Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Photos will be uploaded as soon as we get the chance - last nite at 11 pm we went to see Nadya. Sorry ye Mak B and Uncle M and Izreen and Hubby for disturbing you guys so late at night. I would have left it to a more decent hour but everyone could not wait. So at 11 something we stood in front of the dark house and called to check if they were still receiving visitors. Thank goodness they were and off we went to see Nadya and her mom(yes Izreen,you lose your identity somewhat he he) in their room.

The baby was sleeping so peacefully , and you know she is not going to give her mom any trouble as she continued to sleep despite my five asking a lot of questions and cooing loudly over her. She did not move a muscle! You know some babies they fidget a lot? Well, Nadya was capable of being still . We figured this girl is a daddy's girl. If she had taken after mummy she would probably be grinning in her sleep and mumbling away, ha ha ha ..sorry Izreen!

Of course I could not leave the poor girl alone, I kept marvelling at how soft her skin was, how small her ear was, how nice it was to have asmall baby etc etc until at last she woke up- or could it be because I picked her up. She opened her eyes, frowned, and after ascertaining that I am ok (i guess lah ni) she went back to sleep. But now that we had gotten her out of her deep slumber she realised she was actually hungry and true Malaysian supper style, she wanted her supper!

At which point I'd like to tell you that we left the mommy in peace with her new daughter but nooo (she's got 2 months to be left in peace) we stayed while she nursed. It was only when my once small Dahlia and Sophia came back up (they were downstairs) that I decided that maybe we should go down!

Anyway, thanks for entertaining us, Mak B and Uncle M siap ada Mee bandung lagi (ive been saying nak makan mee bandung for a week tapi tak buat buat). As usual you teach us what graciousness is. (and teach me to keep my fridge stocked at all times).

Finally left when the kids fell asleep on the sofa- almost 1 am!!!

See you again this weekend then Nadya!

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