Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Heat is On

I'm gritting my teeth and tackling those curtains. No one can ever accuse me of being domesticated ha ha, but those cats have put a nice tear in the present curtains and we have to change them. Kids have gone with daddy to the library - ie out of the way. Nadine wants to go to Marrakesh (??) must be some tour travel channel that she's been watching. Discpvery and Living I think - I keep seing Anthony bleeding Bourdain on it.

It's really hot today- I suspect it's going to rain - sure hope so! I read in the papers that the haze is going to last a wee bit longer because there has been MORE forest fires..what the ??? I mean you'd think with all the attention on Indonesia they'd at least TRY to control the fires or at least make sure there's no outbreak of new ones. Interesting though I read that actually the forest fires may not be the real reason of the haze. Hmm?? I'm inclined to think that its God's way of saying "guys, you have really messed up and if you are not careful you are heading towards total and irreversible destruction". I mean do you need to be an ecowarrior to appreciate trees hah? Somewhere in Pulau Pangkor(I think ?) they discovered that this developer, without waiting for an Environmental Impact Assessment report, had gone and felled all those valuable medicinal trees - if you want to be crude- those trees have potential to make money you know - even if you don't care if the world you live in is being choked to death, at least the thought that you are killing Malaysia's potential income making machine should at least restrain you. Argghhh developers and their greed.

Greed must be the only reason why the entire hill next to Bukit Antarabangsa has been developed. Landslide after landslide will take place, papers will write about them for a while, and then- silence. ?? What does it take?

It takes honest and committed council members and ppl in the local authority that's what. Not going to happen as long as they are "appointed" and not elected - and made accountable. Did you read about 3 family members being appointed the local councillors in Klang?? Father, daughter and son in law? I mean doesn't it look bad to you? And the father himself has been brought to book for building his house without a permit . I mean total disregard for the system because you are "somebody" has been so ingrained in our system. I was reading that here, if you get fined, the first thing you do is pull cable. networking. Interestingly this concept of "cable" and "networking" is not in Malaysia alone- in Korea too - though we hear the work ethics of Japanese (and Koreans??) are much better than over here is it?? Someone posted an article that BaeYongJoon's people do not rely on networking but rather on hard work(heee heee didn't think I'd manage to slip that in heh.

Eh what am I still doing blogging??? I have to get to the curtains. Have managed to get 4 cakes- 3 fruit and 1 keklapis- 1 for mom 1 for mil and 2 for us - am going to go shopping later for stuff to bring to mom. Oh yes, M, thank you for bringing the kueh to your mom's house. I would have said I'll come and collect from Subang but I was not sure when I could do that. I'll give them a call.

Ok, have a nice weekend.....

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