Thursday, October 19, 2006

Not Quite Recovered Yet. (Warning– its ANOTHER analysis about Winter Sonata)

It’s been almost a week since I concluded the WS marathon. The mandarin version is still being aired on terrestrial TV though (I think it’s into the 9th episode). The Korean version is nicer (can hear them speak). I still try to catch it on TV, believe it or not. I’ve been watching it on the sly everyday since, you know. I’m still mooning about it and thinking about it, sadly . Every time I think of it, I sigh. I’m sighing all over the place. I can really feel for them. I can’t concentrate at work and my colleague told me I look dreamy. I was thinking of WS and er… that hero whatsisname (as I vaguely informed husband with a wave of my hand) he he he …Question- Why ah?? Why? Auntie and cousins and brothers and sisters, and also friends…don’t laugh aaaaa…must be almost-midlife crisis.

It’s gone beyond reasonable or decent, this interest. My DVD has konked out- died and refused to work inexplicably. However, I have (furtively and on the sly) discovered Youtube!! (You can actually watch it online! And pause it and rewind it and everything! And it has English subtitles!) Somehow though I have a sneaky feeling that the English subtitles fail to completely capture the emotions. For example, in the hospital scene where Yu Jin’s mom told her that it’s not proper for her to be there with Jun Sang, the Malay subtitle said “ mom, you’re worried ppl would talk. Let me tell you that not only that I don’t care if people talk, even if I’m punished by God I would still wait here” …awwww.. Whereas the English version said “If there is a price, I’ll pay that price” …which is ok I guess but not have the same impact. Oh to know Korean…Did you know I’ve memorized the lyrics (well somewhat lah)??? in this holy month of Ramadhan I should be reciting the holy verses rather than a song I hardly know in a language I don’t know!

Why do I like it so much – you may ask- It’s slow, it’s hardly racy, there’s too much crying - it’s not even got a proper ending. I love it because….(oh my god do I really need to talk about it again??) not only because the hero seem to have no physical flaws whatsoever – I mean even his teeth are perfect ok gals and check out those never ending legs (women in at least 3 continents will agree with me) its soooooo romanticc…….

And its also something we can all relate to it- is it an Asian thing?? . I was telling poor abused hubby (as I don’t have anyone else I can embarrass myself totally by talking about something incessantly and still be loved ), that if it was an American soap, no way would the approval or non-approval of the moms would matter- so what ?? who cares?? Don’t approve? Run away-elope -.. but here, its ominous if you don’t listen ,and we know all about that.. I for one cannot do something (like go to Mumbai) if mom has said something against it . At once a minus and a plus. Also the concept of “proper” ness and doing the right many parents in Malaysia would say “No, don’t marry the son of my husband’s best friend when he is obviously so in love with you and his parents have approved (ok his mom didn’t like her)- go to this American guy instead” . We hate it , but its there. Its all about face. And the reason I feel bad (I do, really) for Sang Hyuk and Chai Lin is how much face they have lost…Also in WS, no one shouts at the moms and dads and GOD knows they deserve to be shouted at. Only at the very very last minute when Jun Sang’s mom had to admit that she had lied to him about him being Yu Jin’s brother (which she did as she wanted to pretend he really was the son of Yu Jin’s dad whom she had really really liked), did he seem to lose it (and he did it so nicely too).

Even the “villains” tug at your heartstrings. That Chai Lin (or Che Lin) who ran out from their lunch with their school teacher after the (very briefly happy) couple dropped in. She said she could not bear to see them so right for each other – come on this woman was happy until she decided to show off her boyfriend to YuJin and promptly lose him to Yu Jin . Wouldn’t you feel the same if you are forced to be in the same place as the guy who dumped you, and HIS GIRLFRIEND?? And they’re HAPPY?

I’ve been knocking Yu Jin haven’t I…I get irritated because she was so bound by duty and the right thing and how she should saved Sang Hyuk who stopped eating and drinking when she left him..aiyaaaa...the expressions on Jun Sang’s face as he waited for her in the car …you can almost feel the exact same moment he “gave up” and he knew that she was no longer his…How can you do that to this man, Yu Jin???

Ok Ok I will stop!! There are too many moments which I feel for… I can’t shake it lar. I can’t concentrate at work. This just goes to show that the actors and actresses were so good in their work..which now led me to read up about all of them on the net., what they went through , where are they now, etc ..and if I so happen to be zooming into one particular actor, he he he …sorry ah husband, my love for you knows no bounds and of course is endless but in the interest of research and in the name of curiosity I find myself spending spare moments reading tidbits about you know who (and if you are a family member, you do not need to know who) he he he… and its not showing signs of stopping.


vegasbyj said...

Hi Surya!

Just had to let you know I am enjoying your posts about WS. As I read your comments, I remember the scenes you are talking about and I smile because I had the same reactions and thoughts as you have.

I also checked your other posts - so enjoyable to read! I have been to Malaysia many times since my "other half" is Malaysian but I've never been to Cameron Highlands. Must go one day soon.

Take care! Keep on writing about "you know who"...

surya said...

Hi vegasbyj- omgomgomg i had no idea anyone else would be interested to read the boring stuff I post but welcomewelcome!

vegasbyj said...

no! no! not boring at all. thanks for sharing and for the welcome.

hope to see more of you on this BYJ journey and other things...

take care!

HeippieH said...

Hi Shila/Surya, what's the story behind these two names? Just curious. Love to read your thoughts, just like talking my thoughts out, but you put it in a pure, lovable, candid way. I feel the same way to my husband. And I view BYJ is my research object too. And I love this object. Thank you for writing it out!

Fulltime Mom said...

All I have to say is.... Helloooo???? And hope to see you tomorrow.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...