Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Haze and Thoughtless Neighbours

Yes I mean you, Mr Son of a Big Shot Policeman. I have NO Idea whether your house is officially occupied or not, I keep seing so many different cars in and out every nite, I had met the Big Shot Policeman and his wife, and his son , but not this other guy who I am presuming is his son,too. Everytime we do the neighbourly thing and ask if they are actually IN the answer has always been no, and yet the house is always full.

Anyway I don't care, what is getting my gripe is that today has been a particularly BAD HAZE DAY. Visibility was very bad. to the point that hubby asked if what was out there as we drove home at half six today was fog or haze. Ha ha..wish it WAS fog. The house is smoky. The fan is on at full speed but the smell of smoke still hangs in the air. I gave a lecture to the kids on what is haze and that they should stay in doors as long as possible and this is all due to those Indonesian farmers burning forests ...AND THEN I discover its not the Indonesian farmers after all!! ITs my next door neighbour who has decided to invite all his friends (assuming firstly that it is the neighbour/neighbour's relatives and not an impostor) and is now bakar-ing satay. Well what a grouchy person I am you are thinking. I just can't understand how satay can produce such smoke! The type that you think of when you see the word "berkepul kepul" and the type that is wafting into my house.

Bengang...dah Haze ni dahlah kan, should be illegal (isnt it allready??)to have an open fire for any reason... And yet, the other day I saw a man "selambaland"ingly (ok high disregard to proper English I know, sorry Izreen heh heh)burn a pile of rubbish and standing back to see the fire. I'm sure he has a good reason to do it, and I'm sure that all the Indonesian farmers have a good reason to do what they do but for the sake of my kids' health please can we do something!

Actually when did this Haze start huh? I don't remember such topic pre-1999 before we came back for good. Agaknya the Indonesian farmers, so oft blamed for the haze (because we all know that those car fumes from our ever increasing output of cars both foreign and local cannot possibly have anything to do with the hazekan) just thought of slash and burn techniques in 1999?

My kids have come back from buying the gas tank (dah habis- buka puasa makan lauk ayam masak microwave- campak campak dalam microwave) and now they are telling me that the smoke is due to the satay.


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