Friday, October 20, 2006

Kids at Lecka Lecka (and a bit of Youknowwho!)

So we took them to Lecka Lecka last night – Sara was a bit upset that the other kids came along too as they didn’t fast like her & Nadine. Everyone stuck to chocolate, I tasted about 5 different types, liked the spoons so much I asked if I could take back a few and they gave me 8. Eight ok! I have 8 small icecream tasting spoons now. He he he- Izreen I’ll give you one for feeding baby Nadya later on, it’s really the right size.

We occupied a table near the stall of Lecka Lecka and the kids basically had a good time eating icecream , chatting and walking around the rather big space that is in front of LL. I have four girls. They chat. That’s what they do. That or fight. All the time. Now, they see Korean dramas with me. Sophia said to me, are you watching Winter Sanota again?? Sanota, Sophia??

PS/ While waiting I bought this magazine HOT to read- did you know that Katie Holmes is going to play Posh? I would have thought that the life of Katie Holmes herself is more interesting that Posh, personally. But, what caught my eye is this half page article about Korean stars – it was about how in Korea they just named the top 50 most beautiful people and BYJ was not included. Go figure, eh. As I’m new to things Korean, I have no clue who those others are (was Rain in it?)- but Ms Choy aka Yujin was no 2 I think. Bae Yong Joon- not in anyone’s most beautiful people list???????

Anyway back to the kids, Dad disappeared with no 3,4 and 5 to wash their chocolatey hands – and much to the disgust of no 1 and 2, Nadine and Sara, they came back with Happy Meals- the sink was at Mc D , no wonder! Due to protests of unfair treatment , I had to go get Sara some Fillet o’ Fish!

Ended the day with purchases of VCDs (er..the non imported type wink wink) which was peddled by this man while we were having our drink/icecream. I can’t speak Chinese but I asked him for April Snow – no such luck, so we got all the kiddies show- and the Lakehouse. Apparently the Lakehouse is quite good- another love story where the couple was separated by time- ?? How annoying is that??

Ok ok I swear I will work today.

But before I go…

Welcome to the Blog VEGASBYJ &BB. (Wahh public welcome)- I’m so chuffed that someone outside family may one day visit this Blog- the mixed “rojak” language and god knows what style of writing notwithstanding (journalist or best seller writer I aint) . I have a brother in Japan, brother in Ireland, cousins in England, and Australia and various dotted around KL, best friend in America (who would probably cringe at my absolute shamelessness in putting down personal stuff and thoughts – but you don’t really feel like you are addressing the web when its just you & the pc- it’s only when someone drops a line that you are jolted that someone has read your diary and you can't get all coy then) and this is a way for them to find out at their own time (Without having to listen to me drone on and on) what the family, kids etc are up to. To me, it’s a journal…so many persona to record- as employee, mom, etc etc etc ...and as other things he eh eh

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bb said...

did you know lakehouse is a remake of a korean movie? name is il mare [which means the sea in italian], starring lee jung jae and jeon ji hyeon.

it's a 2000 movie, and one of my all-time faves. i really love the story alot... strange how come i can like it so much, considering how little dialogue there is, how little of a storyline, and even little-r real interaction between the two leads. but the quiet 'relationship' between the two of you, to me, is the magic of the show. great ost too. try to watch it? i love it.

i saw lakehouse too. as a stand-alone movie, it's not bad. but if i have to compare the two, il mare's still the winner. at least to me. but i'd advise most people to take them as two different movies. lakehouse has added more characters, more flesh and blood, so it's got more 'meat', if you know what i mean. but the very quality that made il mare so special is gone in lakehouse. not that lakehouse is no good, just different mood.

and i'd suggest you watch hotelier first, then AS :)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...