beautiful as him? Hmm, i still would likeit if he did settle down with ChoiJiWu afterall ha ha but thats just the romantic in me) and respect his privacy. Can you imagine the fans of say ..hmm ha? God I simply can't remember who is hot nowadays in US! Anyway the hottest guy in the states for example, his fans would probably mob the guy. But this guy? His fans (ok, mostly women) worry about him . I find that interesting as he can make total strangers think he's family ! (and a well liked member of the family at that)

f. he should be a diplomat or in politics - his fans crosses borders, race, religion nationality, age what have you-even one stuck in Africa (who has got it BAD)- I think they chose the wrong South Korean to be the UN Sec General ha ha ha ha!!

And so on and so forth. He's basically a nice guy. And I will keep visiting BB's page for more interesting tidbits ha ha ha...


bb said...

hi hi back there!

hee... loved this entry...!

p.s. and please lor, i don't really know that much about him, ya? hee...

HeippieH said...

I have been seriously addicted to this man. Now I think him as a beautiful ideal walking concept. He may not be a perfect person, but he is a perfect concept. I guess I fell in love with the "concept" you summarized, and not to forget, have to admit, this ideal concept is sexy.

surya said...

hehehehehe...he reminds me of Mills n Boon he he he...the old school hero. Seriously, someone should pitch that JamesBond Asia idea to him. But did you ever hear of him doing anything but work?I'm curious lar!

HeippieH said...

yes, yes, let me answer this, he has a fine hobby of fishing, if taking his hobby of photographing as working. But recently I noticed that he might visit hospital more than the lake.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...