Monday, October 30, 2006

The Langkawi Trip....!


Phew! Just came back. Arrived home at 6 pm. Left Langkawi Island last nite actually, and arrived on mainland by half past 7 but then went to spend the night at Mak Ngah's place. Original plan was to sleep for a while and then shoot off at 4 in the morning, thereby getting home by maybe about 12. BUT THEN!! We got up really late, and might as well have breakfast right - especially since Auntie had put on a really lavish sperad of karipap, rendang, mihoon and roticanai. Managed to break 2 plates when, on the way to the kitchen my sleeve got caught on the door thingy. Arrived in KL only to find out that we were supposed to be at Mak Mas' place -by noon! Still felt like we can go, but then wanted to go home and freshen up . BUT THEN!! After freshening up- hubby is now asleep!!So I thinkl we'll pop in some other day lah.

Anyway - LANGKAWI ROCKS!!! Have to go again!! Everything is still clean and natural while at the same time, amazingly commercialised! I have not been to Langkawi Island since what- 17? I remember the jetty being this rickety thing- but now, its almost like a small airport- you get to the island and the first thing you go into is the duty free terminal with shops like STARBUCKS and BREADSTORY!!

Day 1
Arrived there on Thursday at around 7 plus at night(yes, overshot the plan by about 6 hours)- ferry ride was about an hour- and had dinner first at the duty free terminal aka jetty (what happened to the rickety jetty of olde??) before proceeding to our rented protons- aiyoo have not gone into the Proton Iswara for ages- have to go downmarket lah since its the cheapest option and no one wanted to spend a lot on swanky cars when there's so many other things to do. The resort was relatively easy to find, and in the dark, was quite scary- you get dropped off in the jungle somewhere, have to walk up steps to the kampung house in the near total darkness. Berjaya has built about 470 chalets on 70 acres of land (so I was told) and the chalets were kampong house on stilts style, but when you get in-its a 5 star hotel interior ie JUST like any standard hotel room - tea coffee making facility, tv, aircon etc etc. It was my kind of kampong house he he he..

Day 2
The next day, feasted on the bread courtesy of Bread story- then we went to the Oriental village where the cable car station was .It was about 3 minutes from the resort. Oh yes, we move around the resort via this shuttle bus to and fro the chalets. Oriental Village was pretty and surrounded by shops. Looked for Mak Ngah's placemats but only saw clothes and shells and hats etc. Finally sauntered to buy tickets to go up. However just as we were about to get tickets- a whole busload of tourists came down (totally understand what Parisiens feel like at the foot of Eiffel ha ha) and it would have taken us an hour just to get to the top so we decided to call it off and just go to the Seven Wells (Telaga Tujuh). Once there, Hubby , brother and family went up to the wells while me, mum and dad sat around at the bottom (there were huts and siting areas)- I saw the pictures later and it was a steep climb!Of course the view was gorgeous.Waterfall against the backfrop of the limestones forest.. Sara got chased by a monkey for her popcorn and again later for her plastic bag- the monkeys were much more aggressive than the ones at home! Got a couple of nice loose cotton blouses for a fraction of the price they sell in KL.

In the afternoon, went to the beach called Pantai Chenang- HOT HOT HOT!!! Mom waited in the car. Smart move. I watched kids frolic by edge of sea. Stopped at the PETRONAS QUAY and TELAGA HARBOUR- a really nice scenic petrol station overlooking the harbour and the view was completely not the kampong langkawi but of a posher langkawi where boats are moored etc. There was KFC and the bank and (as discovered only on the last day) PLAYSMART- ala ala Petrosains- free entrance!! (PS Haq just told me I should have checked out JAPANESE LOAF- it belonged to Tun Mahathir)
Later went back to the resort - to get dad, who had been relaxing in the room. Kids went to the pool at the resort- not a bad beach at Berjaya. Dinner was at KUAH- where we had simple but large portion of delicious nasi goreng , laksa, tomyam& ikan bakar. Wanted to eat at the hotel (steamboat) but it was 50 bucks a pop and we had 10 people in the party - we thought we'd have a better time and value elsewhere!

