Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Cuti has started!! Yay yay!!(Some small WS contents sorry)

SELAMAT DEEPAVALI AND HARI RAYA HOLIDAYS!!Today is the last day of work before our one whole week holiday. Of course, Hubby is on call tomorrow and until Sunday. Of course- its a public holiday what,so have to be on call lah otherwise not feel complete ha ha ha (Slight issues there, yes, ha ha ha) . As for me, I did want to spend the Saturday at Kluang but don’t really mind as I still have not gotten around to sewing those curtains. I should really be doing that now instead, BB’s blog has put links to bloopers of WinterSonata episodes – who can resist???? Must warn you , it does kind of take the magic away somewhat but I don’t mind as you get to see the behind the scene shots – like YongJoon snoring in one of the hospital scene etc. (Eh what was that? You think Im bordering on obsession? No lah…just for fun onlieeee he he he) You know I was taking the mickey about how easy they cry in Korean soaps?? well in the bloopers , whenever crying scene comes along, I feel like saying - eh dont lah go through this- it looked so tortured! I guess when you are an actor, you have to dig into yourself to find that sad spot huh?? I can't watch the process- tak sampai hati! But so many ppl involved lah - you think the scene is a romantic sad one but heck there's like 100 ppl around them- how do they concentrate?? Amazing to me. Must be effective acting such that 5 years from the date of production one mad woman in KL still find it nice enough to continuously check the sites out. (Husband is mumbling "madness". Daughter no 3 has declared war on it ha ha ha)

Anyway enough about that, I have wintersonata fatigue (and Im sure Im BORING YOU) but I do want to go on to the other dramas. Ok Lana I know, My Girl is fantastic and the hero is cute (but my YJ is cuter---eeeeeheee heee).

Eh I started this blog by saying Selamat Hari Raya /Happy Eid!! How did it end up yet another blog on this WS?? Arghhhhh!! Ok what I wanted to say is the firm closes the entire week next week, and today was totally unproductive for most of the time- except for that one time when we were called in for a meeting for me to be told that due to a colleague resigning, her 19 files on banking are going to me – and this is me who, a few months ago, vowed to stay clear from (a) conveyancing and (b) banking!! Oh well, work is work, I guess. But not much time for gawking at the pc and dreaming away I suppose.

This was most of us at work today:

Work work- check email – flip file – walk about and disturb colleagues – work work – check blog – smile to self in a very silly manner at the pc - back to work , call client – check BB’s blog – grin grin- work – think of what to cook for Break Fast- work work – call kids – respond to comments to blog- think about going home.

Oooops- that’s not most of us, that was me ha ha ha…My friend M must be worried about me,. Totally not into this- ok im sure in a week’s time Im going to cringe in embarrassment at this sudden addiction to KDrama he he

See??? Distracted yet AGAIN. What I wanted to say was that the people at the office then salam-salam each other and everyone (even that despatch guy that I did not like) wished Selamat Hari Raya, asked for each other’s forgiveness and even cried as we asked for all our makanminum(food and drink) words and deeds to be forgiven…I teared up as I hugged this single mom of 2 who has no mom and no hubby and no dad and I hope the firm gives her some extra this Eid- apparently they did but not to me- Oh well, not my rezeki lah tu and not my time to get the moolah .

Took a whole hour to go home, hubby however reached home at 12 pm. Now snoring away on the settee- can't get him up!

Me?? Er...I still have to sew the curtains.


Fulltime Mom said...

I agree with "madness" :)

bb said...

hee... err... you-know-who is starting to creep into your daily blog, you know?

then again, who can resist him right?

p.s. selamat hari raya to you too :)

p.p.s. where exactly are you from huh?

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...