Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Interviewing the Kids

Since I am at home and surrounded by the noisy children (yes you are too, Sara and Nadine) I thought it would be nice to interview them and get their thoughts down.

OK topic of the day is...
Mummy : So how was your day at the Dentist , Sara?
Sara: I cried. (Nadine: it must be because the dentist wanted to inject you, Sara). So they had to fill in a hole instead and after hari raya I am going to inject my gum
Nadine (hovering over mummy's and Sara's shoulder and correcting all typos, sebok) : Because?
Sara: Because there is a BIG hole and the tooth is coming out.

Background: Sara. Sophia and Dahlia and JOhan went to the dentist with Daddy. Sara had a huge hole but was the most cowardly person there,so only had a filling done. Dahlia had her tooth taken out and told me she was not in pain when they pulled it out but was in pain when they "inject" her. I guess that makes sense as the injection would numb the actual extraction. Johan watched only and so did Sophia.Everyone ponteng sekolah except for Nadine (yes, Nadine, thanks for that additional information)

Bye bye Sara...go to sleep its now 10.20 pm and by the way have you made your bag???

Nadine's turn. Nadine what do you want to talk to me about. Tell me about your fasting. Have you missed any days yet?

Nadine: I have missed one.
What was it like fasting at school?
Nadine:ERm well sometimes during recess we went to the garage, sometimes to the library and sometimes in the class. It is easy as we had to do work and I don't feel hungry.
Are you looking forward to Uncle Teh coming back?
Nadine: Yeah as its been a long time since he last came back (nadine is preening into the mirror as if this is a proper Tv interview)
Nadine: Is it true that orang kat Ireland kena puasa daripada pukul 7 sampai 5 je? Uncle teh once said it.

Mummy: tak tau..! Bye bye Nadine..go do your bag (N: Ive allready done it!) and go to sleep then.

Sophia's turn to be interviewed.
Mummy: what is your favourite song?
Sophia: That's what girls do. Its from the Powerpuff Girls. Album Powerpuff Girls, singer No Secrets. (Sophia drawing a flower now on the magna doodle)
Mummy: What else do you want to tell me (having no idea sorry)
Sophia: I want to tell that my most favourite actor is the actor that act in the Princess Diaries 2 Royal Engagement (Sophia kau ingat nama penuh filem??)
Mummy: Besok puasa tak Sophia?
Sophia : [Silence] Besok puasa lah.
Mummy: Ok GO TO BED now..!

Dahlia is now standing next to me:
Mummy: How are you today Dahlia, is there anything you want to tell me at school?
Dahlia: Yeah, when I went to the dentist, the dentist said she was going to pull out my tooth and its going to be a little bit hurt and then she pulled it and I cried a little and then she put some gum on and then some gum got out and then she gave me a badge and then the badge was for me being brave and the badge said "jaga kebersihan mulut"

Dahlia: Then when we got the badge Daddy wasnt there, he was downstairs. (WHAT??)

(Phew! That was NOT edited)

Mummy:Are you going to puasa? What is puasa?
Dahlia:Cannot eat. It means fasting too.

Ok ok now they really have to sleep. Johan's turn later. He's now busy turning the living room into a tent.

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