Kuah was 28 km away from the resort. Kids had walkie talkie so communicated to Uncle who was driving the other car, a Wira, on how far it was, how much longer to get there etc. I had foreseen that we would take so long to get going so I had made the kids MAGGIE MEE at the hotel. Hence by the time they reached Kuah they were full. When we got to the resorts, we asked the shuttle driver to take us around the resort - at 11 plus we went around the resort - which would be nice except it was DARK . And scary. But you get the feel that its HUGE. So many types of chalet- premium ones would be in the sea.

Day 3
Got up and finally got organised by 11 am! I have no idea what took us so long- maybe we were too busy fussing about making kids chocolate bread and milo?? Got to the beach of the resort and the first thing brother did was to order a JET SKI- which was fine but then he took me along for the ride. I thought I was going to DIE ok. A couple of times I thought I was going to fall off and those times were when I was quite far out. Kids all demanded a ride. The Uncle took each and everyone of the kids on the jetski (under strict orders not to be fast) - and this 6 year old English kid (Afro-English?) called Calvin started to chat up my kids later about how he's been on it many times and how he did not want to go again as it was 200 ringgit. I talked to his dad, later and found out that they were working in bangsar for a petrol company (hey I did not ask ok) and have been here for a year plus etc etc. By the way , the water was so nice and warm, and there was hardly any wave at all or current. No shells either. Got lah but it was not dead. I must have looked really funny in my tshirt and track bottoms going into the sea fully clothed - when everyone else were wearing their bikinis and swimsuits. Ok I shy lah ....

Walked back to the chalet (climbed up ok- in my wet tshirt and trackbottoms) At 1 plus, checked out very reluctantly....cleaned the room - didn't want the hotel ppl tho think we were slobs!- I would definitely come again.

After checking out- we went to the cable car- wahhhh!!!! Worth going guys!!! The VIEW was fantastic . It took about 15 minutes to go up I think and all the way I was praying ha ha ha. Hubby got a lot of pictures - We fed the kids cheese sausages 700 metres above sealevel. For the parents - Lunch was at the KFC near the Quay, kids discovered Playsmart and grownups went to do prayers at the surau there, and before you know it its time to go ...when we got to the harbour - it was 15 minutes to 6! And hubby got us tickets for the 6 oclock ferry. Which meant we RUSHED to catch the ferry. My dad's cousin , Uncle Joned , met us at the jetty and we only had a minute to say hi and stuff. Hubby found it odd that he did not invite us over to his house but then really, where was the time.

The ferry was like an airbus (ok it was not ha ha ha berangan sekejap) as it had 3 seats on each side,and 5 seats in the middle. Kids and us went to stand outside with the other people- so nice to have the breeze in your face, the salt air around you etc. Occasionally the ferry would slow down and brother would joke that it was because there was a speedtrap and there was a policeman behind the islands ha ha ha...Hubby commented that over at the resort they charge you RM100 for a trip on the boat and here we are getting it for the price of the ferry ticket. Hee hee. The only thing was, we were standing behind some oil drums! Loads of oil drums actually. Which was hardly safe eh. But then this is Malaysia....

It was fun, travelling with mom and dad. Dad was ok and I hope, had fun. Mom too. Makngah was not happy that we did not manage to get her placemats- but I promise I'll go again and I'd get them. Sorry Mak Ngah really really had no time. In between making sure my 5 kids did not get lost and my parents and bro did not get bored, there was no time to shop.

Things I want to do in Langkawi Island if I had the time:

2. Go to the other beaches, eg Tanjung Rhu, Datai, etc.
4. Visit Galleria Perdana to see all the goodies that the former PM got from all over the world
6. Have seafood by the beach at night.
7. Go see the Pantai Pasir Hitam. Is the sand really black?
8. SHOP- errr you get the idea. Ha ha ha ha....

Now, reality check- have to wash loads of clothes and put kids to sleep ..tara...


bb said...

i've never been to langkawi... and now you've made me rather curious and interested to go :)

cumulonimbus said...

Check out Four Season Hotel...hehehe..jamin hubby dipaksa by hook or by crook to join private.

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi BB! Nice of you to drop in! Yah, you MUST go to Langkawi, I highly recommend it- its still "untouched" enough but not too untouched! :-)

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Cumulonimbus- so dont know what to say allready.We fall in the category of "not wealthy by own choice" ha ha ha..takpa, berkat....ha ha ha

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